Elf Template

FREE Elf Templates for elementary age students! We are offering printable Christmas cut out elves for children with elf yourself templates, elf photo crafts, and elf letter templates! Each adorable elf has its own hat and ears. Our printable elf on a shelf is offered as blank black and white or in color. Students can practice fine motor skills such as writing, coloring, cutting, and pasting. For more holiday crafts try our Fine Motor Skills: Holiday & Seasons Bundle today!

Free Elf Template

The free elf cut out templates include different parts of the elf for students to cut out and paste back together. These templates are easy to download and print for the classroom or in the home. Students can arrange the elf’s arms to say hello or wave goodbye.

Elf On The Shelf Template

Here is an adorable elf on the shelf cut and paste craft for students to complete around the holidays. This is a simple elf craft with only four pieces to cut out and glue together.

Free Elf on a Shelf Template

This is a full body elf assembly template for kids to use. It includes a set of directions, this way older students can complete this craft independently.

Elf On Shelf Face Template

This is an elf assembly template for children to color, cut, and paste back together again. Included is a head, hat, hair, eyes, mouth, nose, tongue, and bells.

Elf Template Printable PDF

Teachers if you need a fun Christmas activity for your children in the holiday season, look no further! Our free and easy to use elf templates are the perfect craft to keep your students entertained. Children will learn pencil and scissor control when crafting with the elf printables. For more winter-themed free printable take a look at our Mittens Template.

Elf On A Shelf Printable Template

For a fun activity students can draw their own elf body and then use this elf template to top off the art project.

Elf Template

Here is a set of two black and white elves for students to color. Included is a boy and girl elf for children.

Elf Template Printable PDF

Here is a girl elf with a blank face for your children to draw and color in. Students can draw their own facial expressions on the elf.

Christmas Elf Printable

The Christmas elves are a great way for your students to help decorate the classroom and the home. Children can color each blank elf template to their own unique choice and style. After each child decorates their elf teachers or parents can laminate the elf to make the elf more durable. Teachers! If you need more Christmas activities please try our FREE Christmas Bingo.

Template Free Elf On The Shelf Printable

A large blank elf outline can be printed here for your children to customize themselves. Students can recreate their elf to mimic their own face.

Elf Printable Template

Here is a set of two medium sized blank elves for children to decorate. Students can design each elf with a unique outfit and face.

Elf Template Printable

Here is a set of 12 baby elves for children to color and cut out. Kids can use the small elves to decorate many things such as Christmas cards.

Cut Out From Elf On The Shelf Printable

A black and white elf is also featured in our free pack of elf themed printables. Students can color each part of the elf before cutting and pasting.

Cut Out Build an Elf Template

Here is a colorful red and green elf cut out template. Children will cut out each elf body part and then glue them together.

Elf Hat Journal Writing Template

This is a lined template shaped like an elf. This Christmas template will help guide your students’ handwriting when they are making their Christmas cards.

Elf On The Shelf Letter Template

This is a black-and-white lined letter template. The perfect Christmas themed card that your children will be overjoyed to receive.

Christmas Elf On The Shelf Letter Template

Teachers or parents! You can fill out the letter from the elf at the North Pole before giving it to your students and children.

Free Letter Printable Elf On The Shelf

Here is a letter from the elf template with a black and white girl elf in the corner. The happy elf can be colored with festive colors.

Editable Letter Elf On The Shelf

Here is a elf on the shelf Christmas card with a black and white elf for students to color. Children are encouraged to customize their own cards. Simply open the editable template on a computer and type in your own words.

Free Letter Christmas Elf On The Shelf

This editable Christmas card has a picture of a colorful Christmas elf in the corner. Students will love this festive card. Simply open the editable template on a computer and type in your own words then print your customized letter!

Free Christmas Printable Letter Elf On Shelf

This is an editable elf on the shelf Christmas letter template. The templates can be download and edited for each individual student. Simply open the editable template on a computer and type in your own words then print out your letter!

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