Snowman Templates

Free Snowman Templates make the perfect winter printables for any preschool, elementary school, or homeschool classroom. With over twenty different templates in different sizes, there is sure to be something for every classroom! Your students will be engaged in cutting and pasting and improving fine motor skills while having lots of fun at the same time! These free printable snowman templates make the perfect addition to our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle! Check it out now!

Free Printable Snowman Templates

These cute Frosty the Snowman PDF printable pages provide students with a creative way to improve fine motor skills while also showing off some creativity and writing skills. Write, trace, read, design, and so much more with these adorable templates. Most templates come in three sizes: small (6 per page), medium, (2 per page), and large (1 per page). Your students are going to love them!

Snowman Template Printable

The best way to use these printable snowman outline partners is to print on white copy paper or card stock, let students design and color them, then cut them out. These adorable snow people can be used as winter bulletin board designs, to improve engagement on a winter writing project, as classroom decor, and so much more! We highly suggest using thicker paper (like card stock) if you are going to be hanging them on a bulletin board, in a hallway, or as classroom decor as they will be much sturdier and have a longer shelf life. Make sure to check out our Christmas Tree Templates and Snowflake Templates for even more adorable winter fine motor skill practice and design for your students!

Snowman Templates to Print

Printable snowman templates are super easy to use! Simply download the PDF version of each page you would like and print them out. There are a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, so even the most reluctant of learners are sure to find something they love!

Snowman Template

This template can help you to create an adorable art project for kids! Simply print, design, cut, and paste! Your students are going to love re-creating Frosty the Snowman!

Snowman Template Printables

Free printable snowman templates for preschool, elementary, and homeschool students. Grab your free set to print today!

Snowman Outline

This template for snowmen makes an adorable bulletin board design, holiday or winter card design, or classroom decoration. With so many options, how will you use them?

Frosty the Snowman Template

This large cut-out snowman template gives students tons of engaging fine motor skill-building practice. Simply print, design, and cut!

Snowman Outline

Check out our adorable medium-sized snowman outline templates. These templates can be used for art projects, coloring pages, and so much more!

Snowman with Hat Template

Make your own Frosty the snowman with this small snowman template. These snowmen have hats so recreating Frosty will be fun and easy!

Snowman Template

Do you want to build a snowman? Design this cute snowman template in a winter lesson with your students! Your kids are sure to love completing this activity!

Snowman Body Template

Here’s a snowman printable template for you and your students to use this winter. Decorate your classroom with adorable snowmen colored and decorated by your students!

Snowman Template Printables

Can your students disguise these snowmen as something other than a snowman? Here are six small templates to provide students with to get their creative juices flowing!

Blank Snowman Template

Blank snowman templates are perfect to show off student creativity and design while also improving cutting and pasting skills. Use these cute templates as part of a winter scene bulletin board, classroom decor, student coloring pages, and so much more!

Blank Snowman Template

Decorate this large snowman template with cotton balls to give him a 3D look! Your students will LOVE creating a 3D design and making him look super cute this winter!

Snowman with Hat Template Blank

This winter, get your students engaged in their learning with these adorable snowman templates. These templates can be used as prize tickets, coloring pages, quiz outlines, and more!

Small Snowman Templates

Small snowmen with hat templates give students lots of design practice. Once students have designed the perfect snowman, they can improve their fine motor skills by cutting it out too!

Printable Snowman Template

Our make a snowman template is completely free and printable. Simply print the PDF page and give it to your students. Let their creativity soar by giving less direction, or give a step-by-step direction for completing this adorable template.

Snowman with Hat Outline

Here’s our simple snowman template designs made with circles. This adorable template comes with a hat like Frosty. Students will love coloring this cute design and showing it off on a classroom bulletin board or hallway decoration.

Snowman Outline Small

These cute snowmen outline printables can be used as gift tags or holiday card during the holiday season. They can also be used long after the holiday season is over as a winter decoration, art activity, or following directions activity in preschool and elementary.

Blank Snowman Template

Circle snowman template design. This design is super simple and left blank to let you and your students go wild with creativity and design!

Template of Snowman Blank

Check out these free printable snowmen templates. This page includes two medium-sized templates for students to color, cut, and paste.

Small Blank Snowman Template

Free small blank snowman templates for preschool, elementary, and homeschool students. Grab this free printable PDF today!

Snowman Hat Template

Free snowman hat templates provide three different options for all of your adorable snowman creations. Students are able to design and cut these cute hats and paste them on to their snowmen for an added Frosty look!

Snowman Hat Template

Grab a free top hat for your adorable and creative snowman designs. This hat can be used to top off any of our snowman templates!

Template for Snowman Hat

Here’s a super cute winter snowman hat for your students this year! Designed specifically to pair with our snowman templates!

Snowman Hat Template

Make your own Frost the Snowman with this cute and very detailed snowman top hat template. Print, cut, and add to any of our snowman templates.

Snowman Craft Templates

Adorable snowman craft templates put your students in control of the art project! Simply choose a design and let your students go wild with creativity. There are four different snowman craft options: melted snowman (write a story all about how your snowman melted!), two build-a-snowman crafts, and a name snowman activity that any student is sure to enjoy!

Melted Craft Snowman Template

Check out these super cute melting snowman craft templates. You and your students can create your very own melted snowman by coloring each piece, cutting them out, and pasting them together! Want to get your students writing this winter? Try giving them the prompt “My snowman melted because….” Try it today.

Snowman Craft Template

Do you want to build a snowman? This adorable craft template will help you and your students do just that! Fun and engaging color, cut, and paste activities for preschool, elementary, and homeschool students!

Build a Snowman Template

Here’s an adorable art lesson for the holiday or winter seasons. Our engaging build-a-snowman template promotes fine motor skills, art and design, and so much more! Your students are sure to enjoy this activity!

Snowman Name Craft Template

Make your students’ names into an adorable snowman! Print the two snowman pages and cut out as man of the snow balls as you need (one for each letter of your student’s name).

My Name Snowman Template

Students will love designing their very own name snowmen. Take the snowballs and snowman head, write one letter per snowball, then paste them together and color. Add any other details you’d like!

Snowman Writing Template

Use these adorable snowman writing templates as a part of your winter writing lessons! With three cover options, students can choose to color their own snowman or have it done for them. Then students will show off their writing skills and fine motor penmanship while writing on the cute snowman line design page. For even more fun, cut out them templates and staple or glue a small strip at the top making the snowman two pages (or more) thick!

Snowman Coloring Page

The perfect snowman coloring page for your classroom home homeschool learning space! Simply print and go! Your students will LOVE it!

Colored In Snowman Printable

A fully colored snowman to decorate, create a bulletin board, or use as the cover of your next writing. Check out this free printable snowman template today.

Snowman Writing Templates

Get your students writing with this adorable snowman paper. With lines for students to follow and adorable cover options, your students will enjoy telling winter stories!

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