All About Me Face Template

Variety of Blank Face Template Worksheets

These All About Me Face Templates are engaging and personalized crafts for your students! Elementary students will learn how to recognize facial characteristics. Fine motor skills are learned when coloring and completing these FREE templates. Students will also strengthen their descriptive skills. Keyword Rich paragraph. Start of 1st sentence repeats target keyword with additional keywords. If you are looking for more resources for your students take a look at our Preschool Curriculum Bundle!

Free Blank Face Template

These blank face templates are the perfect ice-breakers for your students to complete in the beginning of class. This fun school and after-school activity will help you and your students get to know facts about each other. Elementary students will practice drawing and coloring fine motor skills! These even make the perfect first day of school coloring, writing, and drawing activities! If you need more first-day-of-school activities use our other All About Me Templates!

All About Me Face Template

This Free pack of face templates are available for teachers to print and pass out to students to complete on the first day of class. Students can choose a template that most resembles their face. Students can then add facial expressions to their customized faces. If you have younger students, who are not quite ready to write this much, be sure to check out our Preschool All About Me Worksheets.

Self-Portrait Face Template

Your students will have a blast with these self-portrait face templates! Let your students feel like royalty by adding a crown to their face template! After your kids color and complete these face template printables, you can laminate the pages so that students can keep them for longer. A good idea would be to pin all of the student’s pages to a wall in the classroom, that way they can read all about their peers. Teachers! If you are wanting more in-class activities for your students try out our Emotion Playdough Printables!

Boy Face Template

Your male students will enjoy writing and drawing about themselves in these face templates! After your kids’ color and complete these face templates, these make great keepsakes and gifts! Children know themselves the best and will love expressing themselves in these drawing selfies!

Boy Face Template 1

Students will answer the questions on the side of the paper according to their own personal life, facial features, and preferences.

Boy Face Template 2

Students will have a great time describing themselves and getting to draw on a customized facial expression on their head.

Boy Face Template 3

This pack of free face templates comes with 15 different variations of faces. Each face has a unique shape and hairstyle.

Boy Face Template 4

All About Me Face Template for kids. This template is great for students to share all their favorites with their friends.

Boy Face Template 5

Give your students a chance to practice writing and coloring skills with this set of free All About Me face templates!

Boy Face Template 6

Students can take these fun face worksheets home and show their families! Students will have a blast completing these templates.

Boy Face Template 7

Give your students a chance to practice writing and coloring skills with this set of free All About Me face templates!

Boy Face Template 8

Teachers! Use these hands-on crafts to have your students learn more about themselves as well as their peers.

Girl Face Template

Female students will also love writing and drawing their own selfies in these face templates! They can write ‘all about me’ including name, age, grade, hair color, eye color, favorite color, favorite, food, family, best friend, and pets. Plus, they can write all about their best features in this fun to draw self portrait activity!

Girl Face Template 1

This FREE set of face template crafts comes in a pack of 15 faces with a variety of different ethnicities and races for all students.

Girl Face Template 2

For a fun game in the classroom have your students complete their faces and leave their names off of the sheet and let the class guess who is who.

Girl Face Template 3

Elementary students get to choose what emotion to draw on their faces. They can have fun drawing different emotions and goofy faces.

Girl Face Template 4

These all about me templates will are going to be fun for your students to save and look back on when they get older.

Girl Face Template 5

Students get to practice their handwriting skills when finishing this craft. They also get to learn descriptive wordage.

Girl Face Template 6

This diverse set of coloring sheets will be an engaging craft for your elementary students to complete in the classroom.

Girl Face Template 7

Students are able to work on this activity independently so teachers can have a break to grade or work on lesson plans.

Girl Face Template 8

Parents will love getting to see what their children wrote about themselves. In addition, they can read how they colored their hair and facial expressions.

Girl Face Template 9

After completing all of the face worksheets have your students pass them around the classroom while giving an oral introduction about themselves.

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    These resources are simply wonderful! Thank you so much!

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    As a PK teacher with a classroom of kiddos that are each beautifully different, I LOVE these self portrait sheets. Thank you!

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