Christmas Ornament Template

Christmas Ornament Templates make the perfect holiday bulletin board decorations or holiday gift tags for learners of all ages! Students will practice fine motor skills when they color, cut, and draw on these adorable ornament templates. These free templates provide a variety of art activities for students during the month of December. To grab even more holiday fun, grab our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle today!

Christmas Ornament Templates

Grab these FREE Christmas Ornament Templates for your classroom this holiday season. Your students are sure to be engaged in creating beautiful works of art. Choose from a variety of designs, including blank templates, and sizes! Perfect for bulletin boards, classroom decor, and holiday projects/gifts!

Christmas Ornaments Template

Our adorable Christmas Ornament Templates are easy to use and highly engaging to learners of all ages! Use these free templates in your preschool, homeschool, or elementary classroom (and beyond) during the holiday season to provide students with a fun, enriching holiday activity. Love these templates? Make sure to check out our free Christmas Tree Templates too!

Christmas Ornaments Templates

These templates are super easy to use! Simply print on white paper for students to color, cut, and design or print on colored paper for easy classroom decoration! There are a variety of ways to use these adorable templates. Use them on your holiday bulletin boards, as classroom decorations, or as a holiday gift for families. When creating family gifts or something you’d like to use in your classroom year after year, we recommend printing on card stock and laminating for extended use.

Printable Christmas Ornament Templates

Free ornament templates listed by design type as well as size type. There are eight designs to choose from and three size types (one large, two medium, or six small). Grab a set of free printables in your desired design today!

Free Christmas Ornament Template

One large paper Christmas ornament for students to draw, color, cut, and decorate this holiday season. It would make a great holiday gift tag for families!

Medium Christmas Ornament Template

Free medium Christmas bulb ornaments for use in the classroom or home. Students will enjoy coloring and cutting out these adorable ornaments this holiday season!

Blank Christmas Ornament Templates

Let your students’ creativity flow with these six small blank ornament templates. Use them on your holiday bulletin board or add them as a gift tag to a parent gift! Your students are sure to love this!

Large Candy Cane Christmas Ornament Template

One large candy cane Christmas bulb is what you get with this printable PDF. Perfect for decorating your classroom (or home) Christmas tree with your students!

Free Medium Christmas Ornament Template

An adorable candy cane design is included on these two paper Christmas ornaments. Here is a wonderful craft project for elementary and homeschool students to design this holiday season. Decorate your classroom with ease!

Six Small Christmas Ornament Templates

A full page of paper Christmas ornaments with a candy cane design is included in this printable page. Students will love showing off their creativity and art skills with these interactive holiday bulb ornaments! Free and easy to use!

Free Christmas Ornament Template Large

Decorating your classroom has never been easier! This adorable Christmas bell template provides a holiday feel with a creative design. It is perfect for students to color, cut, and help decorate your learning space!

Two Bell Christmas Ornament Templates

These two medium bell ornament designs can be used for bulletin boards, holiday gifts, or classroom (or homeschool) decor! Print on color, cut, and go OR print in black and white and let your students get creative while decorating these free templates.

Small Bell Christmas Ornament Templates

With a full page of printable bell templates included, you won’t need to use a lot of ink or paper to give your entire class a fun holiday activity to complete. December is always so fun with holiday activities, add these cute designs to your lessons to promote fine motor skills!

Adorable Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament Template

This adorable gingerbread man template accompanies the story of the gingerbread man perfectly! After reading the story to your students, let them decorate their own gingerbread man ornament as a keepsake!

Free Christmas Ornament Template

Don’t forget to laminate these adorable paper ornaments after your students have colored, cut, and designed them! Simple add a string to the top, and you have the perfect classroom tree decor that your students will be proud of!

Small Christmas Ornament Templates

Involve our students in your next holiday bulletin board with these gingerbread man ornaments. There are six to a page which saves on ink and paper and makes printing very easy to do! Print on colored paper then let students cut them out!

Paper Christmas Ornament Template

Need a holiday stable in your classroom? We’ve got you covered with this free holly printable ornament! Holly is the perfect holiday decor for December! Add it to your classroom today!

Medium Christmas Ornament Template With Holly Design

Free printable paper ornament templates for Christmas make wonderful classroom or homeschool decorations. Your students will LOVE decorating them!

Free Holly Christmas Ornament Templates

Six small holly Christmas ornaments are included on this full page printable! Free and easy to use – simply print, design, and cut out! We recommend laminating for extended use.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Template

Here’s the winter ornament template you didn’t know you needed! It is a full page template, providing students with a HUGE area to add glitter, color, or add other fun design elements!

Two Paper Christmas Ornament Templates

Here are two small snowflake ornament templates that can easily be printed on copy paper or card stock. Students can create a fun ornament to give to their families this holiday season!

Six Free Snowflake Christmas Ornament Templates

Your students will be the talk of the school when you decorate your classroom with this free snowflake ornament template! There are six to a page and best of all you can keep them up all winter long!

Snowman Christmas Ornament Template

Large ornament template with a snowman makes a great winter ornament for students who love Frosty! Check out this fun paper ornament craft today and grab your printable PDF now!

Free Christmas Ornament Template

Free medium Christmas ornament templates with a snowman design. These ornament templates give students a fun, creative outlet to show off their design skills and help decorate the classroom!

Six Small Paper Snowman Christmas Ornament Templates

Watching or reading Frosty the Snowman this holiday season? Check out these adorable snowman ornament templates! Your students will LOVE them!

Free Star Christmas Ornament Template

Check out this free star ornament template. Just in time for Christmas, here is the perfect ornament template for students to color, add their picture and year, then cut and laminate for an adorable keepsake ornament that families will LOVE!

Two Paper Christmas Ornament Templates

Want your students to create adorable ornament keepsakes for their families? We’ve got you covered with these medium sized star ornament templates. Students can show off their creativity while practicing fine motor skills like coloring and cutting.

Six Small Star Christmas Ornament Templates

Here’s a full page of Christmas ornament templates for learners of all ages! Use these templates to decorate your classroom (or homeschool) space or as a bulletin board design element. Check them out today for FREE!

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