Snowflake Templates

Free printable snowflake templates for crafts, activities, worksheets and more. These snowflake templates can be used for simple art projects, coloring pages, fine motor skills, classroom decorations, and more. With thick black outlines and simple designs, these snowflakes are helpful for preschool and kindergarten students to practice scissor skills.

Printable Snowflake Template

Many of these printable snowflake designs are basic and blank for easy cutting. You can download these files in PDF format for easy printing options. These thick lines are great for making snowflake stencils for simple tracing. If you are looking for more detailed snowflake designs, check out our free Snowflake Coloring Pages. Our snowflake coloring pages will have much more designs and details for your students to color in.

Snowflake Template 1

Simple and free snowflake template for preschool crafts and activities. Great for students learning to cut, to build scissor skills.

Snowflake Template

The PERFECT snowflake template for your crafts, activities, games, decorations, and more.

Printable Snowflake

This easy printable snowflake is simple to cut out and makes a great snowflake paper craft pattern or stencil.

Snowflake Template Printable

Preschool Snowflake Craft Template

This simple snowflake outline works great for your preschool winter art projects. Students can color and decorate the 6-sided snowflake with glitter, cotton balls, sequins, and more.

Large Snowflake Template Printable

This free printable snowflake template is easy to color. Or, print on colored cardstock paper, cut out the outline, and adorn your classroom with snowflakes of all sizes.

Snowflake Printable PDF Pattern

Our snowflake printables are easy PDF downloads you can print and reprint for your students to color and create. This simple pattern features sectored plates for some hidden snowflake science fun.

Printable Snowflake Templates

Printable Snowflakes

Frozen Snowflake Template

This beautiful snowflake almost looks frozen with intricate frosty edges. There is plenty of room in the center of this snow flake to add your own custom text.

Fun Snowflake Pattern

This snowflake has a bit of character and a fun appeal. Add your student photos to the center and use for classroom door or hallway bulletin board decor,

Snowflake Craft Templates

Winter art projects for kids are a breeze with our free snowflake craft printables. These templates are great for adding your own text, photos, or even writing prompts.

Free Snowflake Printables

Winter Snowflake Template

This glistening flake of snow has many geometric interior edges and shapes for your students to color. Try painting this one with watercolor or cool colored pencils.

Cut Out Snowflake Template

This snowflake looks just like a paper cut out snowflake which gives it a nostalgic appeal. Practice fine motor skills by giving students a bottle of glue and some glitter to decorate this beauty!

Snowflake Design Template

If you need a more intricate design, this cool 12-sided snowflake is perfect! With sharp, jagged edges, your students are sure to love all the details in this star-shaped snowflake.

Three Printable Snowflake Templates in Cool Colors

Blank Snowflake Templates

Blank Snowflake Template

This is a basic snowflake template that is blank in the center for easy cutting and tracing.

Skinny Snowflake Template

This skinny snowflake template is great for decorations, art projects, tracing, and more.

Fat Snowflake Template

This fat snowflake template is perfect for preschool crafts as your students can practice gluing items to fill it in.

Snowflake Templates to Color

Simple Snowflake Template

A fun and festive snowflake template or coloring page you can use in your preschool or homeschool classroom.

Basic Snowflake Template

Free printable snowflake template for easy coloring and cutting. Great for arts and crafts projects.

Snowflake Flower Template

This free snowflake template looks like a flower and will add some creative flair to your winter crafts.

Colorful Paper Snowflake Templates

Star Snowflake Template

If you need a simple, delicate, star shaped snowflake pattern, this one is sure to be hit! With curved and sharp edges this snowflake is very unique.

Pretty Snowflake Template

This fluffy snowflake is simple yet very pretty and makes it simple to point out the steller dendrites and branches to your students.

Beautiful Snowflake Template

This beautiful snowflake looks like it’s covered with snow, or rime! We think this snowflake is one stellar crystal! 🙂

Printable Snowflake Pattern

Icy Printable Snowflake

If you need a more festive snowflake, this icy template is for you! The design almost looks like a Christmas holly making it great for your Christmas crafts and activities.

Large Geometric Snowflake Template

This snowflake template is more intricate and includes lots of geometric designs like diamonds, triangles, and rhombi for students to cut and color.

Snowflake Template 11

Another fun and free template or coloring page of a snowflake for kindergarten and elementary students. This pattern features triangular prisms and sectored plates.

Snowflake Craft Templates

Festive Snowflake Printables

Another fun and free snowflake template for your festive holiday decorations. This six-sided crystal is covered with frozen water dropplets called rime.

Snowflake Bingo Dauber Template

A fun dab and dot snowflake template for students to color or use BINGO dab markers to fill in. Alternatively, have students glue poms or cotton balls, or cover with gemstones.

Snowflake Path Template

Free printable blank snowflake for art projects, bulletin boards, coloring pages and more. Encourage students to use their finger to trace inside all the lines.

Snowflake Tracing Templates

Small Snowflakes Templates

Here is a set of six different snowflakes you can print to use as templates for crafts and winter projects.

Variety of Snowflakes Templates

Another set of free printable templates of six blank snowflakes for cutting, tracing, patterns and more.

Tiny Snowflakes Templates

Another set of free printable templates of six blank snowflakes for cutting, tracing, patterns and more.

Cute Snowflake Templates

Here is a set of six different snowflakes you can print to use as templates for crafts and winter projects.

Little Snowflakes Template

Another set of free printable templates of six blank snowflakes for cutting, tracing, patterns and more.

More Snowflake Printables

If you are planning a thematic snowflake unit for your students, you’ll be interested in checking out these amazing snowflake teaching resources. There are snowflake printable for students of all ages and abilities:

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