Angel Template

Free Printable Angel Templates you can use for your Christmas bulletin boards, classroom decorations, ornaments, holiday cards, angel art projects, and so much more! We’ve created a variety of uniquely designed angel stencils and angel outlines you can print or trace to make your project shine! You’ll find free PDF paper angels with wings, praying angels, angel templates with a halo, and even angel cut-out crafts for students to make a 3-D angel! Looking for more holiday fun? Grab a copy of our Holiday Bible Bundle for no-prep games, crafts, activities, worksheets, resources, and more. 

Angel Template

Here is a simple, basic, easy cut angel template that brings up the nostalgia of Christmas! Use this halo angel template for patterns, outlines or holiday craft projects. Punch a hole in the halo and insert string for an angel tree template or gift tag.

Angel Template with Wings

Free printable Angel template featuring scalloped wings and long flowing robe. This fancy angel outline is just what you need for any Christmas craft or art project. With simple, thick black outlines, this large printable angel takes up the full width of the page.

Printable Angel Templates

Here is a smaller version of our free angel template, this page featuring two angels per sheet. These are just the right size for quilt or embroidery patterns.

Small Angel Template PDF

If you need smaller angels for your project, try this printable sheet featuring five glorious winged angels. These are just the right size to cut and paste to your holiday cards.

Angel with Wings Templates

Angel wing templates are available in a variety of sizes and provide a wonderful opportunity for preschool and elementary students. They offer engaging arts and crafts activities that can be enjoyed during the holiday or winter seasons. These templates can be used in a multitude of ways and are sure to delight your students with their beautifully designed pages. If you’re looking for more coloring fun, try our Christmas Coloring Pages.

Angel Wings Template Large

This blank angel template is large enough that students can design their own angel. One per page and free to download today!

Angel Wings Template Medium

Grab your free angel wings template in size medium for any arts and crafts projects you may have. There are two included per page.

Angel Wings Template Small

This page features 6 small angel templates. The design has been left blank so that your students can design the angel themselves.

Angel Wing Template

No matter which way you turn it, this angel wing template is just the right size! Use it pointed up for a commanding announcement or side-ways for an elegant angel.

Angel Template Large

This angel tree template can be printed and used to decorate Christmas trees. This page includes one large template.

Angel Tree Template Medium

Print these adorable angel tree templates for your students to decorate your classroom Christmas tree. There are two per page.

Angel Tree Template Small

Free angel templates are small to save ink when making a variety of copies. Use in classrooms, homeschool, and church school settings.

Simple Angel Template Large

This simple angel template has one large design per page. Perfect for the holidays or winter season.

Simple Angel Template Medium

Print this adorable angel template for your students today! This page includes two medium templates perfect for your students to design and color.

Simple Angel Template Small

Holiday art project? No problem! This small angel template page has six designs per page and is perfect for any large class! Save time and in with this template!

Praying Angel Templates

Template Angel Wings Large

This praying angel template is easily printed and used for a variety of arts and crafts lessons. This page contains one large praying angel template.

Template Angel Wings Medium

Enjoy your holiday art time with this simple praying angel template. This page includes two medium-sized angels to print and use with your students.

Template Angel Wings Small

Free, printable small angel template. This praying angel template can be used for art projects, holiday crafts, or bulletin boards. Great for your students.

Angel Template Printable Large

Free printable angel with wings template is free to use! Grab this free download and print them out today!

Angel Template Printable Medium

Two medium angels with wings are included on this page. Print and go with these adorable templates!

Angel Template Printable Small

Free for your classroom, homeschool, or church school student use. These are small and perfect for any project!

Angel with Trumpet Template Large

Free angel template with horn. This printable page includes one large angel with halo blowing a horn.

Angel with Trumpet Template Medium

Using templates with students for your holiday arts and crafts activities is the answer to your Christmas craft questions! We’ve got two included on this page.

Angel with Template Small

Free and printable – what’s better? There are six small angels blowing horns on this template. Perfect for use with a large class when decorating a tree.

Angel Craft Templates

Simplify your Christmas arts and crafts projects in your classroom with our free printable angel craft templates. We’ve created easy cut and paste angel crafts, and more difficult 3-D angel tree toppers that your students can be proud of. We’ve also designed blank writing templates in the shape of an angel so your students can publish their favorite holiday poem or Bible verse to bring home to their family.

Cut Out Angel Template

This is an adorable cut-and-paste angel template. Print this angel craft template on carstock paper. Students can color, cut, and paste the angle together for a fun Christmas craft.

3-D Paper Angel Craft Template

This 3D angel template is made of paper and works well as a Christmas tree topper or classroom decoration. Simply print, color, cut and assemble.

Angel Journal Template

Journal this holiday season with our free, printable angel template. This angel template can be used for stories or journals.

Ways to Use Angel Templates:

Our angel templates can be used in various ways in your classroom, homeschool, or church school setting. Here are a few ideas:

  • Arts and Crafts: Print out the angel templates and let students color, decorate, and cut them out. They can then use these angels to create beautiful artwork, collages, or mobiles.
  • Writing Prompts: Provide the angel templates as writing prompts, asking students to write stories, poems, or descriptive passages inspired by the image of the angel.
  • Decorations: Print out the angel templates in different sizes and designs. Students can use these printable angels to decorate classroom bulletin boards, walls, or festive displays.
  • Ornaments: Print out some of the smaller-sized angel templates and provide materials like glitter, ribbons, and markers. Students can decorate these angels and use them as ornaments to hang in the classroom, home, or church during special occasions or celebrations.

However you choose to use them, your students are sure to love them! Looking for even more holiday fun? Check out our free Christmas BINGO games today!

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