Heart Template

Free printable heart templates for Valentine’s Day crafts and activities. Our heart templates come in a variety of shapes and sizes making it easy to find the perfect heart for your project. Each printable heart can be printed full size, large, medium, or small. Tons of free printable hearts, from simple blank hearts, outline cut-out heart, templates, conversation heart templates, heart puzzles, heart tracing templates, and so much more.

Heart Template Printable

Are you looking for the PERFECT heart template for your next Valentine’s Day craft for kids? This heart shape is perfectly proportional and just the right size for a majority of your projects. This free heart template comes in three sizes; Large, medium, and small making it PERFECT for your upcoming activity.

Heart Template

Free printable heart template when you need a large, full-page, blank, black outline of a heart. Fills the sheet horizontally.

Heart Templates

Two free heart templates fit on one page. Half-size black outlines of medium-sized hearts.

Printable Heart Templates

Six hearts fit on one landcape page. These small printable hearts are perfect for crafts.

12 Printable Hearts

This set of printable hearts prints twelve small hearts per page, making them great for small projects

24 Mini Heart Templates

When you need a lot of hearts our mini heart templates are perfect. Simple outlines and room to cut apart.

Variety Heart Sizes

Free printable hearts of all sizes! This sheet prints out a large, medium, small, and mini hearts for your students to create.

Heart Templates

If you are looking for a heart with a thick black outline, these printable heart templates are sure to work! We’ve designed these hearts with extra border room, which can be helpful for small hands to cut out, or to stay in side the lines. These hearts are great for tracing, or stencil work as the thick lines will show through the top layer pages. Additionally, these hearts are great for learning center mats, playdough, and hands-on Valentine Activities.

Heart Template Outline

Free large thick black outline of a basic heart shape. Print this full size heart on pink or red cardstock paper and let your students get creative.

Free Printable Hearts Template

Two medium hearts with thick outlines for easy stenciling. These hearts are slightly rounded for simple cut-out scissor work.

Thick Printable Hearts Outline

Printable heart shaped outlines to create 6 small hearts per page. These are great for crafts, collage work, or anytime you need printable hearts.

12 Heart Template Outlines

Thick black outline of 12 heart templates per page. There is just enough room to cut apart these hearts with ease.

24 Printable Mini Hearts

Two medium hearts with thick outlines for easy stenciling. These hearts are slightly rounded for simple cut-out scissor work.

Variety of Heart Sizes to Print

This sheet features a variety of different sized hearts for your students to cut out. Great for simple crafts and activities.

Blank Heart Template

These hearts are a little squished, so we called them flat hearts, but they are super whimsical and work perfectly with a variety of projects. Try turning them on their side to make a Valentine’s Day Butterfly with Heart wings! This is a great project for students to fill your classroom with love! If you are looking for a realistic heart template, be sure to check out our science section Heart Worksheets.

Heart Template Flat

Cute, printable heart template for whimsical Valentine’s Day art projects. This heart shape is perfect for students to design their own Emoji heart character for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Templates

Two printable hearts to make butterfly wings. Use a photo of your students standing with their arms raised for antennas in the middle.

Printable Heart Templates

Eight printable hearts for cute VDAY crafts and creations. Great for kids art projects or decorations.

Heart Cut Out Template

These free printable hearts have dashed lines making them great for heart tracing worksheets, cut-out scissor skills practice, and other fine motor work. You can also use these stiched hearts for sewing templates or anytime you need a dashed design.

Large Cut Out Heart Template

Students practice cutting skills with this heart craft. After cutting out the heart students can color or add designs to it.

Medium Cut-Out Heart Template

Free cut-out heart template craft. These are easy crafts to give students to complete on their own.

Small Cut-Out Heart Template

Simple Valentines Day craft for students. Children can color each hart a different color and then cut them out.

Heart Puzzle Template

Encourage your students to create their very own heart shaped puzzle with this free printable template. Each heart features six unique puzle pieces for your students to design. Have them draw a picture or write one thing they LOVE about their Valentine. Cut out the pieces, place in an envelope and write, “I love you to pieces” on the outside. Their friends and family will love to reassemble the special keepsake message.

Large Heart Puzzle Template

Fun puzzle heart game for your students to cut out and then re-assemble! This heart is a fun puzzle for kids to color and complete.

Medium Heart Puzzle Template

Students can draw a picture on the heart before they cut it out. They may then cut apart the pieces and try and put them back together.

Small Heart Puzzle Template

For an extra challenge, students can draw a picture on each individual heart and then mix the pieces of all the hearts together. They can then try and put each individual heart together.

Valentine Heart Template

Free Printable Stitched Hearts Template

If you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s Day craft for your students to take home this February, try this stitched heart pattern. Print on cardstock and provide students with simple hole punchers to work their way round the heart. Then with colorful yarn students can thread and stitch around the heart for a homemade valentine.

Large Sewing Heart Template

For the sewing heart template, a needle and thread can be used by students to sew through each dot.

Medium Sewing Heart Template

Fine motor skills are learned when students complete this sewing heart template. Students can practice their sewing skills with paper.

Small Sewing Heart Template

Fun heart crafts keep your students engaged in learning creativity while having fun completing crafts.

Large Heart String Template

Free printable heart string template for DIY yarn projects. Kids can use multi-colored yarn to make the hearts extra colorful.

Medium Heart String Template

Hands-on heart craft for kids. Students will have fun punching the circles around the heart and threading it with yarn.

Small Heart String Template

Students hang these hearts as decoration after completing threading them with yarn. They can be hung on the ceiling of the classroom for Valentine’s day.

Heart Map Template

If you are looking for a simple, heart shaped activities you can use in your classroom, these are sure to be a hit. Try them as independent self-affirming exercises, for students to write and draw about their favorite things. Or use them as valentines day keepsakes, puzzles, and gifts for friends and family.

Heart Map Template

Students can draw one thing the LOVE in each of the heart sections. Or One thing they love about their Valentine, and cut it out for a puzzle.

Heart Map Location Template

Students can draw their valentine in each location on the heart map for a fun and unique Valentine card.

Large Heart Map Template

Colorful yarn can be used to follow the wavy lines. Students can cut pieces of yarn and glue them to match the lines on the heart.

I Heart Template

These simple hearts have fun Valentine’s Day messages on them, making them great for classroom decoration, or for students to decorate and take home to their friends and family. Students can trace or write: I Love You, or I Heart _____.

I Love You Heart Template

These are free heart-shaped printables that can be used as a fun craft for students to color and draw on. Students can practice drawing designs on the hearts.

Medium I Love You Heart Template

Students can trace over the letters on these “I love you” conversation hearts. They can then cut out each heart.

Small I Love You Heart Template

Tiny versions of the “I love you” hearts are also offered to print for free. Children can color each individual heart a different color.

I Heart Blank Template

I Heart Blank Template

Are you looking for heart crafts for your kids? These heart templates are perfect for you! Students have a great time being creative with these templates.

I Heart Blank Templates

Set of “I LOVE YOU” heart templates. A great way for students to tell their parents they love them by completing these free printable heart worksheets.

I Heart You Blank Template

Give your students a break from schoolwork with this fun and cute mini-heart craft. Children will have a great time decorating the classroom with these hearts.

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