Crown Template

Crown Templates are a versatile resource that can be utilized in preschool and kindergarten classrooms! Students will practice following directions, spatial awareness, fine motor skills like scissor skills, and they also encourage creativity and imagination as students envision themselves as princesses, kings, queens, or princes. Math concepts such as shape recognition and measurement can also be incorporated while decorating these crowns.

In your classroom or homeschool setting, these crown templates can be used for recognition of birthdays or tooth losses. Students can decorate their crowns and wear them proudly on their special day or when they lose a tooth. It adds a fun and celebratory element to these types of events. These templates can also be used as coloring pages, prewriting activities, bulletin board decorations, or even as classroom decor. Our templates can also be incorporated into art projects, on storyboards or can be used for student dress-up activities, sparking their imagination and promoting role-play opportunities.

Crown Template

Check out these fun princess, queen, and king templates! Kids can color and create their very own DIY crown printables and wear them instantly.

King Crown Template

This royal crown allows your students to design their very own king crown! They will LOVE it!

Queen Crown Template

This royal crown gives your students the opportunity to design their very own queen crown! Pair with our Face Templates to create a queen with face!

Princess Crown Template

This free princess crown template will have your students feeling like a royal! Free – just download and print the PDF!

Crown Printables

This free crown template set for prek-k students offers value when it comes to developing following directions skills, and spatial awareness and also helps improve fine motor skills. The templates can be used to enhance visual discrimination as students identify and differentiate various shapes and colors and they encourage creativity and imagination as students personalize their crowns with unique designs and decorations.

Crown Template Squared Gems

Grab this beautiful crown cutout template! Your students can design the jewels and color the crown!

Crown Template Detailed

Free printable crown template. This cut out printable crown template is free and features beautiful details. Grab yours today!

Crown Template Round

A simple round crown. The perfect printable crown template for your student’s use. Grab yours for free today.

Crown Template Tiara

A fun crown template of a tiara is featured on this page. Grab yours for free today!

Crown Template Basic (3 Points)

Free template for a crown for a king is on this page! With three points, it’s simple but effective!

Crown Template Outline (5 Points)

Simply print this template of a crown and create an amazing paper crown! Princess Peach would be proud of this crown!

Editable Crown Template

To maximize the crown template resource we suggest printing on card stock or another thick paper. This will help support your crown’s longevity during student use. Your students can decorate these crowns with various supplies including markers, crayons, colored pencils, glitter, sequins, and stickers. If you want to use these crowns over and over again, we suggest laminating them as they will last longer.

Editable Crown Template

Your students will love wearing this superstar crown template. Simply print, cut, decorate, and wear!

Crown Template Tiara Wearable

Give your students the gift of feeling roady with this wearable tiara template. Free to print and fun to decorate!

Crown Template Round Wearable

Download and print this round wearable crown template for free today! This is perfect for your preschool and kindergarten students on birthdays or for other recognition.

Crown Template Outline Wearable

Pointed outline of a crown template. Perfect for student performances and recognition. This wearable template is free and easy to download!

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