Christmas Templates

100+ Free Christmas Templates you can use for art projects, bulletin board displays, writing prompts, crafts, classroom decorations, gifts, cards, and more. From Christmas Tree Templates to Gingerbread Man Templates, our Christmas patterns make excellent stencils and outlines for all your Christmas crafts. You’ll love our simple, thick black outlines, and our printable PDF format that makes it easy to setup your classroom projects with little to no-prep work required.

Printable Christmas Templates

We’ve separated our Winter Templates from our Christmas Templates, so if you’re looking for snowman templates, snowflakes, snowglobes, mittens etc…you’ll want to check out our free printable winter templates. The templates below are orientated more for the Christmas Holiday theme featuring Santa, Stockings, Ornaments, Christmas Trees etc..

Christmas List Templates

Free Printable Christmas List Templates for students and children to plan our their Christmas Wish List. We’ve created a variety of cute and colorful Christmas wish lists for students of multiple ages and abilities. Younger students will appreciate handwriting guidelines as they compose their winter wishes. You’ll also find a variety of black and white Christmas Lists for students to color and decorate, or print them on colored cardstock for a Christmas feel.

Christmas Tree Templates

40 FUN and unique Christmas Tree Templates you can use to create all sorts of Christmas fun with your students. You’ll find a huge variety including blank Christmas tree templates, realistic trees, cookie cutter trees, winter snow trees, Christmas trees with stars and ornaments, and so much more. Best of all you’ll love our simple, thick black line outlines that make cutting and decorating easy for students of all ages. These Christmas tree printables make a great addition to any bulletin board, art project, or holiday card this Christmas season. Pair these with our free Christmas Tree Coloring Pages to build creativity in your classroom this winter.

Christmas Ornament Templates

Christmas Ornament Templates of all shapes and sizes for your winter art projects for kids including holiday arts and craft projects. If you are in need of blank Christmas Ornament Templates we’ve got you covered! We’ve also created a wide variety of Christmas ornament designes featuring fun Christmas icons like snowmen, snowflakes, gingerbread men, candy canes and more. Your students will have a blast coloring these in and you will have beautiful ornaments to decorate your classroom. Older students will enjoy our Christmas Ornament Coloring Pages which feature more intricate design elements.

Gingerbread Man Templates

Free printable gingerbread man and woman templates! Run, run, run as fast as you can to print these free gingerbread cookie templates for Christmas! You’ll find both a man and woman version of the gingerbread cookies. We’ve included lots of fun variety in these designs and available sizes as well so you’ll find just what you need. From blank gingerbread man outlines, to decorative cookies, and even gingerbread men with a bite taken out of the leg. Your students will have fun coloring and decorating with these fun gingerbread templates.

Christmas Stocking Templates

Imagine the smiles on your students when you show them these printable Christmas Stocking Templates! Your kids will LOVE the opportunity to create their own Christmas stocking designs, and you’ll how easy it is to print and set up this simple Christmas art project. Provide your students with our blank stocking templates, or choose from a variety of holiday designs. Then bring in some fun sequins, glitter, ribbon, and buttons, and let your little ones create to their heart’s content. You can even hang their stockings on your bulletin board for a special winter display for parents.

Star Template

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas Star, we have some fun printable choices for you. You’ll find the perfect twinkling star to put above your nativity scene! We’ve also designed fun star templates that can be used for the top of the Christmas tree, or star cookies, even a 3-D star printable and a shooting star outline. Elementary students can practice their craft skills with these free star worksheets. Kids will learn cutting and decorative skills when completing these star printables.

Nativity Templates

Free printable Nativity templates for your Christian Christmas art projects and activities. You’ll find a huge variety of Nativity outlines, black and white silhouettes, coloring pages, and even cut and paste Nativity crafts. Perfect for students of all ages.

Looking for more Seasonal Craft Templates? We have a great variety of snowflakes, snowmen, penguins, arctic animals, and more on our Winter Templates page.

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