Bunny Template

FREE printable Bunny Templates for your elementary age students! This set of cute bunny worksheets are the perfect Easter craft. There are a variety of different bunny crafts for your children to get creative with! Students will learn how to cut, color, write and paste. Teachers, if you need more Easter activities for you kids take a look at our Easter Activity Pack.

Bunny Template with Ears

Grab this free printable bunny template. The ears are so adorable your students will go crazy for this fun template!

Bunny Template with Side View

Free, printable bunny template in side view. This adorable bunny is standing to the side and will bring a smile to your face!

Basic Bunny Template

This basic, peep-like bunny template will make your students hop with excitement! Use this to practice fine motor skills, craft, and more!

Bunny Ear Template

Free, printable bunny template. This bunny has the cutest ears and is just looking for a friend!

Large Bunny Template

This adorable full-page large bunny template makes coloring, cutting and pasting, and stenciling fun and engaging for kids! Grab yours today!

Large Outline Bunny Template

A large bunny outline template perfect for preschool, elementary, and homeschool students.

Template of a Bunny

The bunny printables are the perfect spring art projects for your students! They can be used in the classroom, Sunday school, or even in the home. Very few materials are needed, just scissors, colored pencils, and a paper bag.

Easter Bunny Template

Bunny Template are adorable Easter crafts! Numerous fine motor skills are learned with this kids holiday craft. Children will also practice the necessary cutting & pasting skills. This set of 27 Easter bunny printables will keep your students interacting during class time. For even more free Easter activities, try our Easter Egg Template.

Bunny Activities

These bunnies can be printed on a variety of different colored cardstock paper. The bunny crafts can be used to make Easter cards. Children can finish cooling their bunny crafts and then past them onto cards to give out to their family members. Look at the alternative Easter Coloring Pages that we offer for FREE!

Bunny Templates

Bunny Outline Head Template Large

This is a large outline of a bunny head. A blank canvas for your children to draw on an adorable bunny face.

Bunny Outline Head Template Medium

Students get to draw two different variations of bunny faces with this set of two medium-sized bunny heads.

Bunny Outline Head Template Small

This is a set of six bunny heads that can be used as Easter decorations for the classroom or holiday cards.

Bunny Side Head Outline Template Large

A large side-view bunny is included in this pack of bunny face templates. A great engaging craft!

Bunny Side Head Outline Template Medium

Students can paste these bunny heads onto a piece of paper and then draw the bunny body connecting to the head.

Bunny Side Head Outline Template Small

These little bunny heads can be used as name tags to attach to Easter baskets for your children.

Easter Bunny Template Large

This is an adorable printable Easter bunny template. Have students draw a hart for the bunny to hold.

Easter Bunny Template Medium

Have your children write on the back of these bunnies to turn them into cute Easter cards.

Easter Bunny Template Small

Print up these little bunnies on sticker paper. This way students can earn them when they complete an assignment.

Bunny Side View Body Outline Template Large 

Have your students draw a bush for this bunny to jump over as a cute picture. They can draw whiskers on the bunny.

Bunny Side View Body Outline Template Medium

The bunnies can be laminated after your children finish decorating them.

Bunny Side View Body Outline Template Small

These tiny bunnies can be colored in different colors and used to help teach students about the colors.

Easter Bunny with Tail Outline Template Large

This is a large bunny tail outline. Students can draw a bush around the bunny so that it looks like the bunny is popping its head into a bush.

Easter Bunny with Tail Outline Template Medium

Two bunny tail outlines are offered in the medium size. They can be used for a variety crafts.

Easter Bunny with Tail Outline Template Small

These cute little bunny bottoms can be great starter pieces for your students to start their bunny drawings.

Bunny Side View Body Outline Template Large 

This is a cute side view bunny template. The bunny has two ears and round little tail.

Bunny Side View Body Outline Template Medium 

These cut-out bunny templates are great to use as spring decorations for the classroom.

Bunny Side View Body Outline Template Small 

Students can have fun working together to decorate the classroom with these little baby bunnies.

Bunny Front View Body Outline Template Large

Have your students draw a front and a backside on this blank bunny. Paints, colored pencils, crayons or matters are all good options!

Bunny Front View Body Outline Template Medium

A piece of candy or a sucker can be taped to the back of these bunnies and be given out as Easter gifts.

Bunny Front View Body Outline Template Small

After completing these bunny crafts show your students how to make an Easter treat!

Bunny Activities

Bunny Writing Journal Page

Have your student write about their day on this bunny writing pager. Guide lines are provided for students to practice on.

Cut and Paste Easter Bunny Activity in Black and White

Children get to choose what color they want their bunny to be before they cut and assemble it on a separate sheet of paper.

Cut and Paste Bunny Activity in Color 

This is an already colored bunny body. All students will need to do is cut, paste and then assemble.

Bunny Crafts

Paper Bag Bunny Craft

A cute puppet bunny will be created once your students are done cutting and pasting the bunny parts onto a brown paper bag.

Toilet Paper Bunny Craft 

Students will reuse old toilet paper rolls to create cute bunny bodies to assemble with this printable.

Bunny Ears Hat Craft

This is a bunny ears hat craft for younger children to practice their cutting and taping skills.

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