Square Template

Free printable square templates for elementary students! Children will learn about shapes and measurements with these square worksheets. Cutting, folding, and other fine motor skills are learned with these printables. If you are looking for more shape activities for your students, check out our Fine Motor Shapes Bundle. It’s packed with SO many activities, your kids will master math shapes easily while having a blast!

Square Cut Outs

The square printables can be used in a variety of different ways. This pack of free square templates includes a large range of different sizes. Squares small as 1/2 inch to as big as 6 inches are included. Students can use these squares as stencils to trace their own squares onto a blank piece of paper.

Printable Square

Teachers! Use these square templates to have your students create their own comic strips! Students can draw their series of comics on each square, cut them out, and align them to tell their own stories. If you are looking for more comic strip crafts check out our free Comic Strip Templates today!

3D Square Printable

Students can use these squares during craft time to create a beautiful mosaic. Children can color their own squares or teachers can print square templates on colorful paper for students to use. If you need some more shape templates for your students take a quick look at our free Circle Templates!

Square Templates

Large Square

This is a large square template that can be used as a stencil for students who are needing a perfectly measured square.

Medium Squares

Have students use a variety of different square sizes to create a cute and unique square monster craft.

Small Squares

Children can roll out a thin sheet of play dough and then place these paper squares on top to use as a stencil to practice cutting squares

Square Inch Templates

1 Inch Square Templates

These small 1-inch squares are perfect for young students who are practicing their counting skills. Children can even number each separate square and then place them in their correct order.

2 Inch Square Templates

This set of 2-inch squares can be used to help your young child learn how to spell his or her name. Students can write each letter of their name on a square and then practice putting the squares in the correct order to spell their names.

3 Inch Square Templates

For a fun craft have your students practice watercolor on these squares. Students can paint each individual square to create a final picture when they are all taped together.

4 Inch Square Templates

Students can turn these two 4-inch squares into butterflies. Then can draw a diagonal line down the squares to create two even sides for the “wings” and then decorate as they please.

5 Inch Square Templates

Children can use these squares as templates to practice tracing their own squares with a variety of different crayons, colored pencils or markers.

6 Inch Square Template

For a fun craft idea use this 6-inch paper square to teach your students how to fold many different origami shapes. They can also practice folding paper airplanes.

Square Printables

3-D DIY Square Craft

This 3-D DIY paper square will be a fun activity for your students to practice their folding and cutting skills. Students will also practice following directions.

3D Square Boxes Printable

These 3-D squares will teach your students about depth. Children can also use these 3-D squares as references when drawing their own squares.

Square Chart Printable

This set of squares are labeled from 1/2 inches to 4 inches. Students can use this variety of square sizes as measurement tools.

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