Cactus Template

Cactus Templates are expertly designed PDFs available for free download and printing. Use them to engage students in cut and paste activities that stimulate fine motor control, as well as making 3D pop-up cards! Students of all ages are sure to enjoy creating and designing these adorable cacti! Check out Cactus Templates today for an exciting way to learn or head on over to our Color & Learn Bundle to check out some other amazing learn-though-color opportunities.

Cactus Printable Template

The free printable cactus templates were designed with the intent of enriching educational experiences for school-aged children. The templates are intended to help educate students while perfecting their hand-eye coordination and art and design skills. They also provide a great opportunity for learning about creative problem solving.

Printable Outline Cactus Template

The following templates include three different designs with three sizes in each design. These cactus outline templates make the perfect activity to practice scissor skills.

Printable Outline Cactus Template

Free large cactus template. This blank template can easily be designed and colored by your students. Check it out now!

Free Printable Outline Cactus Template

This printable cactus outline template includes two cacti that are blank. This makes decorating fun and easy for students!

Small Printable Outline Cactus Template

Six small blank cacti are included on this one page template. Grab your free download today.

Black and White Printable Cactus Template

Here’s the perfect prickly cactus to design and cut for students of all ages. The intricate design will promote solid scissor skills in your students.

Cactus Template Black and White

Provide students with these two medium prickly cactus templates. These outlines can be used for bulletin board, arts and crafts, and so much more!

Small Printable Cactus Template

Grab a set of small cactus templates to use with your students. With six templates per page, you are going to save on ink and time printing.

Cute Cactus Outline Printable Template

One full-page flower cactus is included in this template. Your students will love learning about the flower cactus and designing their very own!

Medium Printable Cactus Template

Two flower templates and a whole lot of fun are included in this template! Use these adorable flower cacti to learn all about the dessert and the plants that grow there.

Free Cactus Template Small

Small flower cacti are the focus of this page. Save ink and valuable time by printing six flower cacti at a time. Your students are sure to love this printable PDF.

Cactus Template Printable

Our printable cactus PDF templates are an ideal resource for use in a classroom or homeschool setting. They can be used to enhance any lesson related to the desert, summer projects, or other arts and crafts. The eye-catching cacti designs are also perfect for creating a “sharp” and memorable bulletin board. Speaking of the desert, our Desert Animal Coloring Pages promote even more desert learning while coloring the cutest and most interesting desert animals!

Cute Cactus Template

Super cute and super easy to use! These cacti cuties are sure to be a hit in your classroom or homeschool setting this summer!

Cute Paper Cactus Template

Free, printable cactus template with a pot. This template features a cactus with the cutest face you’ve ever seen! Grab yours today!

Free Cactus Template

Check out these cuties! These two cacti in pots are a wonderful addition to a card or craft project this summer. Use them as bulletin board decor, too!

Cute Paper Cactus Templates

Our ink saving paper cactus templates make printing for a whole class easy to do. Just print these six cuties, cut, design, and use for decor!

Free Cute Cactus Template

Learning about plants in the desert? This cute cactus template is free to download and provides students with the opportunity to color and learn about the desert habitat.

Black and White Cactus Template Free

Grab this cute pair of cacti today for your classroom! Students will love using these as coloring pages, classroom decor, and so much more!

DIY Cute Cactus Template

Six cute cacti are included in this free PDF download. They feature a little face and spikes. Your students are sure to love them!

Printable Cactus Template

These cacti templates provide plenty of opportunity to express creativity. We highly recommend printing these templates on either colored or white card stock. Colored card stock allows students to practice their scissor cutting skills, while printing on white paper provides the potential to color and design each template. If you’re using these templates to design a bulletin board, it would be a great idea to laminate them for extended use. Continue to learn while coloring with our Color & Learn Bug Worksheets too!

3D Cactus Template

Create an amazing 3D, pop up cactus card with this template. With simple directions and and adorable design, you’re going to love it!

3D Cactus Printable Template

Here’s a cool idea! Create a 3D pop up card using this cactus printable template. There are dotted lines to show students where to cut and fold this card in order for it to look 3D.

Cactus Cut Out Template

Two designs to choose from. Check out the templates with dotted lines to cut on for your younger students and the basic templates for your more experienced scissor cutting students.

DIY Cactus Cut Out Template

Create an adorable flower cactus with this easy to use design. Simply print, cut on the lines, design, and paste together.

Cut Out Cactus Template

Students will practice their cut and paste skills while using this adorable template. Included are two flower cacti.

Preschool Cactus Cut Out Template

The best option when printing for large groups is to use this six piece printable template. These small templates can be used for a wide variety of things!

Fine Motor Cut Out Cactus Template

Your older and more experience scissor cutting students will love this intricate flower cactus design. Print, cut, design, glue, and use as decor at home or in your classroom!

Paper Cactus Cut Out Template

Free paper cactus design provides students with a cut out template. This template would be great printed on colored paper.

Cut Out and Color Paper Cactus Template

Let your whole class color and design with this six piece cut out and color paper cactus template.

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