Shape Template

Free shape templates give kids an opportunity to be creative. Cut and paste, match, and color with easy-to-use templates. Featuring 2D and 3D shapes there’s something for everyone. Use these templates to enhance any preschool math or art project for kids. The skills covered in these templates are sure to improve fine motor skills, mathematics learning, and more! For even more fun with shapes, check out our Fine Motor Shape Bundle today!

Shape Templates

Looking to make your preschool classrooms more engaging? Then these shape templates are a perfect choice. Use these templates with preschoolers to teach them about shapes and have them cut, paste, and do so much more! With a variety of 2D and 3D template options, there is something for every age group.

Shape Template

Below you will find 16 different 2D shape templates. These templates each feature a new 2D shape. These would be great resources to hang in your classroom for student reference!

Circle Template

Use this template to promote learning about circles. This 2D shape is a fundamental step in learning about geometric shapes.

Crescent Template

Teach your preschool, early elementary, and homeschool students about the crescent shape. This shape is often identified as a “moon” shape.

Diamond Template

Free printable 2D diamond template. This template would make a great poster to hand in your classroom or homeschool setting.

Heart Template

This heart template is easy to use and fun to cut! Simply print and cut this template to practice fine motor skills and learn heart formation.

Hexagon Template

How many sides does a hexagon have? Students can easily count the sides and points in this shape using this free printable template.

Octagon Template

Grab this octagon template for your next math lesson, anchor chart creation, or art project. Preschoolers will love creating their own stop signs!

Oval Template

This oval stencil pattern template provides students with the opportunity to see the difference between an oval and a circle. Students can practice tracing or coloring!

Parallelogram Template

What is a parallelogram? Your students will love learning about this “new” shape! Color, cut, or use as a poster in your classroom!

Pentagon Template

A free, printable pentagon template makes learning about sides and points fun and easy! Simply download and let your students design in any way they choose!

Rectangle Template

A rectangle is different from a square! Challenge your students to find the difference between the two shapes using this engaging printable template.

Rhombus Template

Is it a rhombus or a diamond? This template provides teachers with the opportunity to ask tough, clarifying questions about shapes. Grab yours for free today!

Semi Circle Template

Our semi-circle template creates an easy-to-use stencil pattern for art projects! If a half circle is what you need, this is the place to be. Download now!

Square Template

A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is never a square. This fun fact is fun to explain to students of all ages using the definitions of square and rectangles.

Star Template

Your preschool students will love this star template. Designed to use independently as a poster, as a stencil for art projects, or as a part of a bulletin board or classroom decor design.

Trapezoid Template

What defines a trapezoid? You’ll love teaching your students about this fun shape with our free printable template. This design is easy to cut, color, and use! Grab one today.

Triangle Template

A triangle is a 2D shape with 3 sides. Using this template, educators can show students the basic triangle design while also discussing a variety of other triangle shapes.

Heart Shape Template

Our printable shape templates are an easy way to create lesson plans, learning posters, and bulletin board designs. You can also use these designs for fun arts and crafts projects with your kids or students. These templates have been created to make them as simple to use as possible so that you can get started quickly. Simply download each needed/wanted design template, and get started today! Your shape lessons will be a whole lot more fun when you pair these templates with our Preschool Shape Worksheets!

Basic Shapes Templates

Printable Shape Template

Five shapes are included in this free template: hexagon, crescent, heart, octagon, and triangle. These template heart shapes and more will help students learn their shapes today!

Templates of Shapes

This template includes six shapes. The shapes on this page are pentagon, rhombus/diamond, square, semi-circle, parallelogram, and oval. Use this template to help your students learn the correct shape formation by tracing, cutting, and more!

Blank Shape Templates

Printable blank shape templates are easy to use and fun to create! Let your students color and cut these five designs or print them on colored paper and let students trace the shapes. Shapes included are star, triangle, trapezoid, circle, and rectangle.

Colored Shape Templates

Here’s a completely colored version of our shape template featuring five shapes. These shapes are all colored a different color so that students can identify and describe each of the shapes.

Shape Colored Templates

A full-color poster or chart featuring six different shapes. This is the perfect resource to hang in your classroom or let your students cut them out for extra fine motor practice. Students will love this chart!

Shape with Colors Template

A free color printable template featuring 5 shapes. These shapes are the perfect addition to a shape book, shape bulletin board, or shape anchor charts. Grab your free download today!

Template Shapes

Our free shape templates can be used for a variety of purposes. We suggest printing your student materials in black and white to give them the opportunity to design, color, and cut them out themselves. If you’re using these templates for a game, poster, chart, or learning activity we recommend printing on colored (or white if you prefer) card stock. This type of paper provides a sturdier design that can be used for a longer period of time. Laminating the final copy is ideal for easy cleaning and extended use!

3D Shapes Templates

The following designs are easy-to-create 3D shape templates. Each design comes with directions to follow in order to create the shape needed.

Cone Template

A cone is a 3D triangle shape. This would be a fun addition to add to an art project. Think Christmas trees, party hats, and more!

Cube Template

Free 3D cube templates create the perfect “box” for student use. This would make a great dice. Simply add whatever “rules” you’d like!

Pentagon Template

Have you ever created a 3D pentagon? Our pentagon template provides easy-to-follow directions with lines to follow. Any student would love this activity!

Pyramid Template

A pyramid template makes learning about ancient Egyptians fun and easy for older students. Grab this template to teach your preschool and early elementary students about the lines, points, and angles in 3D shapes.

Rectangular Prism Template

Free printable rectangular prism templates make creating 3D shapes easy! Just follow the directions and fold on the dotted lines while cutting the thick black outlines.

Triangular Prism Template

Triangular prisms are so easy to make with this template! Create engaging prisms for your 3D shape unit when you incorporate these easy-to-follow direction pages!

Geometric Shapes Templates

Shape Match 2D Template

Free matching worksheets for preschool and early elementary-aged students. Students will match the 2D shape with the corresponding “real life” item with the same shape.

Shape Matching 2D Activity

This matching activity features 2D and 3D shapes. Match the correct 2D shape with the corresponding 3D shape. This supports student learning about the faces of 3D shapes!

Shape Matching 3D Activity

Grab a pencil or marker and match 3D shapes to actual items. This helps students recognize, identify, and understand the shapes in the world around them.

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