Seahorse Template

Free Seahorse Templates for elementary students! Children will have the opportunity to color, cut and paste with over 20 different seahorse printables to choose from. Kids also get to practice their writing skills! If you are looking for more elementary products with engaging content, take a look at our Following Directions: Listening Skills Bundle today!

Printable Seahorse Template

Amazing ocean-themed coloring pages for students to use any time of the year. Students will have 24 different seahorse coloring pages to play with. Each variation of seahorse has three different size variations to choose from; small, medium, and large.

Seahorse Template Printable

These printable seahorse templates are just the thing to spark your imagination and bring out your artistic side. Students will have a blast crafting with all of these seahorse activities. Seahorses come in all different vibrant colors and patterns so there are unlimited creative possibilities. If you are looking to try some more FREE ocean-themed printables use our Ocean Animal Coloring Pages!

Seahorse Craft Template

Our free seahorse coloring printables offer a delightful way to learn more about the species. Our worksheets can be printed on a variety of different colored paper. Students can use paints, colored pencils, markers, or pens to decorate the seahorses. Teachers! If you need some more ocean activities take a look at our FREE Pond Animal Coloring Pages!

Seahorse Templates – Basic

Seahorse Basic Outline Large

This seahorse is a blank outline for your students to fill in with their own face, fins and other colors and details.

Seahorse Basic Outline Medium

Coloring seahorses provides an opportunity for mindfulness and stress relief for your children either in the home or the classroom.

Seahorse Basic Outline Small

This is a set of six small little baby seahorses. Kids can color each one in a different way and then decorate the classroom with them.

Seahorse Outline With Fin Large

Explore topics such as coral reefs and seagrass habitats when teaching your students about seahorses and the ocean.

Seahorse Outline With Fin Medium

Print today to ignite your children’s curiosity about marine life with our seahorse coloring printables!

Seahorse Outline With Fin Small

Our collection of free seahorse coloring printables is specially designed with homeschooling in mind.

Seahorse Realistic Outline Large

As your kids carefully color within the lines, they will practice hand-eye coordination and develop their pencil grip.

Seahorse Realistic Outline Medium

Encourage your students to let their imaginations run wild, and watch as their artistic skills and confidence flourish.

Seahorse Realistic Outline Small

Teach your students to practice their shading and color-mixing techniques with these black-and-white seahorses.

Seahorse Templates – Detailed

Seahorse Template with Interior Lines -Large

This is a large smiling seahorse template with some detailed stripes on the head fin, side body fin, and belly.

Seahorse Template with Interior Lines – Medium

Embrace the tranquility of coloring, and let worries fade away with these simple seahorse crafts that can be utilized at any age.

Seahorse Template with Interior Lines -Small

Display the finished seahorse printable pictures as decorations for your student’s bedrooms and around the classroom.

Seahorse Template with Detailed Lines – Large

Our free seahorse coloring printables are the perfect addition to your curriculum. It will offer a creative outlet for your children.

Seahorse Template with Detailed Lines -Medium

Watch students’ fine motor skills increase as they go complete each of these seahorse activities.

Seahorse Template with Detailed Lines – Small

The small seahorses can be easily turned into a banner and hung in the classroom. Hole punch each seahorse and thread a string through.

Seahorse Template with Interior Lines, Fins, and Bubbles – Large

Teach your students about the interesting family dynamic and biology of the seahorse as they are coloring their picture.

Seahorse Template with Interior Lines, Fins, and Bubbles -Medium

This set of two seahorses includes an illustration of three small bubbles coming out of their little smiling mouths.

Seahorse Template with Interior Lines, Fins, and Bubbles -Small

This is a great way to incorporate marine biology into your homeschool lessons. Get kids excited to learn about the ocean.

Seahorse Printables

Seahorse Writing Template

This is a writing seahorse template for your kids to have a fun piece of paper to practice their writing skills on.

Seahorse Coloring Page

Black and white ocean scenery that includes a seahorse, bubbles, sea plants, and multiple fish. Children can color the picture with whatever colors they want.

Seahorse Color Filled Template

This is a colored version of the ocean scenery. The already colored scene can be cut out and used as beautiful bulletin board decorations for the classroom.

Seahorse Cut-Out Activity

A seahorse cut-out activity is included in this free set of seahorse printables. Students can color each body part of the seahorse and then cut around each dotted line. Lastly, they may tape or glue all of the pieces together.

Seahorse Mosaic Template

This is a black and white seahorse that has a mosaic detail on it for kids to create a beautiful colorful pattern.

Seahorse Mosaic Colored Template

This is an already colored printable of a mosaic seahorse. It has beautiful shades of green and blue.

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