Snow Globe Templates

Snow Globe Templates make the perfect addition to winter or holiday lessons and activities in your classroom! Best used with preschool, elementary, and homeschool students these free printables can be to improve fine motor skills, learn how to cut and paste, and can even be used along with writing prompts! Keep your students engaged in improving their fine motor and listening skills all year long with our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle or Following Directions Bundle.

Printable Snow Globe Template

Our free snow globe templates can be used as beautiful art projects, bulletin boards, and classroom decorations, paired with writing prompts, and the list goes on! Kids’ holiday crafts wouldn’t be complete without an adorable snow globe ornament! Use these templates to make just that! With a no-prep design and a variety of designs to choose from, we know you will find something to meet your needs! Check out our FIne Motor Holiday Bundle for even more snowy experiences!

Snow Globe Craft Template

Making a snow globe ornament? We suggest printing your templates on card stock for extra durability and a stronger design. Students will love creating, designing, cutting, pasting, and showing off their adorable art! Our free printable snow globe templates can be used in so many ways how will you use them? Pair them with our Snowflake and Snowman Templates for even more holiday/winter fun!

Free Snow Globe Template

Free templates feature blank snow globes with a variety of base designs. These cute and free templates can be used as holiday ornaments, coloring pages, bulletin board designs, and so much more!

Snow Globe Template

Printable snow globe template with a blank design. Perfect for students to create a beautiful holiday ornament or coloring page.

Printable Snow Globe Template

Write all about what it would be like living in a snow globe and make your own design too with these templates!

Paper Snow Globe Template

Free paper snow globe templates are perfect for the winter and holiday seasons! Complete any lesson or art project with these templates.

Free Snow Globe Template

Create your very own snow globe photo ornament with this free template. Simply print, add a phot, design, cut, and laminate! Viola!

Printable Snow Globe Template

Free printable paper snow globe templates will make students go crazy for fine motor skill work! Cut, color, paste, and so much more!

Snow Globe Template

Snow globe template PDF is super easy to use. Download the PDF and print its beautiful design. This design features six small snow globes.

Paper Snow Globe Template

Our large snow globe craft template can be used to decorate classrooms, bulletin boards, as ornaments, and the list goes on! How will you use them?

Free Snow Globe Template

Here’s a Christmas snow globe template that can be used to make holiday cards, and holiday ornaments, or decorate your learning space for the holiday season!

Printable Snow Globe Template

Small snow globe paper craft templates for student use. This template features six small templates with a blank design. Perfect for showing off students’ creativity!

Pop Up Snow Globe Template

Check out these pop-up snow globe templates! These globe bases help provide stability to your paper snow globe. Giving students this page with a globe bottom template provides an opportunity for students to get a 3D snow globe experience!

Stand Up Snow Globe Craft

An adorable DIY 3D snow globe with a round base. This snow globe has a stand-up design perfect for a holiday card or table centerpiece.

Paper Snow Globe Craft

Use this adorable snowman snow globe in a pop-up card or as a table decoration this winter. The snow globe base is round making it stand on its own.

Pop Up Snow Globe Craft

Free printable snow glob pop-up craft. Make your art projects stand out with this adorable stand-up design easy to use with little fingers!

Snow Globe Craft Template

These three pages go together in that your students will cut out and paste these snow globes together. Create an adorable design using as many (or as few) of the craft templates as you’d like. This art project is perfect for the holiday season or those long winter months of learning in the classroom!

Snow Globe Craft

Free snow globe craft template. This template has been left blank to give students a creative outlet. Let them design it however they choose!

Free Snow Globe Craft Template

Adorable snow globe pieces to color, cut, and paste into the blank snow globe. Simply print and go!

Snow Globe Craft Template

Another adorable set of printable snow globe craft designs. This page features holiday elements perfect holiday cards or ornament making!

Snow Globe Following Directions

Can your students follow directions? Directed drawings are a great way to check for student listening and understanding while making the tasks fun and engaging. This winter are project for kids is sure to be a hit!

Directed Drawing Snow Globe

Check. your students listening comprehension with this blank-directed drawing snow globe. Directions are written at the bottom for older students to read or read them to younger students.

Draw a Snow Globe Scene

Everyone loves a directed drawing! Check out this step by step snow globe drawing craft today with your students. Super fun and very low-prep in this design!

Directed Drawing Snow Globe

Free snow globe craft for students of all ages! Show off your students’ listening comprehension and art and design skills with this adorable directed drawing snow globe activity.

Snow Globe Writing Prompt

Write all about what it would be like living in a snow globe with our free writing paper. Designed for kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade writing lessons but can be used with any grade level you choose! Write a story then draw a matching scene at the top in the snow globe!

If I Lived In a Snow Globe Template Kindergarten

Free-lined writing paper featuring a snow globe. The lines are spaced perfectly for preschool and kindergarten students.

If I Lived In a Snow Globe Template First Grade

First-grade students will love this lined snow globe paper template. Write all about what it would be like living inside a snow globe today!

If I Lived In a Snow Globe Template Second Grade

Living in a snow globe or caught inside one? The stories will be interesting and engaging for students to both read and write with this template!

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