Christmas BINGO

Christmas Bingo are free, printable holiday-themed Christmas bingo cards perfect for holiday games. We’ve created a variety of printable Christmas bingo cards and calling cards to use in preschool, elementary, and homeschool classrooms during the holiday season. Christmas bingo cards for kids provide problem-solving skill practice along with patterns and sequences as well! These printable PDFs are easy enough for preschool students to play and fun enough for elementary students to be engaged in learning! If your kids love games, then check out our Christmas Activity Pack! It features a variety of games, crafts, and activity pages for students to work on and learn from!

Christmas Bingo Cards

Get ready for some fun with Christmas bingo! These are free and printable Christmas bingo cards that come in the Christmas holiday themes. We’ve made these cards especially for teachers and students to play during the holiday season. The best part is, that they will help your students to practice problem-solving skills and discover patterns and sequences. These printable PDFs are easy-peasy for preschoolers to play while still super exciting for elementary students to enjoy while learning!

Christmas Cards Bingo

Christmas bingo cards can be printed and used year after year! Once you download, print, and laminate these bingo cards and calling cards you’ll have a fun, engaging game that promotes your student listening, problem-solving, sequences, and pattern skills. For more holiday fun, grab our free Christmas Word Searches.

Christmas Bingo Cards printable

Our Christmas Bingo free printables are fun and engaging for your students! No matter what age, preschool through elementary school, your students will be so thrilled to play our Bingo game that they will be begging for more. Give them a few of our Christmas Coloring Pages to further support students’ problem-solving and pattern skills.

Christmas BINGO Cards

The following Bingo cards are all Christmas holiday-themed. They feature a variety of images for your students to identify including hot chocolate, snowmen, lights, holly, Christmas trees, wreaths, gingerbread, elves, and more!

Christmas BINGO Card 1

This Bingo card features various illustrations. Students can enhance their problem-solving skills by identifying patterns and sequences among the different BINGO designs.

Christmas BINGO Card 2

Explore the holidays with this Christmas Bingo card. Students will have fun spotting patterns and sequencing while searching for their favorite holiday designs.

Christmas Bingo Card 3

Enter the realm of Christmas fun with this Bingo card. Students can play and develop their problem-solving skills as they find a variety of holiday images in pursuit of a Bingo.

How Do You Play Christmas BINGO?

To play Christmas bingo with your students (preschool through elementary school), you will need a variety of our printable bingo cards. Choose the cards you’d like to print (the bigger the variety, the less likely you’ll have multiple winners), and print them on card stock (preferred) and laminate (preferred) for extended use. These cards can also be placed into page protectors and changed out easily but it allows students to use a dry-erase marker to mark off all called images.

Christmas BINGO Card 4

Free, printable bingo card for elementary and preschool students. This card features a variety of fun, festive images that students will cover to “BINGO!”

Christmas BINGO Card 5

Playing bingo is a fun activity that provides students with problem-solving and strategic reasoning skills. These images feature elves, presents, reindeer, holly, Santa hats, and more!

Christmas BINGO Card 6

Print this Christmas bingo card for your students today! This card is free to download and fun to play with your preschool, elementary, and homeschool students.

How Do You Make Christmas BINGO Fun?

Bingo is fun, but take it to the next level this holiday season. Using a variety of holiday candies (think kisses, M&Ms, peppermints) as markers really get students in the holiday spirit! You can also use non-candy items like Legos, buttons, and holiday-themed erasers with your students.

Christmas BINGO Card 7

This Bingo card showcases beautifully decorated Christmas illustrations. Students will be challenged to identify patterns and build their problem-solving abilities.

Christmas BINGO Card 8

Dive into a world of holiday fun with this Bingo card. Students will enjoy finding patterns and learning new vocabulary among the various illustrations.

Christmas BINGO Card 9

This Bingo card is filled with different Christmas holiday illustrations. Students will enhance their pattern recognition skills while hunting for the perfect BINGO sequence on their cards.

Christmas BINGO Card 10

This holiday-themed bingo game is perfect for your preschool students learning new holiday vocabulary. Download for free today!

Christmas BINGO Card 11

Free, printable thankful bingo for Christmas. Your students will thank you for playing such fun games and you’ll thank them for their engaged learning!

Christmas BINGO Card 12

Simply download, print, and play this free, Christmas bingo game. Teaching patterns and sequences? This game will help!

Christmas BINGO Card 13

Celebrate the Christmas spirit with this fun Bingo card. Students will enjoy identifying patterns and sequences among various holiday designs.

Christmas BINGO Card 14

This Bingo card features adorable holiday illustrations that your students are sure to love! Check it out today!

Christmas BINGO Card 15

Unwrap the magic of Christmas with this Bingo card. Students will love the gameplay and improve problem-solving skills as they search for the perfect BINGO sequence.

Christmas BINGO Calling Cards

This free set of Christmas bingo calling cards comes as one full page. Print two – one that you cut and use as calling cards, the second can be used as a cover page showing which cards have already been called.

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