Classroom Printables

Whether you are teaching in a standard classroom setting or homeschooling in your dining room, these printables will provide you with helpful tools, resources and decorations for your classroom. If you are looking for bulletin board decorations, check out our Free Printable Templates for a variety of seasonal designs.

Lesson Plan Templates

We’ve created a variety of free printable lesson plan templates you can use to organize your classroom. You’ll find daily, weekly, monthly and even editable lesson plant templates for all your planning needs. Includes homeschooling planners, and unit study planners too!

Printable Charts

Ready to decorate your classroom with educational posters an reference charts? We’ve got the perfect collection of printable PDF charts and posters you can use to provide your students with an enriched learning environment. Print a set for student binders too!

First Day of School Signs

We’ve created editable first-day-of-school signs you can use for your back-to-school photos. Whether you are homeschooling or sending the kids off to school, these printable signs are sure to add some color pop to your photos. Simply type in your student name and watch it autofill into a printable PDF sign.

Classroom Rewards Chart

We’ve created a simple student rewards chart you can use to help your students work towards specific goals. You can set acheivement levels for each row or column, or require the entire board to be filled. Workds great with stickers, stamps, or even teacher’s signature.

Weather Chart

Start your mornings off on the right footing with this free printable weather chart for kids. Sized perfectly to fit you morning circle time boards, this colorful weather chart will help your students track the weather each morning.

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