Fractions Worksheets

3rd Grade Fractions Worksheets

Learning about fractions can be TONS of fun for students of all ages. We’ve created some free fraction strip printables, and free fraction circle printables you can use to teach these important math concepts to your kiddos. 3rd grade is a good time to start learning about fractions. First, introduce your students to the fractions chart, then begin learning about equal and unequal parts.

Super Star Fractions Pack

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Fractions Chart

Print this free fractions chart as a helpful visual for recognizing and identifying fractions.

Printable Fractions Set Circle

Free printable fraction circles you can use as hands on manipulatives for students.

Printable Fractions Set Square

Free printable fraction bars you can use for students learning about fractions.

Cutting Shapes with Equal Parts

Students cut the shapes in half to recognize equal parts.

Sorting Shapes Equal & Unequal Parts

Students cut and sort the different shapes based on equal or unequal parts.

Sorting Fractions Halves & Fourths

Students sort the shape fractions based on if they’ve been cut into halves or fourths.

Printable Fractions Worksheets

Color One Half

Students color one half of the shaped fractions.

Color Two Fourths

Students color two-fourths of the shaped fractions.

Color Two Thirds

Students color 2/3’s of the shapes.

Fraction Practice Worksheets

Color Parts of a Whole: Circles

Students color the designated amount of each circle. Fraction values vary.

Color Parts of a Whole: Rectangles

Students color parts of a whole with these rectangle fractions.

Color Parts of a Whole: Squares

Students color a varying amount of fractions with these squares.

Adding & Comparing Fractions Worksheets

Color & Compare Fractions

Students color and compare the fraction values for a variety of different shapes.

Adding Fraction

Students add the fraction values then color and write the sum.

Fraction Addition Worksheet

Students add the fraction values then color and write the sum.

Fraction Games & Activities

Roll a Fraction Game

Students use two dice to roll, write, and draw a fraction.

Spin a Whole Fractions Game

Students build a whole with this simple two-player fraction game.

Connect Four Fraction Game

This two-player fraction game will have your students recognizing fractions and strategizing their play.

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