Telling Time Bingo

Telling Time Bingo is a free math project for kids featuring telling time to the minute, to the hour, to the half-hour, and telling time in quarters. Using this clock game, your elementary students will learn to tell time, read analog clocks, problem-solve, work as a team and so much more! Each page is designed as a full-page PDF, perfect to help your students read the times and feel confident in their time-telling skills. If you want to give your students even more of a challenge, check out our Interactive Math curriculum today.

Time Telling BINGO

Telling time bingo free printable pages are the perfect clock games for kids. When learning to tell time, practice is super important! Using these worksheet pages, students will learn to tell time to the nearest minute, hour, and half hour, and tell time in quarters. The best part about this resource? It is completely free and easy to print!

Telling Time Hours Bingo

Telling Time Bingo Card 1

Grab this fun telling time bingo game card to use as calling cards or as a game board with your students.

Telling Time Bingo Card 2

Printable telling time bingo game for elementary students. This page features a variety of times for students to read on an analog clock.

Telling Time Bingo Card 3

Reading an analog lock is fun and easy with this free bingo time-telling game. Grab your free download by clicking above.

Telling Time BINGO Cards

If you teach elementary students, you probably know how important telling time and reading a clock is. Our free time-telling bingo game provides you (teachers/homeschool parents) with a fun and engaging way to practice reading a clock. With this resource, your students will learn how to read time to the nearest minute, hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour. Each page is designed as a full page, so for easy printing, we suggest you scale them down to fit two to a page. It would also be a good idea to print a second copy of each card (but cut them out) and use them as calling cards and place them onto a board when calling. To add an extra layer of support for your students, print this Telling Time Chart for reference during the game as well!

Telling Time Half Hour Bingo

Telling Time Bingo Card 4

Full-page bingo card game mat for students. This page can be scaled down to fit two to a page for easy printing.

Telling Time Bingo Card 5

Learning to tell time is fun when you make it into a game! This free bingo card helps your students tell time while having a blast!

Telling Time Bingo Card 6

Students will tell time to the nearest hour, half hour, and quarter hour with this free bingo mat and calling card.

Telling Time BINGO Free

When using these free, printable telling time bingo cards, your students will need a game mat (we highly suggest laminating the pages or placing them in a page protector for easy cleaning and extended use) and game markers. Markers can be things you have lying around your classroom like manipulatives, and colored construction paper dots, or can even be something more fun and tasty…think M&M candies, skittles, or candy corn! Check out our Telling Time Games for more engaging math fun!

Telling Time Quarters Bingo

Telling Time Bingo Card 7

Tired of math worksheets? Engage your students in this free, printable PDF bingo game. This card can be used as a teacher calling card or a student game mat.

Telling Time Bingo Card 8

Free, printable telling time PDF. These printable bingo cards are completely free to download and fun and easy to use! Simply print and go!

Telling Time Bingo Card 9

Looking for a fun clock game? This bingo card features telling time to the minute, hour, half hour, and telling time in quarters.

Telling Time Bingo

Telling Time Bingo Card 10

Use this bingo card mat for your students in grades 1-5. Students will love practicing time in quarters in a competitive way.

Telling Time Bingo Card 11

Featuring quarter hours, half hours, and on-the-hour times, this bingo game is fun and educational.

Telling Time Bingo Card 12

Print this telling time bingo card to practice reading an analog clock to the nearest quarter hours, half hour, and hour!

Telling Time BINGO Cards

Telling Time Bingo Card 13

Bingo card for kids. Features times to the nearest half hour, hour, and quarter hour.

Telling Time Bingo Card 14

Use this Bingo card to play and practice telling time with your students. Telling time is fun and easy with games!

Telling Time Bingo Card 15

Playing games during math?! YES, please! This Bingo game will help your students learn how to read a clock while having fun!

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  • Claire Reply

    Brilliant and fun way to access their knowledge. Thank you for the freebie x

    October 23, 2023 at 11:21 am
  • Amanda Mathews Reply

    Do you have the time cards available to play the game?

    October 24, 2023 at 9:51 am

    Thanks a lot for the free bingo time cards . Im sure my students in grade 3 will love Tham to help them lear\n English too.

    March 17, 2024 at 8:36 am
  • Nadia Reply

    Do you have the calling cards for the Telling Time Bingo?

    March 22, 2024 at 5:47 pm

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