Ten Frame Worksheets

Free Ten Frame Worksheets are a great way to practice basic addition, subtraction, and counting skills. These kindergarten math worksheets are designed specifically for children who are just starting out in school. They cover everything from counting to addition and subtraction so your child will be ready for the next grade. Looking for even more hands-on math activities? You’re going to LOVE our Interactive Math resource.

Ten Frame Worksheets

The tens frame is an important tool to help kids understand numbers and counting. A tens frame is a simple grid with ten squares that helps kids visually count from one to ten. With these printable math worksheets, you’ll have access to a great way of providing your students with practice in their counting, addition, and subtraction skills. These worksheets can be used as a fun activity at home or in the classroom.

Ten Frame Math Worksheets

Cut-and-paste worksheets are a great way to assess your student’s understanding of the concepts you’re teaching. They can be used in small groups or independently, and they’re easy to grade. Use these cut and paste, addition and subtraction ten-frame activities and games with your kindergarten or early learning homeschool students. Grab even more kindergarten addition practice when you use our Kindergarten Addition Worksheets.

Cut & Paste Ten Frame Worksheets

To make this activity a little more interesting and engaging, you may want to cut out the 10 frame worksheets, laminate them, and then have students work in small groups or partner groups. They can then use the 10 frames to work on their own or with other students in their groups to visualize the number 10. It is also used for adding and subtracting numbers up to 20. Grab a variety of Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets for even more practice.

Counting Ten Frames

The following ten frame worksheets provide a great visual representation of numbers for early learners. These worksheets show a variety of numbers 1-20 and give students the opportunity to write, cut, paste, and more!

Counting Ten Frame Mat

This worksheet gives students practice in fine motor control, counting, writing, and visual representation of numbers. Students will count, color, and cut out the dinos then write the number and fill in the ten frame.

Cut & Paste Counting Activity

Your students can practice counting and number recognition with this activity page. They will glue the correct number onto the worksheet in the box of the corresponding ten frame.

Ten Frames 11-20

Can your students create visual representations of numbers up to 20? This worksheet give your students practice using double ten frames. Each set of ten frames shows a number that your students will need to draw.


Addition worksheets for early learners (preschool, kindergarten, first grade) and homeschool students. These activity pages give your students practice with addition concepts using a visual ten-frame representation.

Addition Ten Frame Worksheet

This free PDF worksheet shows an addition sentence and a blank ten frame. Each addition problem is between 1 and 10. Students will fill in the ten frames to match the equation.

Ten Frame Worksheet with Dots

Using dots inside of ten frames, students will add numbers to 20. Students can count the dots in the ten frames to create an addition number sentence with an answer.

Ten Frame Worksheets with Objects

Free ten-frame worksheets using objects are fun for early learners! Each set of ten frames has a different object inside. Students will count and write the amount of each object under the ten frame and then add them together, creating an equation.

Subtraction Ten Frame Games

Subtraction is an essential math skill for kindergarten students to learn. Ten frames make subtraction fun and easy. The following printable activity pages provide coloring, number lines, and spin games to practice easy subtraction.

Color by Subtraction Ten Frame

Your students are going to LOVE this color by subtraction ten-frame activity. Students will subtract and find the answer in the ten frames in the picture. Then they will color each “piece” based on the guide at the top of the page.

Number Line Ten Frame

A free, printable subtraction worksheet for kindergarten students. This worksheet features number lines to help your young learners. This helps your students get a visual representation of what subtraction is and what the process looks like.

Spin Ten Frame Game

This game is going to be a hit in your homeschool or classroom! Using a paperclip, spin for the subtrahend, write it in the box, then solve the equation using the ten frame. This is a great way for students to practice their subtraction skills in partners or independently. Use this activity page over and over again by laminating and using dry-erase markers to write.

Double Ten Frame

Teaching your students to subtract through 20? These three resources make learning subtraction fun and engaging no matter what skill level you are! These subtraction pages all use ten frames to help students see the subtraction problem in a visual way.

Double Ten Frame Worksheet

Subtract from twenty with this adorable ten-frame doubles. This page features six problems. Students will count the empty boxes to find the correct subtrahend.

Double Ten Frame Printable

Subtract from numbers up to 20 with these double ten frame subtraction problems. Students will find the subtrahend using the ten frames.

Double Ten Frame Activity

Find the missing subtrahends on this worksheet by filling in double ten frames. Students can use x’s o’s or other drawn objects or manipulatives to fill in the ten frames.

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