Multiplication Word Problems

These Multiplication Word Problem worksheets are designed to help students in elementary school (grades 3-5) who have mastered their one-digit by one-digit multiplication facts. In these worksheets, students will derive a multiplication equation from the word problem, solve the equation in their head using “mental math,” and then write the product in appropriate units on each worksheet. Grab our Interactive Math Curriculum for even more math fun!

Word Problems Multiplication

Multiplication word problems are an essential component of math skills for students in grades 3-5. These problems require students to use their problem-solving skills to interpret and solve real-world situations. To help students practice these skills, we have created these free printable worksheets. Our worksheets offer a variety of multiplication word problems that challenge students to think critically and apply their math skills to solve problems. By using these math worksheets, students can improve their problem-solving abilities and become more confident in their math skills.

Multiplication Word Problems Grade 3

Below you will find three third-grade worksheets. These printable pages provide third graders with a variety of multiplication word problems. Each page features a picture that matches the problem as well as a blank equation to help guide students through the process of multiplying.

Multiplication Word Problems

In this third-grade multiplication worksheet, students will have to solve one-digit problems. The worksheet is in PDF format and can be printed out for use at home or in school. Answer keys are included in each download!

Simple Multiplication Word Problems

This multiplication worksheet is designed to help your third grader practice their one-by-one digit multiplication skills. It’s a great way to encourage your child to problem-solve and is a fun way to build confidence in their knowledge of multiplication.

Easy Multiplication Word Problems

Ready to take your multiplication skills to the next level? This worksheet will help you practice your one-digit multiplication skills. Each problem has an answer key, so you can check your work as you go along!

How Do You Identify Multiplication Word Problems?

To identify a multiplication problem “hidden” in a word problem, it is important for students to look for keywords and phrases that indicate multiplication. Some common keywords and phrases include:

– “times”
– “multiplied by”
– “product”
– “of”
– “per”
– “each”
– “total”

For example, consider the following word problem: “Each box contains 6 packs of pencils, and there are 4 boxes. How many pencils are there in total?” The word each indicates that we need to find out how many in all the boxes combined. Grab even more of our Multiplication Worksheets here.

Multiplication Word Problems Grade 4

4th Grade multiplication takes students from one-by-one to two-by-one digit. This jump can be difficult for students, but with these adorable and engaging multiplication word problem worksheets, your fourth graders will LOVE practicing and upping their skills!

Double Digit Multiplication Word Problems

This worksheet is intended to help you practice 4th graders practice multiplying numbers. To solve the problems, you will have to use multi-step problem-solving strategies. In this worksheet, you will find six problems that you need to solve.

Grade 4 Multiplication Word Problems

Multi-step problem solving is a very important skill for fourth graders to learn. This worksheet will help them practice it by challenging them to solve word problems with two digits in the answer. The answer keys are included, so you can use this worksheet as an assessment, too!

Multiplication Word Problems Grade 4

This worksheet will help you practice your multiplication skills. You’ll be solving two-digit by one-digit problems and using multi-step problem solving to get there. Answer keys are included, so you can check your work once you’re done!

How Do You Solve Multiplication in Grade 3?

In grade 3, multiplication is often identified by the use of the multiplication sign “x” or the word “times.” Students are introduced to multiplication as a way to quickly add groups of equal numbers. For example, if a student is asked to find the total number of pencils in 4 boxes, each containing 6 pencils, they would write 4 x 6 = 24. Students may also encounter multiplication in word problems as seen in these worksheets that involve equal groups, repeated addition, or finding the total. Third-grade students will love practicing their multiplication facts with our Multiplication Color by Number Worksheets.

Multiplication Word Problems Grade 5

The following worksheets were designed for fifth-grade students. These pages focus on a variety of real-word problems and included money (decimals), multiple steps, and more!

Multiplication Word Problems Grade 5

Practice your multiplication and division skills with this printable worksheet. You’ll be asked to solve multi-step problems, including word problems. The problems will be in two digits, so you’ll need to use your knowledge of place value to solve them. This worksheet is designed for 5th-grade students. Included in the download is the answer key!

Double Digit Multiplication Word Problems

Multi-step math problems are a great way to build your child’s math and problem-solving skills. In this printable worksheet, students will solve multi-step problems that involve multiplication. This worksheet can be used with any fifth-grade curriculum and is designed to help students solve real word problems.

Grade 5 Multiplication Word Problems

This worksheet is designed to help your fifth grader practice multi-step problems and two-digit multiplication and division word problems. In each problem, there are a few steps that your child needs to take in order to solve it. Your child will have to figure out which numbers go in which places and then add solve the multiplication problem. Answer keys included!

Multiplication Word Problem Chart

In this section, you will find three printable PDF versions of the popular multiplication word problem CUBES chart. This chart is great for visual and kinesthetic learners because it provides students with an easy acronym to remember the steps in solving word problems, especially multi-step problems.

Word Problem Chart for Multiplication

Solving math word problems can be a difficult task for many students. The CUBES strategy is a great way to organize your thoughts and remember the most important parts of a word problem. This worksheet will guide you through solving multiple-step word problems using the CUBES strategy.

CUBES Multiplication Chart

We’ve put together this printable chart to help you and your students organize your thoughts, remember the important parts of a word problem, and solve it using the CUBES strategy. It’s perfect for helping students find a way to organize their thoughts and remember the most important parts of a word problem. It’s also a great tool for multi-step word problems.

Multiplication Word Problem CUBES Chart

Word problems can be tricky, but with this chart, you can make them easier! The CUBES strategy is a great way to organize your thoughts and remember all the important parts of a word problem. You’ll find yourself solving multi-step word problems in no time at all! This chart features a completed problem with an equation to show a full example of what this strategy does for students.

Multiplication Word Problem Mat

Here are two multiplication word problem mats. These mats provide students with a Read it, Draw it, Answer it area on the page. This helps students visually see the multiplication representations.

Multiplication Word Problem Games

This worksheet is used to help students solve multiplication problems by using a math mat. This can be used in grades 3-5, and it’s a PDF document that you can print out. The steps are easy to follow on the PDF.

Multiplication Word Problem Mat Printable

Math mats are a great way to solve multiplication problems. This worksheet gives you basic multiplication word problems to solve and then shows you how to use the math mat to find the answers. It’s perfect for grades 3-5!

Multiplication Word Games

The following games give students real-world multiplication problems in a fun and engaging style. Your students will love solving through cut and paste, ten frames, part-part-whole, number lines, and more!

Printable Multiplication Word Problem Mat

Your kids will love this worksheet! No more counting and scribbling—this worksheet is all about solving multi-step word problems with multiplication. And we’ve made it easy for you, too: just print out the PDF and get started!

Word Problem Games for Multiplication

Math games are a great way to get students thinking about real-world problems in a way that’s fun and engaging. This worksheet will help your students practice their multiplication skills with multi-step word problems, using the same process they’d use if they were solving the problem in real life.

Multiplication Word Problem Games

Do you struggle with word problems? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Our free printable worksheets will help you master multiplication word problems in no time. We’ve taken real-world scenarios and created easy-to-follow, step-by-step solutions that are perfect for practicing your math skills.

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