Subtraction Worksheets

These free subtraction worksheets are great for students in kindergarten and up. Students work on basic subtraction skills with simple equations and work their way up to double-digit subtraction with regrouping and more. Increase your students’ subtraction fluency when you pair these worksheets with our free Subtraction Flashcards.

Subtraction Charts

These free printable subtraction charts are great math references.

Subtraction Worksheets

Free basic subtraction worksheets to work on single digit math facts.

Subtraction Wheels

Free printable subtraction wheels for learning subtraction facts up to -5.

Double Digit Subtraction

Free double-digit subtraction worksheets for extra math practice. No regrouping.

Subtraction Dominoes Worksheets

Subtraction worksheets for students working on number patterns like those on dominos.

Number Line Subtraction

Students will learn subtraction on a number line with each of these subtraction printables.

Subtraction Drills

Free printable subtraction drills worksheets for students learning their subtraction facts. Each page features varying levels of difficulty with different ranges of subtrahend and minuend.

Subtraction Table Worksheets

Older students can showcase their subtraction strategies with these mental math skill builders. Students fill in the table by solving each equation and filling in the grid.

Mixed Addition & Subtraction Worksheets

When your students are ready, you can challenge them with these free printable mixed equation worksheets.

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