Number Bond Template

Number Bond Templates are math worksheets that teach the part-part-whole method for adding and decomposing numbers. Decomposing numbers is an integral part of learning math. This skill is essential for students to have mastered before being able to discuss and dive into fractions. Our free, printable number bond templates are sure to make your math block fun and engaging! Want even more fun math activities for your students? Check out our Interactive Math: Kindergarten resource today!

Blank Number Bond Template

Looking for a fun way to introduce the part, part, whole method? This is it. Introduce students to the most important mathematical concept in teaching early math—that numbers represent amounts and that parts of a number can be visualized using a number bond. These blank number bond templates make it easier to design what your students will see on their papers and also make learning fun, like drawing or coloring with crayons rather than pencils!

Free Number Bond Template

Are you looking for FREE number bond templates? Math teachers love using these as worksheets because they’re easy to grade and kids love filling them out. They help students practice decomposing big numbers into smaller ones, which helps with part-part-whole knowledge. There are also blank number bonds to write in the whole number so students get an opportunity to work with the missing information. Pair these with our Kindergarten Number Worksheets to support your students with a variety of math skills!

Basic 2-Part Number Bond Templates

Below you will find 9 different types of number bond templates. They feature part, part, whole language along with the practice of adding three numbers. Grab yours for free today!

Vertical 2-Parts Number Bond Template

Four, large number bonds with two digits are featured on this worksheet. Students will have fun adding while writing number sentences and building number bonds.

Horizontal 2-Addend Number Bond Template

Here’s an adorable horizontal number bond template. This page includes six number bonds providing students with a variety of opportunities to practice adding numbers.

Free 2-Parts Number Bond Template

Teaching the part, part, whole strategy? This horizontal 2-digit number bond template is the resource you’ve been looking for! Grab yours for FREE today!

Free Number Bond Template

This worksheet is the perfect addition to independent work, morning work bins, or small group math instruction. Students will practice addition with these number bonds. There are 9 included on this page.

Vertical Number Bonds Template

This vertical addition number bond template was created for early elementary students. This math worksheet proves students with 12 different number bond/number sentences to complete.

Horizontal Number Bonds Templates

This horizontal number bond template features ten addition number bonds for students to complete. This will help SHOW students (visually) what addition truly means. Perfect to use with manipulatives, pencils, or markers.

Free 3-Part Number Bond Templates

Use these printable math worksheets as morning work, in small group learning settings, or as independent work and assessment. These number bond templates provide students with a great visual to see just what addition and subtraction really mean. We suggest printing these pages on either white or colored card stock. Laminate the pages for extended use and easy cleaning. Students will be able to complete the free printables with using a dry-erase marker for easy use time after time! These worksheets pair perfectly with our Addition Color By Number printables!

Vertical Number Bond Template

Part, part, part, whole! That’s what students will be learning to use throughout this worksheet. Grab your FREE printable number bond worksheet today!

Horizontal 3-Parts Number Bond Template

Students learning how to add three numbers? This number bonds resource gives your students the opportunity to document (visually) how addition works with three different numbers.

3-Parts Number Bonds Template Horizontal

Your students can add three digits 8 different times with this printable template. This worksheet gives your students time to practice counting and decomposing numbers – a very important skill in early elementary!

Craft Number Bond Template

Here are four awesome number bond template printables. Some are blank, some have borders, and some have number sentence frames at the bottom of the page!

Seasonal Number Bond Template

Here’s a fun number bond template with a dotted border. This could be used with any season throughout the year! Grab yours today!

Holiday Number Bond Template

Holiday math just got a lot more fun! Keep your students engaged in their part-part-whole addition practice with this adorable holiday number bond template.

Large Number Bond Template

Free number bond templates that are blank have endless possibilities! This page could be printed and laminated and used with a dry-erase marker or used with a variety of manipulatives to practice simple addition and subtraction or missing number practice.

Number Bond Template Blank

Number bonds are fun and easy to use with this large, full-page addition number bond template. This worksheet works well with early elementary students (K-2).

Cute Number Bond Template

Adorable number bond templates are featured below! With three cute designs, you’re sure to find something to help your students stay engaged in math practice this year!

Butterfly Number Bond Worksheet

Butterfly number bond printable worksheet for elementary students. Your K-1 students will love this adorable design and they can “decorate” the wings with manipulative when working through a problem.

Flower Number Bond Worksheet

Free, printable flower number bond worksheets provide students with an engaging, real-life visual that represents addition and subtraction problems.

Ladybug Number Bond Worksheet

Here’s a cute lady but number bond worksheet that is blank and features a blank addition number sentence at the bottom. This is perfect for K-1 students to write and represent the problem.

Number Bond Mat Template

Three number bond worksheets that provide students with addition and subtraction practice. Using these templates, you can show your students what addition and subtraction actually mean through visual representations.

Part Part Whole Number Bond Template

This part, part, whole number bond worksheet features addition and subtraction “tractors” for students to use. This helps students see addition and subtraction in a visual way.

Part + Part = Whole Number Bond Template

Promote addition part, part, whole number bonds with this cute gumball-themed template. This printable provides students with a visual representation of what addition actually is and stands for.

Vertical Part Part Whole Template

This vertical number bond template has a beach/island vibe. It features addition and subtraction visuals for students.

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