Sight Word Flashcards

FREE Sight Word Flashcards for Dolch Sight Word lists Preschool through Third Grade. These Dolch sight words flashcards will help young students learn to read quickly and effectively by memorizing frequent words. Use these colorful cards for reading practice or assessment while learning to read sight words by grade-level. These flashcards are based on the Dolch sight word lists K-3.

Printable Sight Word Flashcards

These free printable Dolch sight words flashcards will engage young learners in reading skill practice, games, and assessment. Whether you are learning Dolch Pre-Primer, Primer, or 1st-3rd sight words, your students will love the bright colors on these printable flashcards. Really dig deep into sight word practice with our Sight Word Curriculum!

Dolch Sight Word Flashcards

FREE sight words flashcards based on the Dolch sight word list are easy to use! Simply print on cardstock and laminate for extended use. Once laminated, cut out each card and add it to a binder ring to easy storage. Students can read each sight word, trace the words to practice their writing and fine motor skills, and these cards can be easily used to play learning games! You’ll love that we’ve color-coded each grade level to match our Sight Word Lists!

Dolch Sight Words PDF

This resource is low prep and easy to use. Don’t worry if you’ve mixed up your colored flashcards! Each individual card prints with the grade level notation for simple reference! You can sort your cards by color to separate back into grade-levels. Then, sort each grade alphabetically, or by frequency using our free printable Dolch Sight Word Charts.

Print two sets and students could play memory games with the cards. Want more? Practice reading, writing, and signing Pre-Primer sight words with our ASL Sight Word Mats.

Preschool Dolch Sight Word Flashcards

Doch preprimer sight word flashcards for preschool students are the perfect assessment for your young learners! Students can pracitce reading and use these cards for reference at home or in the classroom!

Preschool Dolch Sight Words

Reading sight words is easy when you use these bright preschool flashcards.

Dolch Sight Words For Preschool

Print these preschool flashcards to give your early learners great practice and even use for assessments!

Pre-Primer Sight Word Flash Cards

Adorable preschool flashcards for reading practice or assessment.

Dolch Sight Word List For Pre-K

FREE preschool sight word flashcards using the Dolch Sight Word List.

Kindergarten Dolch Sight Word List

Our Kindergarten Dolch sight word flashcards will engage students in reading and learning! These printable flashcards are based on the Dolch sight word K-5 list. Print a set for each of your students as homework practice or for classroom learning!

Kindergarten Sight Word Flashcards

Kindergarten sight words are easy to learn when using these fun flashcards!

Flashcards For Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words

Using flashcards will help your students memorize sight words quickly and efficiently.

Primer Dolch Sight Word List

Use these cute Dolch sight word flashcards with your kindergarten students today!

Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words

Low-prep sight word flashcards for Kindergarten students will make reading fun in no time!

Flashcards For Kindergarten

All of the Kindergarten Dolch sight words in one easy to use set of flashcards!

First Grade Dolch Sight Words PDF

Students will find these first-grade flashcards helpful when reading or writing. Print these cards and add them to a ring for students to use as spelling or reading practice, send them home as homework, or add them to your learning stations.

Dolch Sight Words

Your first graders will love these bright, easy-to-read flashcards for sight word practice.

First Grade Dolch Sight Word Flashcards

Low-prep Dolch sight word flashcards for first graders are easy to use and engaging.

Dolch Sight Word List For First Grade

Print, laminate, and go! First-grade sight word flashcards will prepare students for reading!

First Grade Sight Word List

First graders will learn to read when you incorporate these fun Dolch sight word flashcards.

Second Grade Dolch Sight Word List

Our second-grade sight word flashcards are based on the Dolch sight word list. These cards are bright and engaging for young learners. Print on cardstock and laminate for use in centers or whole group learning.

Sight Words Dolch Flashcards

Easy to read and fun to practice! These flashcards are the perfect resource for your next reading lesson!

Sight Word Flashcards for Second Graders

Second grade Dolch sight word flashcards for practice or assessment.

Second Grade Dolch Sight Word List

Assess your second graders reading skills with these easy-to-use flashcards featuring the Dolch sight word list.

Dolch Sight Words for Second Grade

Keep your reading lessons engaging and active with these Dolch sight word flashcards.

Third Grade Dolch Sight Word PDF

Your students will love these bright sight word flashcards! These are the perfect resource for any third-grade classroom to practice reading and writing skills! After printing these fun cards, hang them up on your word wall for student reference!

Dolch Sight Words Third Grade

Independent practice, small group practice, or fun one-on-one games. These are the perfect flashcards to use for any activity!

Sight Word Flashcards for Third Grade

Third grade Dolch sight word flashcards that are low prep and engaging for students.

Third Grade Dolch Sight Word List

Reading assessments are fun when you incorporate these bright third grade Dolch sight word flashcards.

Dolch Sight Word Flashcards For Grade 3

Need a little more sight word practice for your students? Use these flashcards for engaging learning opportunities!

Nouns Sight Word PDF

Teach nouns as parts of speech along with learning sight words. These sight word flashcards feature a variety of nouns for students to practice and play games with!

Dolch Sight Words Nouns

Flashcards are perfect for small-group, independent practice, or gameplay! Very engaging and promote reading skill practice!

Sight Word Flashcards For Nouns

Noun flashcards pair well with our grade-level sight word flashcards. Practice these nouns early and students are sure to remember!

Nouns Dolch Sight Word List

Reading assessments and independent activities are fun when you use these bright noun sight word flashcards.

Dolch Sight Word Flashcards For Nouns

Flashcards featuring nouns for students to read, write, match, and more!

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