Ordinal Number Flashcards

FREE Ordinal Number Flashcards for elementary students! We are offering our readers a free pack of printable ordinal number flashcards and activities for preschool and kindergarten students to use. Children will practice counting by ordinals in words and numbers plus gain skills in reading, cutting, and matching. For more number related curriculum, please take a look at our printable Number of the Week Program today!

Free Ordinal Number Flashcards

The first three printables in this pack of ordinal number flashcards will have numbered flashcards starting at 1 and ending at 30. Each card has a large, easy to read number as well as a “st, nd, rd, or th” for students to read and understand the language of numbers.

Ordinal Numbers Flashcards Set 1

Here is a set of numbered flashcards 1-12. Students will get to practice their cutting skills when cutting out each of these square flashcards.

Ordinal Numbers Flashcards Set 2

Teachers! Students can use this set of flashcards and work independently or with other students. Have children count out loud to help commit numbers to memory.

Ordinal Numbers Flashcards Set 3

From telling time to measuring ingredients, counting is essential in daily activities. Once students learn to count they can move on to more advanced math activities.

Flashcard Ordinal Number

Also included in this set of ordinal number flashcards children will practice reading the spelled out version of each number. This will help your children practice their reading and spelling skills. Each card has a colorful border to help keep students engaged. Teachers! If you are needing more FREE printable counting activities, take a look at out Number Charts today!

Ordinal Number Flashcard Words Set 1

Here is a printable set of written out numbers for students to read and know the order of.

Ordinal Number Flashcard Words Set 2

Understanding numbers is crucial for managing money and making informed choices. Ordinal counting will set students up for success when learning how to count.

Ordinal Number Flashcard Words Set 3

Counting helps with understanding space, patterns, and relationships between objects. Show students that the word version of ordinal numbers has a counting pattern.

Free Ordinal Number Flashcards

Teachers! To make this ordinal number activity last longer you can laminate each printable to make the worksheet water and crease resistant. After laminating the flashcard templates either you or your students can cut out each square. Another FREE numbers activity that we offer is the Comparing Numbers worksheets.

Ordinal Number Flashcard Activities

Here is a fun counting activity for your students to exercise their math skills. Children will count the order of each animal and then place the correct number in the box next to it.

Ordinal Numbers Activity Pages

This ordinal number activity will help student with their reading and following direction skills. As well as shape recognition and counting.

Ordinal Numbers Hands-On Game Activity

Mastering counting early sets the stage for success in more advanced math concepts. Learning the places objects belong is a skill students will learn when completing this template.

Ordinal Number Flashcards Matching Game

Here is when students will match the ordinal number card to the ordinal number word card. They will be able to practice this skill with all of the provided numbers.

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