Tally Marks

Tally Marks helps students count in multiple ways! For students from grades K-3, using tally marks such as tally mark worksheets and tally mark charts, provides an engaging platform for students to practice counting, skip counting by 5s, and recognize patterns. These activities not only improve their understanding of numbers but also lay the foundation for addition and subtraction. When paired with our Interactive Math Curriculum, your students will be math whizzes in no time!

Tally Marks

Our tally mark resources are designed to provide teachers with a wide range of tools and activities to support students’ learning of tally marks. With our tally mark worksheets, students can practice their counting skills, enhance their skip counting abilities by 5s, and improve their number sense. Whether used independently or as part of group activities, these resources and others like it (kindergarten counting worksheets) provide a solid foundation for students in grades K-3 to develop their mathematical skills and build a strong understanding of tally marks.

What are Tally Marks?

Tally marks are a simple way to keep count of things by making marks or lines. It’s like drawing a little stick figure, popsicle stick (as shown above), or a short line for each thing you’re counting. See below for our flashcards and learning mats that are perfect for understanding how tally marks work.

Here’s how it works:

  • You start by drawing a vertical line which is a tally mark symbol. Draw it like this: |
  • Then, for each thing you want to count, you add another line to it. After every fifth mark, you draw a diagonal line like this / across the previous four to make counting easier.

For example, if you want to count how many apples you have, you can use tally marks like this:

  • One apple: |
  • Two apples: ||
  • Three apples: |||
  • Four apples: ||||
  • Five apples: |||| then add a / over the 4 marks as shown below.
  • And so on….

When to Use Tally Marks

From a kid’s perspective, there are several fun and practical situations where tally marks can be useful:

  1. Counting Items: Tally marks are great for counting things like candies, toys, or even how many times you see a certain type of bird outside your window. See below for games counting birds using tally marks!
  2. Keeping Score: If you’re playing games with friends or family, you can use tally marks to keep track of scores. For example, in a game of basketball or soccer, you can use tally marks to record how many goals each team scores.
  3. Tracking Progress: Let’s say you have a goal to read a certain number of books or complete a set of tasks. Tally marks can help you keep track of your progress. Each time you finish reading a book or complete a task, you can add a tally mark to see how close you are to reaching your goal.
  4. Surveying: If you’re doing a survey or collecting data for a project, tally marks are an easy way to count responses. For instance, if you’re asking your classmates what their favorite color is, you can use tally marks to keep track of how many people choose each color.
  5. Counting Days: You can use tally marks to count down the days until a special event, like a birthday or a holiday. Each day, you can add a tally mark to see how many days are left until the big day arrives.

Overall, tally marks are handy whenever you need a simple and visual way to count or keep track of numbers in everyday situations!

How to Use Tally Marks

You can use tally marks in so many ways. Tally marks are like little pictures or lines we use to count things quickly and easily. Let me show you how you can use them.

Imagine you have some money, and you want to keep track of how many you have. You can grab our Money Worksheets to count including nickels and dimes by using tally marks.

In addition, you can have fun using tally marks with Graphs and Surveys! With fun questions and easy-to-follow directions, we know that these graphing worksheets will be a smash hit in your classroom.

Tally Mark Chart

To begin teaching about tally marks, charts are wonderful ways as visual tools you can hang on the frig, wall, or classroom.

Tally Mark Flashcards

Tally marks are a simple and efficient way to keep track of numbers, especially when you’re counting things in groups quickly.

Tally Mark Chart 1-20

Tally marks chart for 1 to 20. Use this gorgeous chart as a visual for children in the classroom and homeschool settings.

Tally Marks Set 1 Numbers 0-11

Tally marks flashcards for numbers 0-11. Cut this set and the 2nd set to make valuable counting in 5s tally flashcards.

Tally Marks Set 2 Numbers 12-20

Cut this set and the 1st set above to make it easy for kids to count, especially in 5s, using tally flashcards. Free, printable tally mark flashcards for numbers 12-20.

Tally Mark Printables

A tally chart is a simple and efficient way to record and organize data using tally marks. It consists of vertical lines, called tally marks, that are made in groups of five. Tally marks are typically represented as vertical strokes, with the fifth stroke crossed diagonally.

To interpret a tally chart, each tally mark represents a specific quantity or item. For example, if you are keeping track of the number of books read by students, each tally mark may represent one book. After making four tally marks, a diagonal line is drawn to group them together. This grouping helps keep track of the count and makes it easier to read. To determine the total count from a tally chart, you will skip count the number of groups of five tally marks and then count any remaining individual tally marks.

Tally Markers Worksheets

Tally mark worksheet that students will read the tally marks and write the number in digits.

Tally Mark Counter Worksheets

Read the tally marks and write the number in digits. This free printable worksheet is perfect for kindergarten through third grade students.

Tally Mark Worksheet for Meals (vertical)

Free printable tally mark worksheet featuring foods. This page helps students understand how to make tally marks and match them with their number digits.

Tally Mark Worksheets for Meals (horizontal)

Printable tally mark worksheet for students to document what they are eating.

Tally Mark Worksheets

Learning about tally marks provides a clear, concise, and easily readable format, which makes collecting and organizing data more efficient. With frequent practice, students can use tally marks to compare data sets, identify trends, and make predictions. It is also an important life skill as tally marks are used in various settings, such as voting polls, attendance sheets, and surveys.

Tally Marks Worksheet Animals

Fun kindergarten and first grade tally marks worksheet. Students will count the animals and tally mark the amount and write the correct number.

Tally Marks Worksheet Bugs

Print and go with this bug tally mark worksheet. Count the bugs and then make the tally marks and write the number.

Tally Mark Worksheets Desserts

Print this free tally marks worksheet that features desserts (YUM!). Kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students will love counting the desserts then writing the tally marks and numbers.

Tally Marks Bird Count

Make tally marks based on bird types with this free printable worksheet.

Tally Marks Multiple Bird Count

Fun and engaging tally marks featuring three different types of birds.

Tally Marks Number Words

Tally marks worksheet creating the number and word form of each number. Perfect to use as a student reference page.

Tally Marks Shapes

Tally mark worksheet featuring 3D shapes. Grab this free printable worksheet and get started today!

Tally Mark Activities

These activities are going to bring a fun and engaging side to tally marks. Use them with the flashcards from above for an easy, fun activity. Take your students’ learning to the next level when you pair this resource with our first grade math worksheets.

Tally Marks Activities Numbers

This tally marks matching activity is going to give your students a fun way to practice their tally mark skills. You’ll want to use our Number Sense Flashcards, and Number Flashcards for this activity!

Tally Marks Activities Objects

Free printable tally marks activity page. This page features different objects. See above to download our free Tally Mark Flashcards!

Tally Marks Activities Roman Numerals

Match Roman numerals to the correct tally mark with this free, printable matching activity. Use with our free Roman Numeral Flashcards, Number Sense Flashcards, and Number Flashcards.

Kindergarten Interactive Math Curriculum

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Looking for More?

Want more hands on, interactive activities for your primary students? Check out the following resources:

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