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Free printable flashcards for students to study important math, science, spelling, and vocabulary topics. Use our printable PDF flashcards to speed up mental calculations, increase reading speed, or practice for timed tests. Pair these free printable flashcards with our BINGO games, and learning center activities for additional hands-on practice.

Printable Math Flashcards

Free printable math flashcards for students learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We’ve provided simple, color-coded flashcards for varying levels of difficulty to make it easy to prep and sort through each set.

Division Flashcards

Addition Flashcards

Free printable addition flashcards for students to practice mental math and speed up their addition skills. Each PDF page includes addends 1-12, and have been color coded for easy sorting and practice. Print these free addition flashcards today!

Division Flashcards

Subtraction Flashcards

Speed up mental subtraction calculations with our free printable subtraction flashcards. With our printable subtraction cards, students can practice with subtrahends and minuends to 12.

Division Flashcards

Multiplication Flashcards

Free printable multiplication flashcards for students to practice mental math skills! This set of PDF multiplication cards covers numbers 0-12 and is color-coded for easy sorting. These are great with our Multiplication BINGO games. Students will master their multiplication tables with these.

Division Flashcards

Division Flashcards

Free printable division flashcards for students to practice dividing numbers up to 12. This set of PDF multiplication cards covers numbers 0-12 and is color-coded for easy sorting. Includes fun printable learning center mats and games for student practice.

3D Shapes Flashcards

FREE printable 3D Shapes Flashcards for kids! We’ve designed a fun set of 3D Shape cards featuring 3D solids, realistic 3D Shapes, and 3D solid names. Print these colorful cards and play our 3D shape learning center games for teaching 3D shape recognition, and 3D solid attributes.

Telling Time Flashcards

Learning the tell the time is an important life skill. With our free telling time flashcards your students will find success learning both digital and analog time telling skills. You’ll find printable PDF flashcards with either digital clocks or analog clocks, as well as both. Additionally, this set is color coded for differential so you can teach to the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, 5-minute, or minute mark.

Printable Alphabet Flashcards

Free printable flashcards for students to learn uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, beginning letter sounds, American Sign Language and more. Pair these with our Free Alphabet charts for additional reference tools.

Alphabet Flashcards

Learning the ABC is as easy as 1-2-3 with our free printable alphabet flashcards! You’ll find uppercase and lowercase alphabet cards in both slanted D’Nealian (TM) or block print Zaner Bloser (TM) style fonts.

ASL Flashcards

FREE ASL Alphabet Flashcards for kids! These beautiful, full color free ASL flashcards cover every letter of the alphabet from A-Z! Students will appreciate these engaging activity cards, especially when paired up with our fun and free ASL learning center mats and activities.

Printable Reading Flashcards

Free printable flashcards for students to learn, sight words, phonics, CVC words, CVCe words, compound words, and more.

Sight Word Flashcards

Sight Word Flashcards

Free printable sight word flashcards featuring Dolch 220 Sight Words. Our color-coded sight word flash cards will help your students learn to read sight words for each grade level, preschool through third grade. This HUGE set includes Dolch Noun Sight Word Flashcards as well.

Multiple levels of flashcards showing what you get with this download.

CVC Word Flashcards

These printable rhyming word cards are perfect for your students who are learning to read. Word families are words that have similar ending sounds. For example cat, bat, hat, rat. In this case, they are also CVC words, which are words that have a consonant-vowel-consonant spelling pattern.

Multiple levels of flashcards showing what you get with this download.

CVCe Word Flashcards

Free set of CVCE Word Flashcards with all long vowels. Help your students learn about the different letter sounds, as well as word formations and patterns. CVCe stands for consonant-vowel-consonant-e with the letter e on the end allowing the vowel to “say it’s name” with a long vowel sound.

Multiple levels of flashcards showing what you get with this download.

Compound Words Flashcards

Our free printable compound words flashcards are perfect for our universal learning center mats. Your students will read and recognize simple words and pair them up to make compound words! Your students are sure to make some silly nonsense words along the way, which is great practice for reading and comprehension.

Printable Number Flashcards

Number Flashcards

Free printable number flashcards for numbers 1-100, as well as random sets of numbers 100-1000. These free number flashcards feature written numerals and can be used for number recognition as well as with our universal learning center activity mats. Each number square prints 2×2″ on a PDF file for easy lamination and cutting.

Number Sense Flashcards

Learning to count is an important skill during preschool and kinderten years. These Number Sense Flashcards will help your students with number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondance, number patterns, ASL numbers, Tally Marks, Dice, Ten-Frames and so much more. These are designed for use with our Number Sense Activity Mats and Learning Centers.

Ordinal Number Flashcards

Ordinal numbers are exactly how they sound, numbers in order! Students can learn 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ordinal numbers all the way to 30th position. We’ve included both numeral cards and ordinal number word cards, as well as plenty of hands-on learning center math mats for extra practice.

Roman Numeral Flashcards

Roman numerals are simple to master when you have our free printable Roman Numeral Flashcards in sight! These PDF flashcards print 12 to a sheet and cover a variety of difficulty levels so you can differentiate activities for your students. Be sure to pair these with our free Roman Numeral BINGO games for added practice.

Bible Flashcards

Books of the Bible Flashcards

Free printable books of the Bible flashcards for your students to learn the order of the 66 books of the Bible. We’ve included multiple sets for easy Bible memorization tools for kids!

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