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We hope you enjoy our free, printable graphing worksheets for kindergarten. You will find pie charts, count and graph, pictographs, dot plot, line, and bar graphs! We recommend using these activity with K-2 math students to build important math skills.  These graphing worksheets are great for morning workstations, early finishers, and take-home activities. Are you needing more graphing worksheets? Take a look at our Graphing Activity Bundle!

Count and Graph Graphing Worksheets

Our count and graph worksheets will be a hit in your classroom. These count and graph worksheets visually illustrate raw data in picture form. You and your students will enjoy these graphing worksheets as they get to color while practicing counting, graphing, and collecting data all in one sheet!

Mythical Creatures Count & Graph Worksheet

Our Mythical Creature Count and Graph worksheet will be a fun addition to your math curriculum. Your students will have fun as they add up the number of each creature then fill in the graph.

Underwater Count & Graph Worksheet

Your students will work on comparing, finding, counting and more with this cute, underwater theme count and graph worksheet!

Pirate Count & Graph Worksheet

Diamonds, parrots, treasure and pirates oh my! This fun pirate theme count and graph will delight your kids as they color AND learn about graphs!

Pictograph Graphing Worksheets

What is your favorite water activity? How about your favorite toy? Our pictograph graphing worksheets take fun topics and ask your students to read the raw data and create pictographs. Each picture graph worksheet has clear instructions for your students to follow. When they are done, they will have a complete view of the data.

Favorite Water Activity Pictograph Worksheet

Your students will work on their counting, reading, writing and graphing skills as they complete this fun Favorite Water Activity pictograph.

Favorite Toy Pictograph Worksheet

Pictographs are a fun and creative way to show data in a graphing form. You and your students will enjoy this educational and fun graphing worksheet.

Favorite 3D Shape Pictograph Worksheet

This single-page pictograph worksheet is great for math centers, early finishers and homework and more. Your students will work on their math skills as they complete the graph.

Dot Plot Graphing Worksheets

Dot Plot graphing is similar to scatter plot. Students mark a dot or an x to represent each number on the grid below. Once all dots are added to the chart, a visual picture emerges of the data. This is a great data visualization tool for young students to watch their data points turn into a digestable format.

Candy Bars Dot Plot Graphing Worksheet

Dot plot graphs will teach your students how to show the data in a clear way. They will learn to compare and contrast, find matching numbers, count, number sequence and more!

Coins Collected Dot Plot Graphing Worksheet

This Coins Collected Dot Plot Graphing Worksheet will have your students reading and answering questions about the the completed graph. It is a great way to help your students learn the parts of graphs.

Dolphins Swimming Dot Plot Graphing Worksheet

How many dolphins did the students see on their tour? Your students will take the data and graph it on this fun dot plot graphing worksheet, making it a hit with you and your students as they learn more about graphs.

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Line Graph Graphing Worksheets

Line graph worksheets are a great way to show data. Your students will learn to read, make, and understand them throughout their years of schooling. Now is a great time to get them started. Our line graph worksheets are fun and inviting, letting your students enjoy math as their gain knowledge of graphs.

Bugs Line Graph Worksheet

Your students will work on reading, understanding tally marks, writing, creating line graphs and more with this fun Bugs Line Graph worksheet.

Plants Line Graph Worksheet

Our Plants in the Arboretum Lone Graph worksheet will be a great addition to your math centers as well as homework packs.

Occupation Line Graph Worksheet

This Favorite Occupation Line Graph worksheet will help your students learn to read and answer questions from line graphs.

Bar Graph Graphing Worksheets

Graphing is an important tool for mathematics. These bar graph worksheets will help your students learn comparing, sorting, counting, organizing, and analyzing. Our worksheets are great for teaching graphing for kindergarten and helping your students get a head start in math.

Favorite Bird Bar Graph Worksheet

Bar graphs help us look at data in a visual way. This worksheet will help your students learn to fill in and see what data looks like on a bar graph.

Favorite Snack Bar Graph Worksheet

Which snack has the most votes? How many votes were cast in all? Your students will need to read the bar graph to answer these and other questions.

Favorite Costume Bar Graph Worksheet

Now that your students know the pieces to bar graphs, use this graphing worksheet to teach them how to fill them out with the data provided.

Pie Graph Graphing Worksheets

Your students will learn about the parts-to-whole relationship as they work through these pie graphing worksheets. They are a great way to help your students learn about percentages in a visual way. Pie charts help your students see great than, less than, and equal to in a clear way.

Summer Treat Pie Chart Graphing Worksheet

Who doesn’t love a summer treat? Your students will learn how to read pie graphs to answer the questions on this single-page, cute, pie chart graphing worksheet!

Favorite Dinner Pie Chart Graphing Worksheet

This Favorite Dinner Pie Chart will help your students see a visual representation of data, helping them correlate the size of the piece to the portion of the pie chart.

Favorite Drink Pie Chart Graphing Worksheet

Now that your students have learned the pieces that make up a pie graph, they get to try their hand at filling out questions and the chart with the data they have been given.

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