Spanish Alphabet Chart

Spanish Alphabet charts for kids! Students will practice their Spanish alphabet with a variety of colorful pictures to reference. Adorable cartoon objects are included, each one representing a letter of the alphabet. Children will learn how to easily pronounce each letter. For more elementary printables take a look at our Preschool Curriculum Bundle today!

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Chart

This pack of Spanish school charts are broken up into five sections. A set of flashcards that include a cute cartoon picture representing each letter of the alphabet. The next set shows the English alphabet above Spanish words that start with each letter of the alphabet. The third set shows students how to pronounce the Spanish vowels. The fourth set breaks down how to pronounce each letter. The final set will give another variation to help students pronounce each Spanish letter.

Alphabet Chart Spanish 

Each set of these Spanish pocket charts has a colored and black and white version. Give your students the opportunity to color their own pictures on the black and white cards. Have your students practice their cutting skills by giving them safety scissors and they can practice cutting in a straight line.

Alphabet Chart in Spanish 

Teachers! If you are looking to make these flashcards last longer just laminate the printables before cutting. This will make the Spanish phonetic charts durable and waterproof. Kids can practice memorization alone, with a classmate, or with a parent. If you are looking for more free Spanish printables take a look at our Spanish Charts.

Spanish Alphabet Charts

Spanish Chart A-Z Black & White With Objects 

Students can cut of these Spanish anchor charts, mix them up, and then practice re-organizing them to be in alphabetical order. This will challenge children’s memorization skills.

Spanish Chart A-Z Color With Objects 

Here is the colored version of the Spanish alphabet chart. These colorful foreign language charts make great educational classroom decorations.

Spanish Chart A-Z Black & White Without Objects 

Our FREE printable Spanish alphabet charts are easily printed and used with little to no teacher instruction. This is a great independent working activity for students.

Spanish Chart A-Z Color Without Objects 

This is an alphabet chart in Spanish. The Spanish alphabet chart is a great way to introduce your students to a new language. They can ease into the Spanish language by starting with the alphabet.

Spanish Vowel Chart Black & White

This free Spanish alphabet chart will break down each sound of the vowels. Showing students how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet.

Spanish Vowel Chart Colored

Each vowel has a colorful picture that starts with each vowel. Featured are the letters a, e, i, o, and u with a rainbow, star, iguana, bear, and grape.

Spanish Pronunciation Chart Black & White

This is a black-and-white Spanish pronunciation chart for your students to reference and learn from. This chart includes the Spanish alphabet and English pronunciation for each letter.

Spanish Pronunciation Chart Color

This is the colored version of the Spanish pronunciation chart. This chart can be kept whole and hung on the wall or distributed for students to take home. They can also cut up the squares and practice correctly organizing them.

Spanish Pronunciation Chart Black & White

This is another variation of how to pronounce each Spanish letter. This chart further breaks down how to correctly sound out each letter.

Spanish Pronunciation Chart Color

Students can sing their Spanish alphabet while using this pronunciation chart. This Spanish pronunciation chart will be an easy reference for your students to make sure they are correctly learning the Spanish alphabet.

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