Counting Money Worksheets

Free Money Worksheets for kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students. These free printable worksheets will help your students build an understanding of coin recognition, coin value, addition, subtraction, skip counting, place value, and more. For even more math worksheets and activities, check out our Kindergarten Math Curriculum.

Counting Money Worksheet

Money math worksheets provide kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students with a variety of free printable decimal place value worksheets. Use these worksheets to show how to make change, identify coins, and so much more! Check out our Hundreds Chart Printables for even more math fun!

Money Worksheet

Use these worksheets during small group, whole group, or independent learning activities. Your students will love learning all about money with these engaging PDF worksheets. Teaching students how to budget and make change early on, is so very important!

Money Counting Worksheets

Get the most from these money worksheets for kids when you print and laminate or place the pages into a sheet protector. This gives students the ability to use them over and over again. This also lets multiple students use the same worksheet without using even more paper. Want to send these pages home as extra practice or homework? Bind the printed pages into a “book” for students to practice their money-counting skills at home. They are sure to love it! Head on over to our Skip counting Drills to provide your students with a variety of skip counting practice.

Kindergarten Money Worksheets

These beginner money worksheets will ask students to draw the least amount of coins needed to purchase each of the items on the page. Students will use addition, subtraction, and skip counting, to complete these counting money worksheets!

Match the Value Money Worksheets

Kindergarten match the value worksheets help students identify how many coins are needed to pay for each item.

Free Kindergarten Money Worksheets

Identify and decide how much money is needed for each item with this engaging worksheet.

Money Worksheets for Kindergarten

Your kindergarten students will love using coins to create payments in increments of 25 and 10.

First-Grade Money Worksheets

In these first grade money worksheets students will be counting money and finding the total amount and comparing total coin amounts. Students will use addition, multiplication, and skip counting strategies to complete these worksheets.

Worksheets to Compare Money

Grab this free comparing money worksheet to use with your first graders. It promotes coin recognition, addition, and subtraction skills.

First Grade Compare Money Worksheets

Free comparing money activity pages make learning all about money in first grade super fun. Check them out now!

Comparing Money Worksheets

Want your students to practice greater and less than? Using money to teach greater and less than can be fun when you incorporate this page into your next lesson.

First-Grade Money Worksheets

Free first grade money worksheets give students the opportunity to identify how much money is shown.

Counting Money Worksheets

Count your money with this fun first-grade math worksheet. Free and super easy to use!

Money Counting Worksheets Grade 1

No-prep money counting worksheets for first grade are Sur to please all your students with this activity!

Free First Grade Money Worksheets

Want to add a quick money-counting activity to your morning work or small group practice? This counting money worksheet is pref

Money Counting Worksheets

Add and recognize the different coins with this engaging first-grade worksheet. It’s super easy and oh so fun!

Printable Counting Money Worksheets

Add and skip count with this counting money activity page. Students will love working on their addition and skip counting skills!

Second Grade Money Worksheets

Your second graders will love these making change with coins math worksheets. They were created to get your students thinking, “Do I have enough money?” while also challenging them to find out how much change is needed. This is a great way for young students to practice subtraction in a clear and concise way.

Making Change Worksheets

Making change has never been more fun or easier! Students will make change from $1 with this worksheet.

Change Making Worksheets

Free printable change-making worksheets for second grade promote solid subtraction skills and money identification skills.

Change from $1 Worksheets

Get your students involved in making change with dimes. This activity is super engaging and provides students with a ton of subtraction practice.

Change Making Worksheets

Printable making change worksheets provide a variety of opportunities for students to subtract from $1. This worksheet gives students a ton of subtraction practice.

Making Change Worksheets

Make change using these worksheets. Students will subtract the amount of money needed for each item from $1. Then identify the change needed.

Giving Back Change Worksheets

Free printable change worksheets promote subtraction skills. Students will practice giving change back after subtracting from $1.

Counting Money Worksheets

Before your students are able to add, subtract, multiply and skip count with coins, they will need to know the denomination of each coin. These charts and worksheets will help your students get there. From a coin value chart to testing their recognition, these are a great first step!

Coin Value Chart

This is a free printable coin value chart that shows a picture of the coin, coin name, and coin value.

Coin Recognition Worksheets

Students use visual discrimination skills to count and report the number of each U.S. coin.

Coin Value Worksheet

Students write the value of each coin pictured. Coins are presented in black and white.

Coin Coloring Worksheet

Students will be asked to follow directions as they find and color each coin, using the color key, with this kindergarten money worksheet.

Coin Sorting Worksheet

This kindergarten worksheet is great for both individual and group time. Don’t have real coins? Have them cut out the ones they colored on the previous worksheet!

Coin Graphing Worksheet

This worksheet will have your students putting data into a bar graph as they count the amount of each coin.

Piggy Bank It Game Worksheet

The Piggy Bank Game will have your students working together and having fun as they add and subtract coins from the bank.

Counting Pennies Worksheets

Students will use these addition and worksheets to find out how many pennies there are. These free printable money counting worksheets are a great way to start them on the road to counting money.

Counting Pennies Worksheet

This is a free printable worksheet for students learning about counting pennies.

Matching Pennies Worksheet

Students count and match the pennies to the coin value with this kindergarten money worksheet.

Addition with Pennies Worksheet

Students work on beginning addition skills with this free addition pennies worksheet.

Subtracting Pennies Worksheet

Students will add the amount of pennies together to get the numbers they need to divide with this money math worksheet.

Counting Pennies Maze

Free printable penny maze makes differentiating between pennies and other coins fun and easy! Follow the pennies through the maze to the other side!

Count & Color Penny Worksheet

Free count and color worksheets help students to learn how to count coins. This worksheet can be used to identify how many coins it would take to pay for each item.

Counting Nickels Worksheets

Students will level up their math skills with these money math worksheets. How will they find the answer depends on if you are working on skip counting or through multiplication and addition. Great for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade!

Counting Nickles Worksheet

This counting money worksheet will your students counting the nickels by addition, skip counting or multiplication.

Matching Nickles Worksheet

This counting money, matching worksheet is great for kindergarteners through 2nd grade.

Addition with Nickles Worksheet

Now that your students can figure out how to skip count by 5, they can add the two coin amounts together to get a total!

Subtracting Nickels Worksheet

Students will practice their subtraction skills as they figure out the minuend and subtrahend by skip counting with this free worksheet.

Counting Nickels Maze

Free counting nickels maze provides students with the opportunity to identify nickels. This worksheet is free and promotes coin recognition and coin counting.

Count & Color Nickels Worksheet

Count and color the correct amount of money with this engaging worksheet. Students will color the correct amount of pickles it takes to reach the desired amount of money.

Counting Dimes Worksheets

Now that your students have mastered counting nickels, it is time for the dimes. These worksheets will have them working on addition, subtraction, skip counting by 10 as well as multiplying, all in one sheet.

Counting Dimes Worksheet

Students can use addition, skip counting or multiplication to solve this dime counting worksheet

Matching Dimes Worksheet

This free money counting worksheet will have students adding the dimes together and drawing a line to the answer.

Addition with Dimes Worksheet

Students will need to find the addends before being able to find the total sum with this money counts worksheet.

Subtracting Dimes Worksheet

This money counting worksheet will have students adding dimes together to find the total before subtracting.

Counting Dimes Maze

Your students will follow the dimes through this maze to reach the end. This maze helps students recognize the different coins.

Count & Color Dimes Worksheet

After reading the amount of money needed to buy an item, students will color in the coins needed to pay for each item.

Counting Quarters Worksheets

These counting quarters worksheets a great way to help your students with the next step in counting money. Your students will build skills in: following directions, skip counting by 25, addition, fractions and multiplication.

Counting Quarters Worksheet

Students will learn to count in multiples of 25 as they count the quarters with this printable money worksheet.

Matching Quarters Worksheet

This money counting worksheet will have your students matching the sum with the correct set of quarters.

Addition with Quarters Worksheet

There are many ways to find the answer to the problems, which makes it a great kindergarten through 2nd great, counting worksheet.

Quarter Subtraction Worksheet

After finding the sum of the groups of quarters, students will use their subtraction skills to solve this money counting worksheet.

Counting Quarters Maze

Students will love using a bingo dabber to follow the quarter through this maze. Coin recognition made fun and easy!

Count & Color Quarters Worksheet

Once students read the price of each item, students will color in the correct amount of quarters to pay for the item. This worksheet promotes addition and skip counting skills.

Counting Mixed Coin Worksheets

Now that your students have a grasp on the value of coins, you can take them to the next level with these money math counting, mixed coin worksheets. They vary from kindergarten to 2nd grade level. You and your students will profit from these free, printable worksheets.

Counting Nickels, Pennies & Dimes Worksheet

With this free printable money counting worksheet, students will be asked to group coins together to make sets of fifteen with dimes, quarters and nickels.

Counting Nickels, Pennies & Dimes Worksheet

Students will need to find all the groups of 10¢ with nickels, dimes and pennies, with this kindergarten money counting worksheet.

Counting Nickels, Pennies & Dimes, Colored Worksheet

Students will use their knowledge of coins and addition to circle groups of 10¢ with this money counting worksheet.

Counting Dimes, Nickels & Pennies Worksheet

With this money counting worksheet, students will add multiple denominations together to find the total sum.

Counting Quarters & Pennies Worksheet

Students will first need to find the total value of each set before adding them together in this free money counting worksheet.

Counting Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, & Pennies Worksheet

With this free money counting worksheet, your students will use their knowledge of the coins value to find the answer.

Counting Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies Worksheet

After finding the answer with this multi coin, money counting worksheet, they will match it to the correct answer.

Adding Dimes and Quarters Worksheet

Students will skip count quarters and dimes to find the answer with this 1st and 2nd grade money counting worksheet.

Adding Quarters and Nickels Worksheet

Nickels and quarters need to be added together to find the answer with this money counting worksheet.

Adding Dimes and Nickels Worksheet

This worksheet will have your students adding nickels and dimes together on one full sized money counting worksheet.

What is the Price, Money, Color Worksheet

Students will work on adding the change up to find the cost of the toys with this fun coloring math worksheet.

What is the Price, Money, Color Worksheet

This fun, free printable money worksheet combines math and coloring as students find out how much each toy costs.

Backwards Math, Snack, Coin Worksheet

With this money math worksheet, students will be asked to color in the coins needed to get to the listed total of the snack items.

Backwards Math, Toy, Coin Worksheet

This money worksheet will have students working backwards from the total price by coloring in the coins needed to reach the total price.

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