3D Shape BINGO

FREE 3D Shape BINGO printables for kids! These 3d shape BINGO cards are a great activity for young students who are beginning to learn their shapes. The 3d shape bingo printables will have 28 different shapes for your students to learn. If you are looking for more shape activities try our printable Shape of the Week Program today!

3D Shape BINGO Free

Our 3d shape bingo pdfs have colorful 3d shapes to keep students engaged in the game. Shape recognition is a great geometry skill for all children to learn. With the interactive 3d shape bingo game students will learn while having fun!

3d Shape BINGO Card 1

Students can use a variety of different objects to cover up each of their shapes that is called out. For example they can use tangrams or miscellaneous game pieces.

3d Shape BINGO Card 2

By using these 3d bingo mats, students will practice a variety of different skills. They will practice listening, following directions, and shape recognition.

3d Shapes BINGO Card 3

These bingo printables can also be great road trip games to keep your students busy. If using in the car students can use stickers to cover up each of their spaces, this way they don’t fall off during the trip.

3D Shape BINGO Free Printable

Teachers! If you are looking for a way to make your free 3d shape bingo pdfs last longer, try lamination. After printing all of the bingo mats just laminate the pages to make them more durable and water proof. The same thing can be done with the calling cards, just laminate before cutting. For more FREE shapes activities try our Preschool Shapes Worksheets.

3d Shape BINGO Card 4

The 3d shape bingo free printables show all the different sides that a shape can have. Each shape will be slightly transparent to give the 3-D effect.

3d Shape BINGO Card 5

Have students count each of the sides of the different shapes, this will help with their counting skills and shape recognition skills.

3d Shape BINGO Card 6

Take a break from every day learning and make learning fun with our new 3d shape bingo activity. Students will have a blast playing bingo while learning their shapes.

3D Shape BINGO Printable

To play this shapes bingo game teachers will pass out a bingo mat to each of the students. Then they will cut out the calling cards and mix them up, calling one card at a time giving students time to cover up the correct shape. Keep calling out new cards until a student gets 5 shapes in a row. To continue the leaning fun, print our FREE Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten!

3d Shape BINGO Card 7

With the 15 different arrangements of bingo shapes your students will have many options when playing, this way they will never get board.

3d Shape BINGO Card 8

3d shapes bingo can also be used independently by students. Children can draw their own calling cards for the group and then place their piece on the correct shape.

3d Shape BINGO Card 9

Pennies and other coins are great resources to use as game pieces to place on each shape. The star in the middle is a free space for students.

3d Shape BINGO Card 10

By having the correct shape name on each of the calling card pieces, students will better remember what correct name goes to what correct shape.

3d Shape BINGO Card 11

Color recognition is also a tactic used to help students brains recognize the correct names with the correct shapes. Each of the shapes will have the same consistent color so students do not become confused.

3d Shape BINGO Card 12

After playing the shape bingo game, encourage students to see these geometric shapes in the world around them. This will help cement the 3d shape recognition knowledge.

3d Shape BINGO Card 13

After calling out the 3d shape calling card have students repeat the calling card back to you. This verbal recognition paired with visual recognition is a great way to cement knowledge.

3d Shape BINGO Card 14

Understanding 3D shapes helps students develop spatial awareness, enabling them to visualize and manipulate objects in three dimensions.

3d Shape BINGO Card 15

As students progress in their education, a solid understanding of 3D shapes becomes essential for more advanced mathematical concepts, including geometry and trigonometry.

3d Shape BINGO Card 16

Here is the set of colorful and easy to cut out calling cards for teachers and students to use when playing the 3d shape bingo game.

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