Number Charts

FREE Number Charts for students practicing counting their numbers. Children will learn all numbers 1-100 with our huge variety of number tables. Students will also practice proper sequencing of numbers and how to properly write them. If you need more elementary-level math printables, teachers can use our Interactive Math: Kindergarten worksheets!

What is a Number Chart for Math?

A number chart for preschoolers is a visual representation of the numbers 1 to 100. It’s really a helpful tool for teaching young children about numbers and counting. A number chart typically includes each number from 1 to 100 and arranged in a grid or table format.

How Do You Read a Number Chart?

It’s really simple to read a number chart but as teachers, we want to be thorough in helping kids understand important math concepts at an early age. Kinds want to identify the numbers, locate and target number, trace a number, count a number, or practice counting, skip counting, and basic addition and subtraction. For example, to count by fives, start at 5 and trace the row until you reach 100.

Why Do We Use Number Charts?

Using a number chart can help preschoolers and kindergarteners develop number sense, understand patterns, and number relationships. Number charts are great for practice counting, skip-counting, and basic addition and subtraction.

Math Charts

This set of free printable number charts includes 16 different charts for your student to memorize including our 120 Chart resource! There are short sets of numbers broken down into tens for students to practice piece by piece. Some cute caterpillar number sequences are included for students to practice their sets of 20.

Blank Number Chart

This is a blank black and white 1-100 number chart that allows your students to try and write down all their numbers from memory. Use it over and over again by sliding it in a sheet protector or laminate it. Use erasable markers for recycling purposes.

Number Chart

These printable number charts 1-100 are a great way for students to pass the time while waiting for others to finish testing. They can tape the charts to the top of their desks for easy referencing.

Black and White Number Chart

This black-and-white missing numbers chart gives your students the chance to be detectives and figure out what numbers are missing! Have fun and color in the boxes too! Elementary students also get to use this chart to fill in the spaces for numbers 1-100.

Number Charts 1-100

Teachers — give your students some number stickers or number tiles to place over each number as they count to help them in the memorization process.

Number Chart 1-100

For another fun math task have students color each of the odd and even numbers in different colors to practice number recognition.

Number Chart to 100

Teachers can easily print up any one of these number charts to use in the classroom or to give to students to take home. These make great bulletin board posts for the classroom. Students will be able to easily look up when needing to remember the order of a number. If you are needing more FREE number-related worksheets for your children check out our Ordinal Numbers Worksheets today!

Animal Number Chart

This adorable counting chart helps your students memorize numbers 1-10. There are adorable animals next to each number to give your students a visual to better understand how large a number is.

Cute Number Chart

Number placement charts will help students understand what place to put each number. These cute dogs can be cut out for students to place in the correct order.

Caterpillar Number Chart

Laminate this set of caterpillar numbers before cutting out to ensure a longer-lasting time. It will also make the number sequences water and crinkle-proof.

1-100 Number Chart

This is a colorful set of tractors, each crate has its own number. Students can cut out each crate and practice ordering the crates in the correct order.

Math Printables

Number Charts are available in both black and white as well as in color. The chart printables can have blank spaces for students to practice filling in the correct number. There are also completely filled charts for students to memorize. If your younger elementary students are needing some more math printables try our FREE Kindergarten Comparing Numbers Worksheets! Anchor text to Related Internal Content.

Colorful Number Chart 1-100

Students can use a variety of different art supplies to fill in the blank squares. For example you could use colored pencils, markers, water colors, or dab-n-dot paint pens.

Colorful Number Chart

This is a colorful partially empty numbers chart. A number drill chart is the perfect counting activity for your younger elementary children.

Rainbow Number Chart

This is a number chart that has some colorful blocking but no numbers. This will be the chart you can give your students as a final test to see if they have truly memorized their numbers 1-100. Use laminated or protective pages for continuous use.

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Number Chart

Give your students a marker dark enough to show through these colorful boxes. Students can number the squares in vertical or horizontal order. In addition, you can laminate or page protect this chart for recycling and repurposing.

Filled in Number Chart

This is a fully filled-in number chart with numbers 1-100. Give this chart to students for them to take home and magnet to their fridge. This is great for counting, skip counting, tracing, and more!

Simple Number Chart

Color number chart for kids! Children can work in groups to fill in these columns of empty boxes with the correct ordinal numbers.

Number 1-100 Chart

Cut up this set of 1-100 numbers and put them in a pile all mixed up. Then set a stopwatch and have the children try to put all the numbers in the correct order as fast as possible.

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