Family Tree Craft

Our Family Tree Crafts provide toddlers, preschool, and elementary students with a creative cut-and-paste family art project. Using this free printable DIY paper template, your students will show off their creativity, improve fine motor control, and create a beautiful work of art! These family tree crafts make the perfect projects for your students to complete when working on generation projects and learning about family types. Continue to improve fine motor skills with our Fine Motor Holiday Bundle.

Preschool Family Tree Craft

Our free printable PDF project, Family Tree Crafts, is a creative and fun family art project for kids that incorporates the art of cut and paste. This DIY activity allows children to design and create their own family tree artwork to display in their classroom or on the fridge at home. It’s easy to follow and includes all the templates needed for a personalized touch in each design. Let your family’s creativity run wild with this engaging and interactive activity that will surely bring everyone together.

How to Make a Family Tree Arts and Crafts

Creating family tree arts and crafts projects is a wonderful way to explore and celebrate your family history. Gather and print your favorite family tree craft templates, markers, scissors, and glue to start. Begin by designing the tree trunk and branches using brown paper, then cut out the leaf, apple, oval, etc… shapes from green paper. Write the names of family members on each leaf and their relationship to you. Take it another step further, cut out photos of each family member, and glue them onto the corresponding shape. Arrange the leaves on the branches of the tree to showcase your family connections. Get creative by adding personal touches like drawings or decorative elements. The end result will be a beautiful and meaningful representation of your family’s heritage.

Toddler Family Tree Craft

The following craft projects are designed for toddlers. Each design is simple and easy to complete. The designs include immediate family. This keeps the concept of a family tree simple and easy to understand for young students.

Hand Family Tree Craft

Our hand craft tree is the perfect addition to any toddler curriculum. This activity involves tracing, cutting, and pasting! All things fine motor – just perfect for your toddler-aged students!

Cut & Paste with 5 Leaves

Want to get your toddlers to improve their cutting skills? Try this adorable cut-and-paste family tree. The leaves are intricate shapes supporting optimal scissor skill growth and development.

Coloring Page Family Tree: Immediate Family

Coloring is an important developmental skill for toddlers to practice. This free, printable PDF features these skills!

Basic Family Tree Cut Paste Activity with Flower

Practice name writing and improve fine motor control (color, write, cut) with this adorable flower family tree. The leaves are shaped like flowers and your students will be excited to show off their creativity!

Basic Family Tree Cut Paste Activity with Hearts

Write, color, cut, and paste with this family tree craft. This tree features heart-shaped leaves and an easy to create design – perfect for your toddlers!

Basic Family Tree Cut Paste Activity with Apples

Get your toddlers engaged in fine motor control activities with this cut-and-paste basic family tree craft. Simply write your family names on the apples, color them, cut them out, and paste them on the tree.

Family Tree Craft Ideas

Engaging in craft activities like family tree arts and crafts projects offers numerous benefits for your students. Firstly, it fosters creativity and self-expression, allowing students to explore their artistic abilities and experiment with different materials and techniques. These projects also provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about one’s family history and strengthen familial bonds by involving multiple generations. The process of cutting, pasting, and creating can help improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, especially in younger students. These well-designed craft activities can also promote communication and conversation within the family, as members share stories and memories while working on the project together. Check out our Family Tree Templates for even more family tree fun and learning.

Preschool Family Tree Craft

The below activities provide students in preschool a variety of opportunities to learn and craft about their family tree. These activities go back 3 generations.

Hand Family Tree Craft

A cute family tree craft for kids! This hand craft gives your students a chance to trace and cut out their hands to create branches.

Cut and Paste with Multiple Leaves

Add your family members (up to three generations) to this multiple-leaf tree. Your students will work on fine motor and scissor control while having a great time!

Coloring Page Family Tree 3 Generations

Grab your genealogy books! This craft is going to get your students talking about the past! Your family members can be added to the three-generation tree while engaging in fine motor activities like writing and coloring!

Family Tree 3 Generation Activity with Flowers

Flowering trees with three generations of family members! Your students can write family members’ names on the flowers and add them to the tree to show their bloodlines.

Family Tree 3 Generation Activity with Heart

Give your students the opportunity to create a beautify family tree craft using heart shaped leaves. This tree craft is free and easy to use.

Family Tree 3 Generation Activity with Apples

Preschool family tree with three generations of apples to write on! This craft is adorable and so fun for your young students to make!

Craft Family Tree

Using our family tree craft activities is a simple and enjoyable process. Start by downloading and printing out the free printable PDFs of your choice. Gather all the necessary materials, such as scissors, glue, markers, and construction paper. Then, follow the provided instructions to create the tree trunk, branches, and leaves using the templates. Customize each leaf by writing the names of family members and their relationships. Feel free to cut out photos of each family member and glue them onto the corresponding leaf. Arrange the leaves on the tree branches, and color or decorate the background (if you so choose). Learning about one’s self and family is an important part of a child’s growth. Our All About Me Templates help your students to learn more about themself as well as showcase their abilities to the world!

Kindergarten Family Tree Craft

Kindergarten students can go back four generations with these engaging family tree activities and crafts. They were designed with your kindergarten students in mind!

Hand Family Tree Craft

This hand craft template features leaves, a trunk, and cute apples to decorate the tree with. The only thing missing? Your students’ hands act the branches!

Cut & Paste with Multiple Leaves

Check out our adorable, printable cut-and-paste family tree. This craft gives students the ability to document and create a family tree with up to 4 generations.

Coloring Page Family Tree: 4 Generations

Our 4-generation family tree coloring page is a great addition to any homework assignment. this worksheet is sure to get your students’ families chatting about the past and maybe even the future.

Family Tree 4 Generation Activity with Flowers

Here’s a four-generation flowering tree. This tree features adorable flowers for your family members’ names.

Family Tree 4 Generations Activity with Hearts

Add all of your family members to this adorable family tree craft using heart-shaped leaves. Color, write, cut, and paste.

Family Tree 4 Generations Activity with Apples

Improving fine motor skills and learning bout your family just got way more fun! Check out this adorable apple family tree with four generations of names that can be added!

Elementary Family Tree Craft

Learning about family trees/generations in your homeschool or classroom this year? Check out these elementary family tree crafts and activities. They provide your elementary students with a variety of learning and engaging creative opportunities.

Hand Family Tree Craft

Create a cute tree out of your hand then incorporate up to 5 generations of family members using the apples. Easy to cut and adorable to make!

Cut and Paste with Multiple Leaves

Cut out the tree and leaves, add 5 generations worth of names, photos, etc… and you’ve got the cutest cut-and-paste family tree! Color, cut, and paste!

Coloring Page Family Tree: 5 Generations

5 generations are included in this family tree closing page. Add your students’ names at the bottom and have them work their way up from there. This cooking page is sure to get some family conversations started!

Family Tree 5 Generation Activity with Flower

This flowering tree will be a beautiful masterpiece once completed with 5 generations of family members. Simple color, write, cut, and paste!

Family Tree 5 Generation Activity with Heart

This tree features adorable hearts for the leaves. This heart tree makes an adorable talking piece at the next family function or school conference.

H4 HeadFamily Tree 5 Generation Activity with Apple

Grab your scissors, glue, and colored pencils because this 5-generation apple tree is about to get creative! Check out the easy-to-complete design!

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