3D Shapes Worksheets

3D Shape Worksheets for free! Our 3D Shape Worksheet PDFs contain games, activities, tracing, and coloring pages for primary students in grades k, 1, and 2. Students practice geometry skills hands-on using three-dimensional shape recognition and creation. With over 20 pages of printable PDF worksheets, our low-prep shape activities coordinate perfectly with our Fine Motor Shape Bundle.

Color by 3D Shapes

These free three-dimensional shapes worksheets provide educators in both classroom and homeschool settings with a wealth of activities to engage primary students. With games, tracing exercises, descriptive tasks, matching activities, and more, it offers a versatile range of tools to reinforce understanding. Help your students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, 3D and 2D shape recognition, and more!

3D Shapes Color by Solid

Can you identify what real-life objects contain which three-dimensional shapes? This worksheet supports your primary students with this task.

3D Shapes Color by See Through Solid

Free, printable color by 3D shape worksheets for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. A fun and simple way to recognize 3D shapes.

3D Shapes Color by Realistic Solid

3D shapes color by shape is a fun way to engage students in three-dimensional shape recognition. Each shape is linked to a color and there are corresponding real-life objects for students to recognize and color.

3D Shape Names

These 3D shapes worksheets can be seamlessly integrated into both classroom and homeschool settings throughout the day. During morning circle time, educators can introduce a new 3D shape each day, engaging students in descriptive activities. In math centers, tracing exercises allow students to practice drawing and identifying shapes. Games can be incorporated into small group activities, while art time can involve using worksheets as references for creating 3D shape sculptures. Matching activities can also be included during small group instruction, independent practice, or as formative assessments. Check out our 3D Shape Charts for more 3D shape naming fun!

3D Shapes Properties

Can three-dimensional shapes roll, slide, or stack? This free printable worksheet gives students the opportunity to think about these actions and decide what each shape can do.

3D Shape Attributes

How many faces, vertices, and edges does each three-dimensional shape have? Your students will find out using this shape attributes worksheet.

3D Shape Attributes

Describe the different attributes that 3D shapes contain. Using mathematical vocabulary like face, edge, and vertices are important for your students to know and understand.

Recognize 3D Shapes

Educators can start by using descriptive activities to introduce the characteristics of different 3D shapes before moving on to hands-on tracing exercises. The resource’s games promote collaboration and critical thinking while matching activities help students link 2D shapes to their corresponding 3D counterparts. Worksheets also facilitate tracking of individual progress. Overall, this comprehensive resource enhances learning by providing interactive and targeted activities that support primary students’ grasp of 3D shapes.

3D Shape Matching Solids

Match each three-dimensional shape with a realistic picture of that shape. Cut and past to build fine motor skills while practicing geometry.

3D Shape Matching See Through Solids

This is a free, printable cut-and-paste matching activity. Match each 3D shape with the description of faces, vertices, and edges.

3D Shape Matching Realistic Solids

Match each 3D shape with a real-life object. A cone in real life looks like a party hat and a cylinder is a toilet paper roll!

3D Shape Nets

3D shape nets are flattened versions of each 3D shape. Free for classroom and homeschool use!

3D Shape Realistic Solids

Match each flat shape with its realistic 3D shape. This gives students the opportunity to see 3D shapes in a variety of ways.

3D Shape Nets See Through Solids

This 3D shape naming activity gives students the flat (or decomposed) version of each 3D shape. Students will need to use their critical thinking skills to decide which shape it is.

Identify 3D Shapes

Identify and draw 3D shapes with his free resource. Grab this free download to get started today!

Name 3D Shapes

Name 3D shapes with ease using this free, printable PDF download. This page is the perfect assessment page for your primary students.

Draw 3D Shapes

Trace these 3D shapes and learn how to draw, recognize, and say each shape’s name. Included are six different 3D shapes.

Compose 3D Shapes

Free, printable 3D composing 3D shape matching activity page. Free download and print options with a variety of skills addressed.

3D Shape Composite

Shape composites provide students with a fun way to describe and “put together” 3D shapes. This is a fun and engaging skill to build in primary classroom settings.

Decompose 3D Shapes

Allow your students to decompose (or take apart) 3D shapes. This is a high-level skill that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills for kindergarten through 1st grade students.

3D Shapes Maze

Practice recognizing 3D shapes with our free Pyramid Maze activity page. Download, print, and play! Laminate or add to a page protector and use with dry erase markers for a reusable resource.

3D Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Free, printable scavenger hunt for 3D shapes. This is a great resource to play in classrooms and outdoor settings!

3D Shapes Spin and Cover

Play our free spin and cover 3D shapes game today! Simply download, print, and play. To play spin a paper clip and cover the corresponding realistic shape.

3D Shape Task Card 1

Build 3D shapes using these four free printable, task cards. These cards promote critical thinking, building, and creativity.

3D Shape Task Card 2

Task card 2 of 3. Build 3D shapes, name them, and improve critical thinking skills with this fun and engaging task card activity.

3D Shape Task Card 3

Our third task card focuses on 3D shape tasks. Build 3D shapes with this free, printable task card.

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