Fall Word Search

Free printable Fall Word Search Puzzles for kids! Your elementary-grade students will have a blast finding the answers to these autumn theme word search puzzles. Featuring structured grade-level fall vocabulary words, these beautiful and engaging seasonal designs are available in full color or black and white. Each PDF download below includes organized and differentiated puzzle levels including Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Easy Fall Word Search Puzzles

Free printable Easy Fall Word Search puzzles for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. With simple word lists of 5-7 fall vocabulary words, these beginner word search activities are a wonderful first introduction for your early elementary students who will build visual discrimination, pattern recognition, memory and attention skills.

Easy Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

This Easy Fall Word Search puzzle features beautiful fall leaf watercolor, providing kids with a fun, educational activity during the autumn season. Students build logic and visual discrimination with this simple search and find.

Word List: fall, tree, wind, apple, and acorn.

Easy Autumn Word Search Puzzle 2

Our large print Fall Word Search activities engage children in learning seasonal vocabulary, which is ideal for homeschooling and elementary classroom settings. Use these words lists with your writing journal prompts for extra practice.

Word List: corn, nuts, scarf, hay, owl

Simple Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

Teaching autumn vocabulary is simple with this printable fall word find, perfect for young learners in school or homeschooling. With a border of beautiful autumn leaves, we recommend you laminate for reuse in a classroom setting.

Word List: brisk, moon, red, woods, seeds, leaf

Simple Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

How cute is this little spider next the the fall sunflower? This Easy Fall Word Search puzzle is perfect for classroom use, providing a fun and educational task for early finishers or anytime you have an extra 5-10 minutes for student activities.

Word List: rake, cool, hike, cider, rain, crow

Beginner Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

This educational Fall Word Search makes a great homework assignment, allowing kids to practice seasonal vocabulary in a fun way. This printable puzzle includes a young student with a maple leaf and includes seven words to find.

Word List: bear, wheat, brown, barn, corn, leaf, apple

Beginning Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

This free printable Fall Word Search is perfect for early elementary kids, making an excellent take-home activity to reinforce seasonal vocabulary. Send this fun printable page as homework and encourage students to bring back a colorful fall puzzle.

Word List: pie, chilly, wind, moon, nuts, fall, crow

Medium Fall Word Search Puzzles

When students are ready to move on to the next level, introduce our free printable medium-level word searches. These printable pages include 8-10 key fall vocabulary words, including compound words for second and third-grade students to search and find. Boost concentration and focus in your classroom with our engaging teaching resources.

Intermediate Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

This free printable Fall Word Search is perfect for kids, featuring 8 words to challenge their vocabulary skills in class. With a beautiful autumn color palette and maple leaves, this page can be placed inside a page protector for reuse.

Word List: hay bale, apple tree, scarecrow, pumpkin, football, game, hayride, leaves.

Intermediate Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

These printable Fall Word Search puzzles include 8 words, making them a helpful resource for homework assignments that enhance kids’ autumn vocabulary. This puzzle includes fall color words and the decorative border features pumpkins, and oak leaves.

Word List: sweater, jacket, pinecone, harvest, orange, brown, green, yellow.

Medium Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

Our medium-level Autumn Word Search printable is ideal for early finishers, providing 2nd and 3rd-grade students with a fun, educational activity while they wait for their classmates to finish. This page includes colorful spots and fall mushrooms alongside fall harvest vocabulary words.

Word List: squash, sunflower, crops, chestnuts, breezy, happy, reap, foggy, squirrel

Medium Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

This black and white medium Fall Word Search puzzle is a simple and quick teaching resource you can print for your elementary kiddos. Featuring 9 key vocab words for students to search and find.

Word List: cornstalk, clouds, branch, turkey, wheat, pumpkins, leaves, jacket, tree stump.

Advanced Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

What is better than a huge BONFIRE on a chilly Fall day? Students will find fall weather related words, sports, autumn activities, and even the months of the year with this printable PDF word search.

Word List: frost, soccer, bonfire, chii, autumn, October, November, September, hiking, candy.

Advanced Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

What do scarves, apple pie, and maple syrup have in common? You guessed it…Fall! It’s scarecrow sweater weather and this word search puzzle is packed with autumn fun.

Word List: scarves, hayride, foliage, apple pie, maple syrup, weather, scarecrow, sunflower, clouds, branch.

Hard Fall Word Search Puzzles

These difficult fall word search puzzles can be quite challenging! Each search and find puzzle includes 12-20 vocabulary words for your fourth and fifth-grade students. Students will search for compound words, adjectives, nouns, and more enriching fall-themed words.

Difficult Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

This pumpkin-themed word search is just right for October! With 12 unique autumn words to find, your 4th and 5th-grade students’ vocabulary will flourish!

Word List: cider, preserves, autumn rain, candy corn, bonfires, gourd, cornucopia, Indian, quilt, festival, foliage, Pilgrims

Difficult Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

Fall is Crunchy! Crunchy apples, crunchy leaves, and even crunchy candy corn! Students find 12 autumn vocabulary words that will have them crackling with joy!

Word List: crunchy, scarecrow, season, equinox, woods, crackling, chili, cornstalks, cobweb, bountiful, hot chocolate, maize.

Hard Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

This educational Fall Word Search is perfect for advanced learners, offering 15 words to find your students are sure to stay busy while building important logic and reasoning skills.

Word List: sweatshirt, harvest, cranberries, chilly, umbrella, autumn, pinecones, county fair, scarecrows, red squirrel, raincoat, deciduous, chestnuts, migrations, gatherings.

Hard Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

It’s hard to find a single thing we don’t like about fall, and this Hard Fall Word Search is filled with 15 words to seek out. This page is great for September or November with lots of family fun included!

Word List: hayrides, carving, season, candy corn, parades, holiday, tailgate, harvesting, quilts, roasting, cornstalks, vibrant, gatherings, equinox, pumpkin pie.

Challenging Fall Word Search Puzzle 1

They’ve solved the easy, the intermediate, and even the hard and difficult word searches, but they are still begging you for more? Try this super challenging fall word search puzzles that include 20 autumn words to find.

Word List: flannels, autumn rain, autumn, cobwebs, duskiness, harvesting, apple orchard, embers, rain boots, firewood, rain coat, harvest festival, hot cider, sweatshirt, preserves, foliage, farmers market, scarecrow, caramel apple, cornstalks.

Challenging Fall Word Search Puzzle 2

If your late elementary students are ready for a challenge, offer them this challenging word search puzzle that is filed with 20 words and give them 10 minutes to find them all!

Word List: cornucopia, season, candy corn, duskiness, sunflowers, Indian, cackling, scarecrows, firewood, tree branch, Pilgrim, cornstalks, football, dried leaves, harvesting, foliage, preserves, harvest moon, squirrels, rain.

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