Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving Word Search puzzles perfect for preschool through second-grade classrooms! Use them to increase problem-solving and reading/spelling skills while engaging students in pencil control. Your students will love the engaging, adorable pages and you’re going to love the leveled designs making differentiation super easy! Grab a copy of our Thanksgiving Activity Pack to continue the fun, fall learning!

Thanksgiving Word Search

Our religious and secular Thanksgiving word search puzzles offer a variety of benefits for students. They help develop problem-solving skills as students search for hidden words within a grid. This encourages critical thinking and boosts cognitive abilities. Additionally, these puzzles improve reading and spelling as students engage with Thanksgiving-themed vocabulary. By searching for words like “pie,” “joyful,” and “thankful,” students can expand their knowledge and enhance their language skills. Moreover, these word search puzzles are designed to be engaging and fun, capturing students’ attention and making the learning experience enjoyable. They serve as valuable educational tools that combine entertainment with learning, fostering a love for exploration and expanding students’ understanding of Thanksgiving traditions and concepts.

Thanksgiving Preschool and Kindergarten Word Search

Our easy Thanksgiving word search puzzles are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. These pages feature a variety of religious and secular fall/Thanksgiving words for students to read, write, spell, and find!

Easy Religious Word Search

This fun and educational worksheet introduces young learners to the concept of Christian Thanksgiving. They will search for words related to their faith while developing their reading skills.

Simple Secular Word Search

Engage preschoolers and kindergarteners with this exciting Thanksgiving puzzle word search worksheet. They will search for Thanksgiving-themed words, enhancing their reading abilities and problem-solving skills.

Large Religious Word Search

Celebrate the colors and beauty of the fall season with this printable word search worksheet. Little ones will search for words associated with autumn while improving their reading fluency and vocabulary.

Large Secular Word Search

This Thanksgiving-themed word search puzzle will provide preschoolers and kindergarteners with an entertaining challenge. They will search for hidden words while sharpening their reading comprehension and concentration abilities.

Medium Secular Word Search

Keep young learners engaged and entertained with this printable Thanksgiving word search worksheet. They will hunt for words related to the Thanksgiving holiday and recognize and spell words too!

Medium Religious Word Search

Reading and Vocabulary Thanksgiving Word Search: Enhance reading comprehension and vocabulary skills with this educational Thanksgiving word search worksheet. Students will expand their word knowledge and reading confidence.

Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

There are many ways to incorporate our Thanksgiving word search worksheets into your teaching routine. These worksheets make great homework assignments as they provide students with a fun way to enhance their vocabulary and problem-solving skills outside the classroom. Similarly, they can be used as morning work to get students focused and engaged for the day ahead. Small groups can also work together to complete the word search puzzles, fostering teamwork and collaboration while learning about Thanksgiving-themed vocabulary. Additionally, these worksheets can be used as independent work, allowing students to practice critical thinking and language skills on their own. Keep the word search fun going when you snag our free Christmas Word Search worksheets as well!

Thanksgiving First Grade Word Search

Your first-grade homeschool or classroom students will enjoy a fun Thanksgiving word search designed especially for their age group. Each worksheet has 8-10 fall-themed words to find. Improve problem-solving skills while having fun!

Medium Religious Word Search

This engaging religious-themed word search puzzle helps first-grade students explore the meaning of Thanksgiving while having fun. Download the free PDF version for easy printing and classroom use.

Medium Secular Word Search

This word search puzzle helps first-grade students explore the meaning of Thanksgiving while having fun. They will search for words to reinforce their religious knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Intermediate Religious Word Search

Get your first-grade students into the Thanksgiving spirit with this fun and challenging word search puzzle. This printable worksheet is a great addition to your Thanksgiving-themed lessons and is free.

Intermediate Secular Word Search

Engage your first-grade students with this religious-themed Thanksgiving word search puzzle in a convenient PDF format. This printable resource is free and ideal for introducing religious concepts while enhancing problem-solving abilities.

Advanced Secular Word Search

Students will search for words like “tradition,” “friends,” and “America” to reinforce their secular understanding of Thanksgiving. This printable resource is free and ideal for introducing first-grade students to engaging word searches.

Advanced Religious Word Search

Combine Thanksgiving excitement and problem-solving skills with this interactive word search puzzle for first-grade students. Students will enhance their reading abilities while immersing themselves in the festive atmosphere.

Thanksgiving Word Searches

To maximize the use of our Thanksgiving word search worksheets, consider implementing a few practical strategies. One effective technique is to use page protectors or laminate the worksheets, allowing them to be reused year after year. This not only saves resources but also allows students to revisit the puzzles and reinforce their learning. Another suggestion is to pair the word search activity with additional exercises, such as having students write sentences using the identified words or engage in discussions about Thanksgiving-related themes. This helps to reinforce comprehension and deepen their understanding of the vocabulary. Consider incorporating a timed challenge to make the word search more interactive for older students to be competitive, motivating students to sharpen their problem-solving skills. Check out our Easter Word Searches for even more holiday learning fun!

Thanksgiving Second Grade Word Search

Perfect for your second-grade students, these word search puzzles make learning about Thanksgiving fun and exciting! Students will improve spelling and reading fluency with these engaging worksheets.

Hard Religious Word Search

Join in on the Thanksgiving excitement with this engaging word search puzzle! Second-grade students will learn about Thanksgiving traditions. This activity is a fantastic way to improve vocabulary, and problem-solving skills.

Hard Secular Word Search

Calling all second-grade word search enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a Thanksgiving feast adventure. Students will sharpen their spelling abilities and practice critical thinking skills. Who will be the first to find all the delicious words?

Difficult Religious Word Search

As autumn leaves fall, so does the excitement for Thanksgiving! In this word search puzzle, second-grade students will uncover words related to the bountiful harvest season. This educational activity promotes problem-solving skills, and vocabulary development.

Difficult Secular Word Search

Explore the rich history and traditions of Thanksgiving with this interactive word search puzzle. Second-grade students will learn about the customs associated with this special holiday. Engage in holiday-themed wordplay and enhance vocabulary skills at the same time!

Challenging Secular Word Search

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude. This word search puzzle will encourage second-grade students to encourage a spirit of appreciation and positivity while honing problem-solving skills and expanding their vocabulary. Who can discover all the words of thanks?

Challenging Religious Word Search

Your second-grade students will search for words like “Mayflower,” “gobble,” and “thankful” while learning about the history of Thanksgiving. This activity combines fun with educational exploration, fostering problem-solving skills and historical understanding.

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