Venn Diagram Template

We are excited to introduce our brand-new, FREE, Venn Diagram Templates designed specifically for kids. These educational printables will foster critical thinking, visual learning, and fine motor skills. Help students understand relationships, similarities, and differences between groups. Teachers if you are looking for more printable activities please take a look at our Graphing Activity Bundle.

Free Printable Venn Diagram Templates

Venn Diagram Template

This 2-circle blank Venn diagram template can be used to help students classify and sort, compare, and contract object similarities or differences.

Editable Venn Diagram Template

This Venn 2 circle diagram template is editable in Adobe Acrobat and can be edited right on your computer! This template is perfect for teachers or students who are interested in typing on a device and printing out and/or laminating their results. So fun to have a fillable form for Venn Diagrams!

Venn Diagram Circles w/Titles

The 2 part Venn diagrams will help students as they discover new connections between creatures, objects, or topics. They will be able to practice organizing their thoughts.

Blank Venn Diagram Template with lines

This blank Venn diagram with lines will help students keep their writing straight. Children’s writing skills will improve with this free downloadable Venn diagram.

Blank Venn Diagram Template 

Students will learn a variety of skills such as sorting, comparing and contrasting, and logical thinking. The overlapping regions illustrate the commonalities or shared characteristics between the sets, while the non-overlapping parts showcase the unique attributes of each set. Paired with our Summer Bucket List printables, these venn diagrams will help your students share their experiences in an easy to read way!

Blank Venn Diagram with Title Boxes

Unleash your child’s creativity with our FREE Venn diagram download for kids! Watch as they compare, contrast, and explore the world around them.

Venn Diagram Template w/Bullet Points

Help aid in visual thinking with our kid-friendly Venn diagram download. Students will be able to put their thoughts down onto paper.

Venn Diagram Template Bullet Points

Our blank Venn diagram templates are a perfect way to engage curious minds and encourage their love for learning. They will have a blank title box to write their topics in.

Free Venn Diagram Template 

A Venn diagram is a visual representation of the relationships between different sets or groups. It consists of overlapping circles, with each circle representing a set or category. You can give your students two or three creatures to compare and contrast with each other. For more FREE printables take a look at our Graphic Organizers.

Venn Diagram Anchor Chart 2-Circle

This is a colorful Venn Diagram Anchor Chart will help your students conceptualize the purpose of a Venn diagram. Students learn to classify with compare and contrast by analyzing subject similarities and differences.

Venn Diagram Cut & Paste Activity

This is an already prepared venn diagram activity for your students to learn the basics of sorting with a Venn diagram.

Blank Venn Diagram Cut & Paste Preschool

A cut and paste venn diagram template is available for download in this free pack. Students will look at each piece of produce and use their reasoning skills to organize each object.

Blank Venn Diagram Cut & Paste Kindergarten

This is a cut and paste venn diagram for children to experiment with. They will use fine motor skills to cut and paste each individual square.

Triple Venn Diagram Template 

The Venn diagram pdfs can be printed on different bright colors for students to use. Teachers you can also laminate each page before use. This way you can reuse each sheet by giving each student a dry-erase marker. If you are needing more FREE templates for the school year please try our Lesson Plan Templates today.

Venn Diagram Anchor Chart 3-Cirlce

This is a colorful compare & contrast venn diagram that can be used as a poster in the classroom. This worksheet shows your students how to use a venn diagram.

3-Circle Blank Venn Diagram Template

Three-circle blank diagram that can be used to compare and contrast any three topics objects or concepts. As a way to stay organized children can use different colored pens for each circle.

Blank Editable 3-Circle Venn Diagram Template

This is an editable version of the 3 Venn diagram template. Teachers! You can easily edit the the insides of the circles to write the desired topic, object or concept. Have fun typing in your comparisons and contrasts right from your computer!

3-Circle Blank Venn Diagram with lines

This is a set of three venn diagram templates with guidelines for your students to practice their writing skills on. The three circles overlap with each other to make a three circle venn diagram pdf.

Three Circle Blank Venn Diagrams

3-Circle Blank Venn Diagram Template

Download our free template now and witness their enthusiasm as they explore the fascinating world of overlapping ideas. This template has 3 overlapping circles provided.

Blank Venn Diagram with Bullet Points

Work through these venn diagram printables with your kids. Help them to discover the difference between a variety of different topics.

Blank Venn Diagram w/ Lines & Titles

This is a 3 circle venn diagram with line and title boxes. Students will be challenged by finding similarities between 3 different topics.

Blank Venn Diagram Bullet Points & Titles

Fuel your child’s love for learning with our free Venn diagram template! They will be able to organize their thoughts with the bullet points provided on these free venn diagram templates.

Blank Venn Diagram Cut& Sort Activity 1

This is a venn diagram with three different categories, forest, ocean, and desert. Students will cut out each of the animals and then determine which section to paste them in.

Blank Venn Diagram Cut & Sort Activity 2

Three circle venn diagram for print. This is a cut-and-paste diagram created to teach students how to recognize specific differences and similarities between animals.

Blank Venn Diagram Cut & Sort Activity 3

This is a three circle venn diagram template that was created to have three different sections for your children to organize animals by their sizes.

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