Solar System Coloring Pages

FREE Solar System Coloring Pages for kids! These free planet printable coloring pages are a fun and interactive activity for students to complete while learning about the universe. Students will get a science education of all of the planets including facts about each planet. Teachers, if you are wanting more printable planet activities, try our Creation Bible Activity Pack today!

Solar System Coloring Page

Our cute solar system coloring pages are adorable and educational. Students will fine motor skills like coloring and cutting as well as reading skills. For younger students teachers can read the solar facts aloud and older students can practice reading on their own. For more free solar system printables try out our Sun Template today!

Printable Solar System Coloring Pages

Here is a printable solar system coloring page that includes all of the planets in our solar system as well as some small stars, asteroids, and galaxies.

Realistic Solar System Coloring Pages

This FREE printable solar system diagram shows the order of the planets in our solar system. This worksheets will help students visualize the arrangement of the universe they live in.

The Solar System Coloring Pages

This solar system printable does not include the diagram lines, students can practice drawing them in themselves. This diagram will help students understand the order that all of the planets revolve around the sun.

Solar System Coloring Book Pages

Our realistic solar system coloring pages will give a visual guide as to what each planet looks like. Each planet is featured on its own coloring page with four fun facts about each planet. Students can use a variety of different coloring utensils to fill in the planets: crayons, paints, markers, and colored pencils.

Earth Solar System Coloring Page

Here is a large Earth coloring page for students to color in. Children will learn four new fact about the planet they call home!

Jupiter Solar System Coloring Page

Jupiter is a very large planet, twice the size of earth! Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and has four main rings that wrap around itself.

Mars Solar System Coloring Pages

Mars is known as the red planet because of its high concentration of iron in its soil. This mars printable will show students four new facts

Solar System Coloring Book Pages

Teachers! If you are looking to save time, money, and paper, try laminating the solar system printable coloring pages. The solar system coloring pages can then be used to decorate the classroom and students can refer back to the planets throughout the school year. We are also offering FREE Solar System Worksheets.

Mercury Solar System Coloring Pages

Studying the solar system provides students with a fundamental understanding of our place in the universe. It introduces them to the vastness of the universe they live in.

Neptune Solar System Coloring Pages

Learning about the solar system is a fundamental aspect of science education. It introduces students to concepts such as gravity, orbits, planetary formation, and the conditions necessary for life.

Saturn Solar System Coloring Pages

Exploring the solar system can spark curiosity and inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Uranus Solar System Coloring Pages

Understanding other planets and their environments can provide valuable insights into Earth’s own environment. Comparing Earth to other planets helps students appreciate the uniqueness of our planet and the importance of environmental stewardship.

Venus Solar System Coloring Pages

Studying the solar system introduces students to the technologies used in space missions, such as telescopes, probes, and rovers, and inspires innovation.

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