Letter of the Week

Free Letter of the Week Activities, Alphabet Printables, Letter Crafts, and Worksheets to create your own Letter of the Week Curriculum. Learning the letters of the alphabet is simple and fun with our free ABC letter of the week preschool printables. If you’re looking for a complete Letter of the Week program in an instant download try our Letter of the Week Curriculum and our Fine Motor Alphabet Curriculum.

Letter of the Week Curriculum

Letter of the Week preschool curriculum made simple! 26-weeks of preschool alphabet learning fun delivered to you in an instant download. Includes daily hands-on letter learning activities and standards-based exercises organized in a print and teach format. Provide your student with FUN, independent alphabet learning activities today!

Free Letter of the Week

Our free letter of the week program is organized by individual letter below. This is most helpful if you are planning a letter-of-the-week program in your preschool classroom. Each letter will build specific standards-based skills like letter recognition, letter formation, beginning letter sounds, fine motor control, logic, and reasoning as well as listening and following directions skills.

Letter of the Week Curriculum

You can put together your own Letter of the Week curriculum using the free printables and activities available on this page. If you’re needing a quick, instant Letter of the Week Curriculum, check out our Alphabet Curriculum Notebook and our Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle. Both will give you a full year of activities in a single download you can print again and again for your students. Each is open-ended and allows you to print and teach the letters in any order you like. Parent, Teacher, and most importantly Student-tested and❤️ LOVED!❤️ View Program

Alternatively, you can scroll below to print more free letter activities by type of worksheet or project instead. This second method is most helpful if you are setting up specific learning centers or take-home alphabet packs based on a targeted skill.

Letter of the Week Printables

Our free letter of the week preschool teaching resources will quickly become a favorite in your classroom. The alphabet printables below have been designed by a homeschooling mom of 4, with over 15 years of experience. Activities are skills-based and intended to hit important standards with your students while encouraging engagement and recall. Subscribe for updates.

Letter of the Week Alphabet Charts

Free printable alphabet charts for student reference. You’ll find uppercase alphabet charts, lowercase alphabet charts, alphabet sounds charts, and more. Pair these with our Spanish Alphabet charts or even our Cursive Alphabet charts for expanded learning.

Letter of the Week Alphabet Posters

This set of Alphabet posters will enlighten your classroom! Each colorful chart features uppercase and lowercase letters alongside a beginning letter picture of an adorable animal.

Letter of the Week Flashcards

Print our free Alphabet Flashcards in multiples sizes and handwriting fonts. These alphabet tile cards come in 2.5″ and 2″ sizes for all your literacy learning center needs! Print and laminate for durability then cut out individual cards.

Blank Letters for Letter of the Week

We suggest starting all letter of the week programs with open, student led learning opportunities. Our free printable blank alphabet letters are a versatile resource you can pair with hands-on manipulatives like play-doh, dab and dot markers stickers and more.

Letter of the Week Preschool Printables

Here is a set of simple preschool letter-of-the-week coloring page worksheets. Each coloring sheet features uppercase and lowercase letters for students to color as well as beginning letter pictures. Students who are ready can practice tracing the letters and following the dotted lines.

Letter of the Week Worksheets

This set of printable letter of the week activities includes multiple opportunities for skills-based learning. Students work on letter formation, letter recognition, following instructions, beginning letter sounds, and even logic with simple alphabet mazes.

Letter of the Week Tracing Worksheets

Preschool and kindergarten students who are ready to hold a pencil or crayon can practice tracing the lines of both uppercase and lowercase letters. Each letter tracing worksheet features a beginning sound picture to color as well.

ABC Alphabet Do a Dot Marker Pages

Here is another simple, small motor control building activity for preschoolers. Students use BINGO dab and dot markers to “write” each letter of the alphabet, then find and dot the letter below.

Letter of the Week Alphabet Mazes

When creating your preschool alphabet program, you’ll want to include lots of fun activities mixed in with skills-based exercises. These Alphabet mazes feature a beginning letter sound maze for each letter of the alphabet. Students all practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Cut & Paste Letter of the Week Activity

These alphabet activity pages work on fine motor scissor skills that build strength and control of small motor muscles. Students cut out the pictures and glue them on the correct beginning letter sounds.

Color Coded Stroke Order ABC Letters

This colorful reference chart features the proper stroke order for both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Laminate these pages, and provide students with dry erase markers to practice writing the letters.

Pre-Handwriting Letter Worksheets

For students needing a little extra pencil control practice, try these pre-handwriting exercise pages. These sheets give students practice with isolated movements by tracing the individual strokes of each letter before combining them. A cute tracing picture provides a break and additional pencil control practice or coloring.

Letter of the Week Handwriting Practice

Students who are ready can begin practicing tracing letters with these free printables. Each page features instruction on proper stroke order for each letter formation. Students practice tracing the capital letters as well as the small lowercase letters.

Dot to Dot Alphabet Letter Worksheets

First, students follow the number path of each dot to dot to create the uppercase letter. Second students follow the instructions to add and draw more elements on the beginning sound picture. Finally, students practice tracing the uppercase letter. These pages are great to laminate and use over and over again with dry erase markers.

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Beginning Sound Wordwall Cards

Letter of the Week Activities

With hands-on activities for every letter of the alphabet, your students will learn letter recognition and printing practice for both uppercase and lowercase letters, beginning letter sounds, and so much more. Before starting a letter of the week program, we encourage you to first introduce students to the letters in their own name! Use our free editable name tracing worksheets, or our premium Editable Name Tracing Activity Pack.

Letter of the Week Crafts

If you want to pair your letter of the week printables with fun, hands-on letter crafts, be sure to check out these Alphabet Crafts. For each letter of the alphabet you’ll have a Paper Tearing Art project your students can complete. Each alphabet craft features a cute beginning sounds character to create while also building specific small motor muscles to increase fine motor control.

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