Number Flashcards

Number Flashcards are printable flashcards featuring numbers 1-10,000! We’ve got so many flashcards sorted by numbers 1-1,000 as well as a variety of numbers ranging from 1,000 to 10,000. These printable math pages can be used in comparing games, number recognition activities, and math learning centers for students in preschool, kindergarten, and beyond! Learning how to read, write, say, and recognize numbers quickly is an important skill all students will need to succeed and move forward in their math careers. Continue teaching your students about numbers with our Number of the Week program! Check it out today!

Number Flashcards Printables

Number flashcards 1-10,000 support number recognition and math skills in preschool, kindergarten, first, and second-grade students. Early learning can happen through students participating in math learning centers and math games. These activities feature the numbers on the flashcards below providing students with the number recognition, number writing, and reading numbers skills all early mathematicians need to succeed.

Numbers 1-100 Set 1

Number flashcards 1-20 are a great tool for kindergarten students to practice reading, writing, and recognizing numbers!

Numbers 1-100 Set 2

Print these free number flashcards 21-40 for number recognition practice and game play!

Numbers 1-100 Set 3

Brightly-colored printable flashcards featuring the numbers 41-60. Grab yours today!

How to Use Number Flashcards

Our printable number flashcards can be used in a variety of ways! Here are a few of our favorite flashcard uses:

  1. Introduce small sets: Begin by introducing numbers in smaller sets, such as 1-10 or 1-20, depending on the ability and familiarity of your students with numbers. As they progress, gradually introduce larger sets or add to their smaller ones.
  2. Practice number recognition: Mix up the flashcards and ask students to identify and call out the numbers as quickly as possible. You can also use a timer to make it more exciting.
  3. Counting exercises: Use the flashcards to practice counting. Lay out the cards in order and ask students to count from one number to the next. For example, they should say “1, 2, 3…” as they point to each card. As ability levels develop, you can choose any number for your student to star counting up or back from.
  4. Sequencing and arranging: Give students a shuffled set of flashcards and ask them to arrange them in numerical order. This activity helps reinforce number sequencing skills.
  5. Assessment: Use the flashcards as a tool for assessment by providing students with a number flashcard and asking them to write the corresponding numeral or to draw that number of objects.
  6. Addition and subtraction: Once students have a good grasp of numbers, use the flashcards to practice basic addition and subtraction by presenting two or more cards and asking them to add or subtract the numbers.

Remember to keep the activities interactive, engaging, and age-appropriate for the learners. Adjust the level of difficulty or the range of numbers based on their progress and abilities.

Numbers 1-100 Set 4

Learning numbers 61-80? Check out this set of printable number flashcards today!

Numbers 1-100 Set 5

Free, printable number flashcards help kindergarten students read and recognize the numbers to 100.

Number Flashcards 100-200

First and second grade students will love these 100-200 flashcard printables.

Why Use Number Flashcards?

Teachers and homeschool parents should use these printable number flashcards with their kindergarten students and other early learners because they provide visual support, engage multiple senses, promote active learning, and provide a versatile teaching resource. Flashcards help develop number recognition skills and lay a foundation for mathematical concepts. Flashcards also allow for fun and hands-on activities that reinforce number skills and promote cognitive development. Number flashcards are also a quick and accessible way for teachers and parents to reinforce number concepts and assess students’ comprehension of their numbers. For more early learning fun, check out our Number Bonds Worksheets.

Number Flashcards 100-10,000

Download, print, laminate, cut, and use! It’s really that easy with these free number flashcards!

Number Flashcards 100 through 10,000

Practicing four-digit numbers can be tricky! BUT not with these printable flashcards! Check them out today!

Printable Number Flashcards to 10,000

Printable number flashcards feature numbers through 10,000. Grab yours for free today!

Number Flashcards 100 to 10,000

Print these flashcards and use in your kindergarten math games or math learning centers for kids!

100-10,000 Printable Flashcards

Learning math concepts is fun when you incorporate comparing games. These printable flashcards will help!

Number Flashcards to 10,000

Counting to 10,000? These flashcards will support your elementary student’s math and number recognition.

Number Flashcards 200-300

Free, printable number flashcard printables. This page supports kindergarten students in math.

Number Flashcards 300-400

Math is fun and easy with these bright-colored, printable number flashcards.

Number Flashcards 400-500

Free, printable PDF number flashcards for kindergarten math. Help students recognize numbers today!

Number Flashcards 500-600

There are 600 reasons to download these flashcards, but learning how to read numbers is just one!

Number Flashcards 700-800

Check out this free set of printable number flashcards. Featuring the numbers 700-800.

Number Flashcards 900-1000

Flashcards to support student number recognition of the numbers in the 900s decade. Print and use today!

Printing Tips

Here are some exciting printing tips on how you can extend the life of these amazing number flashcards for durability and longevity!

  • Laminate for extended use
  • Turn off double-sided printing
  • Print on card stock for more durability

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