Lesson Plan Template

With our free printable lesson plan templates, educators will stay organized, on track, and have more time to spend with their students. These templates feature every subject and day of the week, so you’ll never have to wonder what comes next. This makes lesson planning easy! Grab our editable templates for easy online lesson planning books or print them and add them to a lesson planning folder. Whichever you choose, you’re going to love them! Need curriculum to fill up your schedule? Try these activity-filled bundles for all your planning needs in every subject!

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

We know that the behind-the-scenes work of teaching can be a bit overwhelming! That’s why we created these wonderful Lesson Plan Templates. Lesson plan templates are a great way to get started with teacher lesson planning. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the best-of-the-best in free templates, from homeschooling to classroom use. They’re editable, so you can use them over and over again. Best of all? They’re free! 

Free Lesson Plan Template

Planning your lessons has never been easier! Our free lesson plan templates are editable, making them perfect for homeschooling or classroom teachers. You can customize the lesson plan template to fit your needs and add any additional information that is relevant to your class. For even more planning and organization, check out our Simple Homeschool Planner.

Lesson Plan Templates Editable

Lesson plan templates are a great way to ensure that your lesson plans are organized and easy to follow. They provide a template for you to follow, so you can spend less time planning and more time teaching. Use these templates to plan out the whole year, month, week, or day at a time! Our Free Homeschool Portfolio pairs perfectly with these awesome lesson plan templates. Check it out today!

Lesson Plans Templates

Four free lesson plan templates: daily, weekly, monthly, and multi-day are found in this section. These are very popular templates that educators love to use to stay organized and on track. You’ll want to print these lesson plan templates for either daily, weekly, and monthly. If you’d like to edit them directly on your computer or any device, see below for our editable lesson plan templates!

Daily Lesson Plan

Here’s our very popular daily lesson plan template. Perfect for teachers and homeschool families to stay organized and on track during lessons!

Weekly Lesson Plan

Grab this awesome weekly lesson plan template. This template helps you stay organized with clear expectations every day of the week!

Monthly Lesson Plan

Looking for a monthly lesson plan template? Look no further! This template gives educators the reigns when it comes to filling in the subjects and learning activities.

Multiple Day Lesson Plan

Grab a copy of our multiple daily lesson plan template. This template is perfect when a lesson happens multiple days in a row!

Themed Lesson Plans

Below are three themed lesson plan templates. There are homeschool, preschool, and unit study templates. Each template is blank and easy to print then fill in the empty plan boxes.

Homeschool Lesson Plan

Free homeschool lesson plan templates make learning at home fun all while keeping you organized! Our lesson plan templates are blank so that teachers can fill them out in any way they need!

Preschool Lesson Plan

Free preschool lesson plan templates make learning with littles super easy! This template is blank for you to fill in your lessons each day of the week. You’re going to love how organized you feel when you use this template!

Unit Study Lesson Plan

Completing a unit study with your students this year? This unit study lesson planning template provides you with everything you need t plan out for your next homeschool or classroom unit.

Editable Lesson Plan Templates

The following lesson plan templates were created with the busy teacher in mind. Would you like to just enter your planning and schedule notes right now before printing? These three templates are easily edited using the free version of Adobe Acrobat by clicking here. Simply download, edit, and print…it’s that easy! Or, you can edit and download right on any device like a phone or iPad, just make sure you have the Adobe Acrobat App downloaded. You can search using your App Store on Apple phones or Google Play on Android phones. Make it even more simple; if you decide to edit right in your web browser on your computer, make sure you download or save your changes.

Daily Editable Lesson Plan

This is an editable daily lesson plan template. Each section of the template is editable for your convenience. It is so easy to use and makes the lesson planning so much more fun!

Weekly Fillable Lesson Plan

Free weekly lesson plan template. With this template, you can fill in each box with text before printing. This makes your lesson planning simple and easy to complete!

Monthly Editable Lesson Plan

Grab your free monthly lesson plan template here. This free template is completely editable so it is easy to read. Simply edit, print, and add to your lesson planning folder.

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