Letter B Worksheets

Free printable letter B worksheets. Our free printable alphabet worksheets are perfect for students of all ages. You’ll find free alphabet printables, tracing worksheets, blank letter templates, handwriting worksheets, coloring pages, cut and paste activities, mazes, dot-to-dots, and puzzles.

With our standards-based letter worksheets, your preschool and kindergarten students will build important skills like letter recognition, letter formation and stroke order, uppercase and lowercase letter identification, tracing, fine motor skills, beginning letter sounds, and more. Great for older kiddos who are in need of remedial work and OT occupational therapy.

Letter B Tracing Worksheets

Letter B Tracing Worksheet

This is a free printable letter B worksheet that will help your students with proper stroke order for uppercase and lowercase letter formation. Includes a beginning letter picture to trace. More Letter Formation Worksheets


Letter B Handwriting Activity Page

These self-correcting handwriting worksheets are great for students who are learning to form capital letters. Students also complete a dot-to-dot and drawing prompt activity. More Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets

Letter B b Tracing Worksheet

Students practice tracing the uppercase and lowercase letter A with this free and fun worksheet. Large tracing letters are provided for preschool and kindergarten students. More Letter Tracing Worksheets

Blank Letter B Templates & Mats

Uppercase Letter A

Letter B Blank Template Uppercase

Free printable blank uppercase letter A template for letter formation, stroke order, playdough craft stencils, activities, flashcards, and projects. More Letter Templates

Letter b Blank Template Lowercase

Free printable blank lowercase letter B template for play doh, letter formation, crafts, butons, BINGO daubers, stroke order, activities, flashcards, and projects.

Letter Bb Blank Templates

Free printable blank lowercase and uppercase letter Bb template for letter formation, stroke order, craft stencils, activities, letter cards, and projects.

Letter A Coloring Pages & Activities

Preschool Letter B Worksheet

This is a free printable preschool letter B coloring page that includes beginning letter pictures to color alongside uppercase and lowercase letter tracing activities. More Preschool Letter Worksheets

Alphabet BINGO Dauber Page

Students can fill the letter B with colorful dots using BINGO dot markers. Alternatively, use stickers, mini-erasers, letter stamps, or plastic BINGO chips to fill the letter. More Bingo Dab Worksheets

Alphabet Cut & Paste Worksheet

Students cut out the beginning pictures and paste them to cover the uppercase and lowercase letters. These are great for letter matching, building letter identification, and fine motor skills. More Scissor Skills Worksheets

Letter A Mazes & Activity Pages

Letter B Maze & Write

Free printable letter B maze for beginning letter sounds, letter formation, and tracing practice. Use playdough to bingo daubers to fill the blank letters. More Alphabet Mazes

Letter B Skills Worksheet

This free download helps your students work on a variety of skills including letter formation, letter recognition, letter tracing, letter puzzles, letter identification, and letter mazes. More Letter Skills Worksheets

Letter A Handwriting Worksheets

Letter B Uppercase Handwriting

Free uppercase Letter B tracing activity for students learning correct stroke order for proper letter formation. More Uppercase Alphabet Worksheets

Letter B Template Lowercase

Free lowercase Letter B tracing activity for students learning correct stroke order for proper letter formation. More Lowercase Letter Worksheets

Cursive Letter B Worksheet

Students work on cursive letter formation for both uppercase and lowercase letter b. More Cursive Worksheets