120 Chart

120 Chart to teach numbers 1 through 120! These number charts serve as key number recognition, skip counting, place value understanding, number patterns, counting, and identifying odd/even numbers. Our 120 chart resources include activities such as printable worksheets, missing numbers exercises, interactive components, and visual aids, allowing for a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for students. When paired with our Interactive Math Curriculum, nothing is stopping your students from becoming great mathematicians!

120 Charts

Our 120 chart resource is a valuable tool for first-grade students to practice number recognition, skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more! Students can utilize the chart as a visual reference during independent work or it can be displayed in the classroom or homeschool setting. With a variety of activities and worksheets included, this resource helps students develop strong number sense and problem-solving skills while reinforcing their understanding of numbers from 1 to 120.

120 Chart

120 chart for your classroom or homeschool learning space. Perfect for 1st grade students to practice numbers, counting, skip counting, and more!

120 Charts

Full color 120 number chart. This cart has colored columns that show students the relationship between numbers. Perfect for place value and building number relationships.

Hundred Twenties Chart

A full-color 120 number chart is a perfect student visual resource. Just add it to your first graders’ folders and watch them soar! Your students will become math superstars with our colorful, vibrant, and valuable sources.

120s Chart

This chart is a black-and-white option of our 120 chart. Laminate and let your students practice skip counting, find number patterns, label odd/even numbers and more with a dry erase marker!

Blank 120 Chart

Free printable 120 number chart has been left blank. That way your first graders can complete the chart themselves.

Blank Hundred Twenty Chart

Students can write the numbers 1 to 120 using this free, blank, black-and-white number chart. Simply print and go – it’s that easy!

120 Chart Printables

Using our 120 chart resource with your students offers numerous benefits. It promotes number recognition and helps students become familiar with number patterns up to 120. It also allows for practice in skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, strengthening their math skills. Additionally, having a visual reference like the 120 chart assists students in independent work and problem-solving, boosting their confidence. By incorporating this resource into your curriculum, you provide your students with a comprehensive tool for developing number sense and problem-solving abilities.

120 Chart Fill in the Blank

Give your first grade students the challenge of completing this 120 missing fill-in-the-blank worksheet. Your students will love completing the work and you’ll love how they build their math skills!

120 Chart Pattern

Can you find the pattern? This free, printable PDF worksheet gives your students the task of skip counting by five. Kids need to learn skip counting? Check out our skip counting worksheets!

120 Chart Place Value

This full-color color by place value chart is the perfect companion to our free place value chart. Color each place value based on the colors listed in the directions and on the place value chart.

120 Chart Place Value Black & White

A black and white version of our color by place value worksheet. Students will color the place values based on the directions. Pair with this free place value chart for even more learning fun!

120 Chart Color by Number

Our 120 chart resource can be used in various ways to support student learning. In small group settings, teachers can engage students in activities and discussions centered around the chart, reinforcing number relationships and practicing skip counting. These pages can also be assigned as homework to encourage independent practice and extend learning beyond the classroom.

120 Chart Color By Number

Students will learn how to recognize numbers and create patterns with this fun color-by-number worksheets.

120 Chart Color By Number Sheet

Color-by-number worksheets are fun and easy with this free color by number worksheet. Use as a number recognition assessment or fun homework page.

120 Chart Color By Number Activity

Free, printable color-by-number worksheets feature the numbers 1-120. Your first graders will learn to recognize the numbers and get fine motor skill development practice through coloring.

120 Chart Activities

During assessments, teachers can include questions or tasks that require referencing and utilizing the 120 chart. Additionally, the charts can be displayed in the classroom as a visual reference tool for students, enhancing their problem-solving skills and providing a helpful resource during math activities like these Skip Counting Worksheets.

120 Chart Counting

Skip count and color this printable 120 number chart! Students will practice skip counting 2s, 5s, and 8s!

120 Chart Odd & Event

Free skip count and color worksheet features odd and even numbers. Color the odd one color and even another!

120 Chart Puzzle

This 120 chart puzzle gives your students a fun way to look at numbers. We suggest using the colored 120 number chart above to help your students.

120 Chart Puzzle Black & White

Free printable number puzzles! Pieces of the number chart have been taken out and your students will need to figure out what numbers go where.

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