Roman Numerals Flashcards

Roman Numeral Flashcards for elementary students! Any 4th and 5th grade student can practice memorizing the letters that make up Roman numerals. These number and letter flashcards outline the numbers 1-100 using the Roman numeral system from long ago. Your students will love learning and memorizing the letters that make up the Roman numeral system! This math set pairs well with our Interactive Math curriculum which is sure to excite any early mathematician!

Roman Numeral Flashcard Printables

Free printable Roman numeral flashcards can be used to outline numbers with the ancient Roman numeral system. These printable PDF flashcards are the perfect addition to any classroom or homeschool setting that is learning about and memorizing Roman numeral letters and numbers. This set includes 10 pages with the Roman numerals 1-100 flashcards as well as a color-coded answer key.

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 1

Teaching Roman Numerals? This free set of numbers 1-12 is free to download and easy to read!

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 2

Chord intervals Roman Numeral flashcards 13-24 are featured on this printable PDF page.

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 3

Grab Roman Numeral flashcards number 25-36 for your homeschool or classroom students today!

Roman Numeral Flashcard PDFs

Our chord intervals Roman numeral flashcards can be used as independent, whole group, or homework practice. Simply print the pages (we prefer in color on white card stock for extra durability), laminate the cards, and add them to a ring or rubber band them together so that you don’t lose any cards. Finally using these cards is easy! Students will look at each flashcard and decide what numerical value is associated with the Roman numeral. To check their work, students can use the included answer key. For more Roman numeral fun, check out our Roman Numeral Worksheets (coming soon).

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 4

Printable flashcards featuring Roman Numerals for numbers 36-48. Grab your free set today!

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 5

49-60 Roman Numeral flashcards. Printable cards are great for use in classrooms and homeschool settings.

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 6

Roman Numeral flashcards covering numbers 61-72. These printables are free to download!

Is There a Pattern to Roman Numerals?

Our Roman numerals 1-100 flashcards can be used in your classroom morning work tubs. Simply have pairs of students work together. One student will hold the flashcards and the answer key while showing the other student each flashcard. If the second student gets the Roman numeral value correct, he/she will get the card. If they do not get it correct, student one will tell them what the correct value is and it can go back in the pile to practice again. This is also a great homework activity for parents to work with their students! Roman numeral practice is fun and easy with our Roman Numeral Charts (coming soon!) – grab your charts for FREE today!

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 7

Free, printable Roman Numeral flashcards printable contain the numbers 73-84.

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 8

Roman Numeral flashcards with 12 numbers. This page contains the numbers 85-96.

Roman Numeral Flashcard Set 9

Roman Numerals 97-100. Flashcards are color-coded and easy to read!

Roman Numeral Flashcard Answer Key

This answer key chart provides an outline of the 9 sets of flashcards. This printable resource is easy-to-read with the color-coded key!

How Can I Memorize Roman Numerals Easily?

Learning and memorizing Roman numerals can be easy when you incorporate different techniques. Remember everyone learns a little bit differently, so experiment with the techniques listed below until you find the one that works best for you and your students.

  1. Mnemonics: One common way to remember Roman numerals is by using mnemonics – sentences or phrases where the first letter of each word corresponds to the Roman numeral value.
  2. Visual Association: Creating visual associations between the Roman numerals and objects or images can aid in memorization.
  3. Chunking: Breaking down the Roman numerals into smaller chunks can make memorization easier.
  4. Repetition and Practice: Like any form of memorization, repetition and practice are key. Write out the Roman numerals multiple times, recite them out loud, and use these flashcards with the Roman numeral value on them often. The more you engage with the numerals, the more likely you are to memorize them over time.

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