Single Digit Addition Worksheets

Addition to 10 Math Worksheet

Simple Math fact practice for sums up to 10.

Addition to 10 Math Worksheet

Simple Math fact practice for sums up to 10.

Addition to 10 Math Worksheet

Simple Math fact practice for sums up to 10.

Addition Sums to 10 Worksheets

Addition Facts Worksheets

These free addition facts worksheets help children work on their addition skills to sums of ten. That means the answer will never be over ten. Starting with smaller addends and sums is a great way to introduce your student to the concept of addition. These free worksheets can be used with page protectors as the answering area is large enough for students to write with a dry erase marker.

Single Digit Addition Worksheet

Students work on these single digit additon worksheet with sums to 10.

Single Digit Addition Worksheet

Simple addition worksheets for addends and sums to 10.

Single Digit Addition Sums to 10

Free (vertical) single addition worksheets for sums to 10.

Addition Dominos Worksheet

Students add the numbers on the dominos to find the sums up to 10.

Addition Domino Worksheets

Students count the dots and add each side of the domino to find the sum.

Simple Addition Wheels

Help your students with simple addition equations with our free addition wheel printables.

Free Addition Games for Kids

Learning about math should be engaging and fun for young learners. These free printable math mats bring a little hands-on learning into your homeschool or standard classroom. While file folder math games can also be engaging, these Math Mats are well-loved for their ease of use. Before learning basic addition, we recommend you set a solid foundation in Number Sense. Try our free Number Sense Printables and activities to help your students build increased comfort with numbers.

Missing Addends Addition Sums to 10

Students who are learning to add sums to 10 can use these free printable missing addends worksheets. These are more challenging and will allow young learners to show mastery of equations. These missing addends worksheets feature simple addition facts with addends 0-9 and sums to 10.

Missing Addends Addition Worksheet 1

Students must identify the missing number to solve the simple addition equation.

Missing Addends Addition Worksheet 2

Free printable worksheet for students to find the missing added in an addition sentence.

Missing Addends Addition Worksheet 3

Students practice addition sentence structure to find the missing digit in each simple equation.

Simple Addition Strategies

Learning addition isn’t just about memorization of math facts. Provide your students with strategies they can use to solve addition problems. We recommend starting by learning how to make 10 with ten frames, addition doubles, addition on a number line, and drawing to solve addition word problems.

Addition Doubles Worksheet

Students work on addition doubles with addends to 10. These are great for practicing mental math calculations.

Addition Number Line Worksheets

Free printable PDF worksheets for students to use pictures and number lines to solve simple addition equations to 10.

Simple Addition Word Problems

Students read the addition word problem, and use a drawing strategy to solve and answer the question.

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