3D Shapes Flashcards

FREE 3D Shapes Flashcards for kids! We are now offering a set of printable 3D shapes that include realistic shape flashcards for children. 3D shapes flashcard printables make learning geometric shapes fun! Students will practice learning shapes, colors, and counting with our 3D shape flashcard pdfs. For more printable shapes activities take a look at our Shape of the Week Program today!

2d and 3d Shape Flashcards

The 3D shapes flashcards are included below and also come with a variety of different fun games in mat format for your students to play with. Children can use the 3D shape flashcards to memorize shapes and shape names. In addition, these pair up perfectly with our 3D Shapes Charts! They will also be offered a colored as well as a black and white version. This way children can practice their coloring skills as well.

3D Shape Flashcards

Here is a printable page of colorful 3D shapes that contains 9 basic 3D Shapes including cube, cylinder, pyramid, triangular prism, cone, cuboid, hemisphere, sphere, and hexagonal prism.

3D Shape Realistic Flashcards

Here is a printable page of realistic 3D shapes that contains 9 real 3D Shapes including a rubric’s cube, candle, Egyptian pyramid, tent, carrot, tissue box, half an orange, beach ball, and candy container.

3D Shape Net Flashcards

Here is a printable page of flashcards in a colorful array that contains 6 net 3D Shapes that kids can assemble and discover real life 3D shape objects.

3D Shape Flashcard Matching Game

Here is a printable page of colorful 3D shapes for your students to go and find realistic shapes to match each shape. For example, for the sphere, children can find a ball to match that 3D shape.

3D Shapes Flash Card Realistic Matching Game

Here is a set of blank, black and white shapes for students to color on their own. Children will be able to see all of the different sides. See if they can point out the faces, edges, and vertices.

3D Shape Net Attributes Game

Here is a 3D shapes attributes template mat for children to use their 3D shapes flashcards with. They can place a different card on each square and switch them out. Use our 3D Shapes Charts to learn about the 3D attributes including faces, edges, and vertices!

3D Shape Net Attributes Activity

After placing a 3D flashcard on the placemat, students will then count the faces, edges, and vertices of each shape.

3d Shape Flashcards Printable

Also offered in this set of geometric shape flashcards are matching mats for your students to practice their memorization and reading skills. Students can also exercise their scissor cutting skills if you allow them to cut out each of the cards. Students can place each card on its correctly named square. For more FREE shape activities try our 3D Shapes Chart.

3D Shapes Realistic Game

Here is a colorful version for students to use their 3D shape flashcards on. This mat can be used multiple times with multiple different students.

3D Shapes Realistic Game Mat

Here is a printable 3D Shape mat for students to place a 3D flashcard on each of the named squares. This activity will help strengthen students reading and following directions skills.

3D Shapes Attribute Game Roll the Dice

Here is a fun game for children to practice shape recognition and counting. A dice and marker are needed to complete this game.

3D Shapes Attributes Roll the Dice Activity

Students will roll a dice and depending on the number they get, students will then try and find an object with the number of sides that is on the die.

3d Shapes Flashcards Activities

Teachers! To make your FREE 3D shape printables last longer just laminate after printing and before cutting out. This small step will save you time and money! With our 3D shape activities students will also learn spatial awareness in terms of geometry. Teachers if you need more FREE shape activities try our 2D Shapes Chart today.

Free Printable 3D Shapes Activity

Understanding shapes is fundamental to geometry, which is a crucial branch of mathematics. Shapes provide the basis for learning about properties, angles, and spatial relationships.

3D Shapes Activity PDF

This is another template for students to put the correct 3D shape on each of the spots. Students will correctly locate 9 different shapes.

3D Shapes Flashcard Game

Manipulating and categorizing shapes requires critical thinking skills. Students learn to analyze, compare, and contrast shapes.

2D and 3D Shape Flashcards

Recognizing shapes is useful in daily life, from identifying road signs to sorting objects at home. The ability to recognize and categorize shapes facilitates practical skills.

2D and 3D Shape Flashcards Printable

Knowledge of shapes will lay the groundwork for understanding more advanced mathematical concepts, such as symmetry, congruence, and transformations.

2D and 3D shapes Flashcards 1st Grade

This set of shape nets will show children how to recognize shapes when they are in a flattened form. This will also help them remember to count each of the sides before identifying the shape.

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