Roman Numerals

Free printable Roman Numerals teaching resources for students learning Arabic to Roman Numeral conversions. Our PDF materials include Roman Numeral Charts, Games, Worksheets, Activities, and fun hands-on learning centers to help your students learn and memorize Roman Numeral values. Print our free Roman Numeral conversion charts. Ready for more Hands-On Elementary Math? Try our Elementary Graphing Printables today!

What are Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals are a system of numbers that originated in Ancient Rome. This system was used throughout the Roman Empire and instead of using 0-9 like the numerical system we know and use today, the system used a combination of letters to show value. By combining different letters, you’ll get a different value. Though not common, Roman Numerals are still sometimes used today!

Roman Numeral Charts

FREE printable Roman Numeral Charts for your students! The perfect addition to your anchor chart collection to support students with learning Roman Numerals. We’ve created Roman Numeral conversion charts to 100, as well as simple reference tools students can use to convert any number.

How to Teach Roman Numerals

When teaching Roman Numerals, it is important to start with the basic symbols and what their corresponding values are. While memorization isn’t ideal, recalling the letters and values is going to be easiest by using tricks like mnemonic phrases. Also, incorporating hands-on activities and games it will help your students immensely when learning and memorizing Roman Numerals.

Roman Numeral Teaching Resources

The following resources were designed to support your elementary students in the learning and memorization of the letters and values that make up Roman Numerals. Translate and convert Roman numerals to numeric digits!

Roman Numeral Flashcards

Free printable Roman Numeral Flashcards for students learning Roman Numerals from 1-100. These PDF printables can be used with our free printable number learning centers or our Roman Numer BINGO below.

Roman Numeral Games and Activities

These Roman Numeral Games and Activities are sure to encourage even the most struggling mathematicians. Grab your copy of all of the free printable resources below today through easy download!

Roman Numeral BINGO

Free printable Roman Numeral BINGO Boards you can use to play with your elementary students. Print alongside our free Roman Numeral Flashcards for calling cards and your students will quickly be converting Arabic to Roman numerals.

How to Teach Roman Numerals in 4th Grade

Start teaching Roman Numerals to your students in fourth grade. This is the perfect age to begin because your students have (most likely) developed a strong foundation in place value and basic operations. This equips your students to understand different symbols and their values – just like Roman Numerals. Easily introduce them into your curriculum by teaching students the numbers and symbols during lessons while also teaching your students about the history and cultures behind the numerals.

Roman Numeral Worksheets

Free printable Roman Numeral Worksheets for students to convert Arabic numbers to Roman numerals and Roman Numerals to Arabic Numbers. This set is differentiated so students can start with numbers 1-10, and work their way up to numbers in the thousands.

Elementary Graphing Bundle

Graphing Worksheets for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade!  Everything your K-2 Students need to learn about graphing! This set includes differentiated, interactive, hands-on activity packs, charts, teaching resources and more. This will soon become your go-to math resource for all things gathering, collecting, surveying, sorting, organizing, comparing, analyzing, interpreting, reporting and so much more!

  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Tally Charts
  • Pictographs
  • Line Graphs
  • Scatter Plots

Check Out These Engaging Activities!

You will love the following activities if you love incorporating hands-on, engaging activities for your early learners. Filled with games and activities for preschool through elementary school students, these resources keep your students learning about math concepts while having fun!

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