Jellyfish Worksheets

Looking for some jellyfish coloring pages? We’ve got them right here — free life cycle of a jellyfish worksheets including adorable coloring pages. Jellyfish ocean creatures are beautiful with their translucent features. Yet, they’re also infamously known for stinging their prey — including humans!

Life Cycle of a Jellyfish Page

What is the life cycle of a Jellyfish? Find out with this free jellyfish printable showing each stage of life.

Jellyfish Coloring Sheet

The jellyfish coloring page is perfect for younger children just learning how to color.

Life Cycle of a Jellyfish

Want some interesting facts about jellyfish to share with your students? Here are some fun facts that you may not know about these beautiful sea creatures:

  • Some jellyfish actually glow in the dark.
  • Jellyfish don’t have brains.
  • They eat small plants, larvae, fish eggs, and other jellyfish!
  • Some jellyfish are bigger than a human and smaller than a pinhead.
  • They are not strong swimmers and rely on the currents to move.

Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Grab your free jellyfish coloring pages — these include the life cycle of a jellyfish and fabulously crafted hand-drawn illustrations. Looking to pair a book with these cute coloring pages? Try this Jellyfish book for young children.

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