Preschool Tracing Worksheets

Free printable picture tracing worksheets for preschool! This set of tracing worksheets features a fun picture for students to trace and color in! These pre k tracing worksheets are just right for little ones to build important fine motor control skills. Each tracing worksheet features a seasonal scene for students to trace. These are great for building pre-handwriting skills needed for the kindergarten school year.

Picture Tracing Worksheets for Spring

Rainbow Tracing Worksheet

Students trace and color the Spring picture of a rainbow, clouds, sun and birds.

Spring Flowers Tracing Worksheet

Students trace and color the spring flowers, bumble bee, and a few friendly ants.

Picture Tracing Worksheet for Summer

Summer Sun Tracing Worksheet

Students trace the summer sun with a few clouds on this free printable worksheet.

Sand Castle Beach Tracing

Students can build their own sand castle and trace the sunny beach scene in this picture tracing sheet.

Picture Tracing Worksheets for Fall

Fall Leaves Tracing Worksheet

Students trace this fall tree with a few remaining leaves.

Squirrel Tracing Worksheet

This little fella is getting ready for fall! Students can trace the mushrooms and the acorns for him to collect.

Picture Tracing Worksheets for Winter

Snowman Tracing Worksheet

Students can trace the snowman and the snowflake in this winter tracing activity page.

Penguin Tracing Worksheet

Brrrr…..These penguins are ready for winter! Students will have a blast tracing these fun winter symbols.

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