Spanish Alphabet Worksheets

Spanish Alphabet Worksheets for students in grades K-2. These printable pages feature a variety of games, cards, tracing activities, and more making learning the Spanish alphabet and words fun and easy! Our PDF worksheets are completely free to download and use with your students. If you’re looking for even more early learning fun, check out our Preschool Bundle!

Alphabet in Spanish Worksheet

Spanish alphabet practice worksheets were created as PDFs for easy download. Use these printable worksheet pages to teach, learn, and practice reading, writing, and spelling words in Spanish. Each resource contains alphabet words or letters for students to practice with. These resources are hands-on and very engaging for learners of all skill levels and learning types.

Spanish Alphabet Charts

Below you will find charts that show Spanish words and pictures for each letter of the alphabet. Cut them apart into cards for easy flashcard use or hang them as-is on your classroom walls.

Spanish ABC Cards

Charts for Spanish letters. This chart can be cut into flashcards. Letters A-L are included.

ABC Cards in Spanish

This Spanish cards page contains letters M through W. Free and easy to use!

A-Z Spanish Cards

These beautiful Spanish cards feature letters X, Y, and Z. Each card has a matching picture.

Spanish Alphabet Worksheet

ABC alphabet Spanish resources are a great way for students in grades K-2 to learn the alphabet along with Spanish words. Learning a new language is much easier at an early age and this resource should help support your early learners with building a second language vocabulary. Use these pages in small groups or independent learning times like circle time or morning work. The games would make a fun end-of-the-week activity for your students to play as a culminating practice resource. Check out our Spanish Alphabet Charts for more ABC Spanish word fun!

Spanish Alphabet Mazes

The following printable worksheets contain three pages of mazes. Each maze is a small card with a different letter of the alphabet and shows a corresponding word.

Spanish Mazes

Grab letters A-I Spanish word mazes. Each maze shows the letter and a corresponding word.

Spanish Maze

Grab your pencils and make your way through the mazes J-Q. Free, printable, and fun!

Free Spanish Maze

Letters R-Z Spanish mazes. Print, cut, and play! These printables are perfect for early learners.

Spanish Alphabet Worksheet PDF

To use these resources, simply download, print, and go! Your students will need pencils, colored pencils or crayons, dice, a spinner (or pencils and paper clip), as well as a few other materials. We highly suggest printing all of the games on durable paper and laminating for extended use. Even pages like the word search or mazes can be used again and again by being laminated or put into a protective sleeve and used with a dry-erase marker.

Spanish Word Searches

Below are three Spanish word searches. Each word search varies in accessibility and skill level.

Beginner Spanish Word Search

Free beginner words search. This page is perfect for your Kindergarten students.

Intermediate Spanish Word Search

Spanish words word search at an intermediate level. Find the words in the puzzle!

Advanced Spanish Word Search

Small text on this advanced Spanish word search. Can you find all of the words?

Spanish Word Learning Mats

Our free, printable Spanish word learning mats work well with the cards at the top of this post. Use those chart cards to play the games below.

Spanish Learning Center Mats

Spanish words game. This game is sure to engage ALL of your students no matter their skill level!

Spanish Words Learning Center Mats

Spanish learning mat. Students place a card, find the first letter, write the word, and draw it.

Spanish Words Learning Mats

Free Spanish words learning mat. This page has students put words into ABC order. Download, print, and play!

Spanish Words Puzzles & Games

Below you will find a variety of puzzles, games, and activity pages for your young students to complete and use. From matching letters and words in puzzles to tracing words, and everything in between. We’ve got it all!

ABC Spanish Puzzles

Page one of Spanish word puzzles. A-I are included on this first page.

Spanish Alphabet Puzzles

Letters J-Q Spanish word puzzles. Free, printable and easy to use!

Spanish Words Puzzles

Check out these puzzles! Letters R-Z are included on this page.

Spanish Spin Game

Spin a Spanish word! This game has students spin and trace the corresponding word.

Spanish Tracing Worksheet

Free Spanish tracing words. This page features the letters A-Z.

Spanish Words Tracing

Read, Trace, and write Spanish words. This page includes letters A-Z.

Spanish Word Tracing Alphabet

Printable PDF word tracing worksheet. Showing a new word for every letter of the alphabet.

Spanish Dab and Dot Activity

Spanish dab and dot. Students follow the words from A to Z to flow through the page – dotting along the way.

Spanish Words Dice Game

Printable Spanish words dice game. Roll, read, and color (or cover) a word. Which number will “win?”

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